Please make all UIs scalable



  • heron
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    I was an original Maschine (first gen) user. I was going to expand more into the NI ecosystem but the UI issue held me back and I went with Arturia instead. It's not apples-to-apples... maybe not as komplete of a solution... haha. But I'm happy with them.

  • rpmarshall
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    Ozon - Thanks for the info! This is outstanding news! I will start following the release more closely!


  • Titus
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    Where did you get this information? I would like to hear more about it

  • danielrpa
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    edited October 2023

    Another year, and another pack of dollar bills that NI won't be receiving from me. Over the years, NI left over potentially thousands of dollars on the table as I switched my workflows from Komplete to other brands, including my controller keyboards. It could have been all NI. It's embarrassing that Komplete is stuck in the 2000s with non-scalable UIs for a lot of the stuff I use - such as FM8, for instance. You can bring the most amazing strings from heaven and the most celestial lush soundscape and I *will not buy/upgrade Komplete again until it supports High DPI properly*. In ALL products included in Komplete without exceptions.

    This is it if you want my money. If you don't want the money we're all good because Arturia is amazing.

  • SH-1
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    Same. I will pay for an upgrade once everything I have already payed for becomes usable again.

  • pet
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    edited November 2023

    may i ask, if there is any progress in scaleable NI products/plugins gui?

    i am using komplete 14 standard, all i can do now, vs. the last 15 years with native instruments, that i can make the plugin window larger by dragging or setting it to e.g. 200%.

    the sharpness of text and image is not retina quality - i am using 4k and 6k screens, it does no look as sharp as other GUI from all other brands, as popular as native instruments (adobe, apple, arturia).

    why? they are years behind.

    NI spent a lot of money on their new logo and brand identity, it seems this is more important than product GUI.


  • DrWashington
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    Some updates on the state of progress from NI Support would be REALLY, REALLY nice. Nothing says "we don't care about our products" like letting them gather dust like this.

    There's been so much great, amazing IP over the years that NI has just let rot on the vine. Spektral Delay and Vokator come to mind. I'd been hoping for MORE FFT-based effects, not fewer. Nothing sounded quite like them and I found them both very, very useful. There's been nothing since that does quite what they do, either. NI just let them die, like they have so many other products, and it just makes me nervous that they're willing to kill off perfectly good algorithms for more boring sample libraries.

    I just wish they'd get it together and either keep their IP up-to-date or just open source it, ffs. There are very, very few industries that can get away with charging these exorbitant prices without any guarantee the product is going to be usable in a few short years.

    So many other software houses have been on this for years, no matter how old their IP is. They've kept up. And more importantly, they've kept us posted.

  • isteveszone
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    Oh my yes, As a UI developer myself, the limitations in (non) resizing UI and UI layouts in KK and other products is seriously lacking and isn't that hard to do honestly. (oh and not to mention no close button / full screen support on Mac OS... except Maschine...)

    Native Instruments!! Need a UI dev that can do dynamic layouts cuz you need some help? You do cool products, don't get me wrong, but the most fundamental thing you do need is layout and resizing assistance to please your users including myself. 4k screen and I can fill maybe what... a sixth of the screen and struggle to navigate truncated preset names etc... KK 3.x is even worse for that. Call me!! Maybe I can help. Fluent in many languages and UI/UX.

    Cheers All!

  • SH-1
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    Our lead developer (we are trying to work around this scaling issue from the DAW side) has recently contacted NI regarding some fundamental UI differences in later plugins and has not heard back from NI either.

    At least that would make those plugins USABLE again. They wouldn't be pretty to look at because system scaling... but still his system scaling solution doesn't seem to work with all NI plugins for some reason.

  • Gibboboy
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    Adding another request for scalable ui’s. Just upgraded to Komplete and extremely disappointed to find Battery 4 is not resizeable, totally useless on 4k Laptop screen and no warning of this limitation on the product page

  • musicmat
    musicmat Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I can't believe that NI isn't finally doing something. My Battery 4 looks like this when I want to search for a snare. Not even a whole line with results is visible!

  • pet
    pet Member Posts: 16 Member

    the NI ux design needs an improvement since a long time.

    also i take this into account when i decide to buy a plugin or not.

    selling a software product is tied to the user interface of that software.

    truncated filenames are a big issue there, also a self explaining interface, like "where can i find my hearted favourites", i need to read the manual to find it ... did you ever read a manual, when you bought an apple product or osx system software? :)

  • Zoni
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    I took a 5 year break just to come back and see that the UI still looks the same. But now that I have a new big monitor, it looks even worse. 😱

    Give me a reason to buy a Maschine MK3, this isn't going to cut it.

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