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Please make all UIs scalable



  • ProfessorChaos
    ProfessorChaos Member Posts: 5 Sine

    Nobody is asking them to rewrite all the old plugins, just change the code so the OS can show them at a normal size. The other day I installed a couple of Adobe CS6 programs in my old Windows machine, and while it's old it's fast and has a nice graphics card that can run a 4K monitor easily.

    So when I opened Audition and Encore, both had a tiny font since they are both from 2012. But Windows has a setting that allows old software to display at double size (or is it 4 times? I think it might be). It doesn't look amazing, but the text is perfectly readable.

    So that's all I'm asking for, but for macOS, so I can open Absynth, Battery, FM8, Massive, Kontakt 5 full version, all the software that back in 2014 I paid $500 for and it came with about 10 installation DVDs and took like two hours to fully install.

    I think virtual instruments should be like material ones. If I buy a cello today, it's not going to suddenly shrink to a quarter of its size 6 years from now, or ever. Then why should my old NI ones did?

  • IvoryKeys88
    IvoryKeys88 Member Posts: 21 Sine
    edited September 29

    I have recently invested thousands of dollars into N.I. hardware and software, and I am extremely disappointed to find this thread. I was searching on here in the hope to discover what it was I was overlooking with regards to resizing the Komplete Kontrol window. It didn't occur to me this wasn't a case of user error, and instead is something N.I. is charging big bucks for the displeasure of using.

    Instead of finding the solution I was anticipating, I've found a vast number of people, going back many many years, on a long list of threads in both the old and new forums, asking for the N.I. windows to be scalable / resizable.

    Native Instruments ... what's going on here? How many years will your customers need to wait for even some basic GUI improvements? Just being able to make the KK window bigger would be helpful. Instead it's suggested by NI staff that your customers resort to editing files within your software? (e.g. I found this link after my comment on this current thread — https://web.archive.org/web/20220830072009/https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/guide-custom-window-size-for-komplete-kontrol.349841/ )

    It's nearly 2023. Large and high resolution monitors are relatively inexpensive and extremely commonplace. Why is N.I. still pumping out more and more software and updates without addressing the fact it's all visually stuck in the dark-ages as far as computer displays and GUIs go?

    How about putting development of on-going Komplete releases on hold for a bit, and invest the time and money into sorting out your serious and long-standing GUI issues?

  • BylBobbaginz
    BylBobbaginz Member Posts: 1 Noise

    wow.. I was very surprised to see how many producers/musicians are, well, complaining about this issue


    Granted, (as an ex-systems designer), IMHO, many older GUI applications were designed and programmed using inbedded FONT styles, most often, with older ones, written (hard coded) fo displays at 1280x1024; and some were even at lower resolutions.

    My suggestion is that Windows (at the least, I don't know about the Mac) has a facility to change the DPI settings of applications. to follow the rules set in the application itself (which is the real issue, bypassing the features in the OS hosting the app). Windows 10+ for example will let you set it to SYSTEM rules for scaling; These Native Instrument apps were developed ignoring this facility in Windows. Perhaps Mac has no feature to set or change this. So, to make software portable to other OS's, they usually will bypass this.

    This is the simplest change for the NI base code: have the GUI responsible to the DPI settings of the OS.. Windows CAN do this, can MAC? obviously the mechanisms will be different, so create an adapter to accommodate both. (make it metamorphic).. sorry if that is 'twilight zone' for many of you to understand, but the development department at NI should be aware of this; and get some people in there to fix the GUI part of your software layers.. NI's apps have always been awful awful displays; using the 'magnifier' tool on the OS is really stupid and very awkward to use.. This is the case with ALL the standalone NI apps, some of the newer ones are offering some scalable resolutions.. the BEST software plugins out there are ALL doing this, I suggest you get on board with this industry standard.

    I never understood why the greed backed decisions that force the final product to be Non-Standard; In this day and age, making software portable and conform to OS pathways is the safest way to create software and have the easier ability to PORT the code to different OSs.

    Thanks in advance guys.. I've been using NI for over 10 years; now with 4K monitors OMG it's horrible.. I read a guy used his smartphone to take pictures to zoom in.. this is really an awful design decision, and since NI is the only software available at this commercial level, well they are more apt to enjoy their profits than to really really consider what USERS want.. NI is in existence for the USERS, not their profits.. sad, huh?

  • Thomas_D
    Thomas_D Member Posts: 2 Noise

    Just adding my voice to this issue: it's just sad that in October 2022, following a new release of Komplete, we're still having to contend with tiny, non-scalable GUIs on our 4k/5k screens. Granted, NI have taken a step forward with Kontakt 7, but the hosted instruments are still tiny, in particular the guitars (e.g. Electric Mint, Prime Bass), other sampled instruments are slightly bigger (e.g. Playbox, Ignition Keys), but still not scalable? I can't believe NI Developers / Designers are still using HD monitors, or maybe they all just have unbelievable eyesight?

  • Jon Watte
    Jon Watte Member Posts: 59 Tri

    My suggestion is that Windows (at the least, I don't know about the Mac) has a facility to change the DPI settings of applications

    There are three problems with this:

    1) This screws up the arrangement/positioning of all other windows on the screen.

    2) This means that I have many fewer pixels available for other tools, like my mixer, and DAW.

    3) It looks really bad. Blocky pixelated characters aren't particularly easy to read.

    Let's hope for next year's update. We can hope.

  • SH-1
    SH-1 Member Posts: 17 Sine

    My guess is that at NI and even more so iZotope, a lot of people are still thinking it's the late 90s and they are catering to a macOS market first and Windows second, if at all. You can see it with the recent Neutron 4, Ozone 10 and RX 10 releases by iZotope... They are not HiDPI compliant, and all the marketing guff around them is mysteriously screen recorded on macOS.

    Because macOS always detaches all windows and therefore every window is DPI aware on an OS level. In Windows, DPI can only be set per process and not per specific window. And so unless you are fine with an extra process for every window, you'll have to scale the whole application instead, and live with a blurry UI.

  • Xlorntabis
    Xlorntabis Member Posts: 1 Noise

    I was new to Native Instruments when I got my s61mk3 a couple years ago. I spent a lot of money on plugins and such, only to find I can't see any of it. It's just so tedious and doesn't help with my goal of making music at all. I like the way the keyboard feels. But struggle to find anything positive about a GUI that should have been abandoned a long time ago.

  • David Birdwell
    David Birdwell Member Posts: 8 Sine

    I would still love to see the Kontakt window be stretchable vertically for tall monitors (or monitors turned sideways)

    I was REALLY hoping to see this on Kontakt 7 - but no such luck yet

    Is there any way to suggest this officially?

    I'd still love to see a long list of all the loaded instruments in the Kontakt window

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