Native Instruments new brand identity



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    Hoping it will be something really new and innovating. And that it will be supported in coming years. But afraid it will be just a substitution for some other HW we already own that will be abandoned

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    Love it! Although the the previous logotext was dope! There’s been a lot of changes at NI, and the rebranding, in my opinion, lines up well! Blending the N and I was genius! It’s techilious (technology + delicious) 5 starts!!!!!

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    meanwhile i would probably take everything and also pay any price for it if there were to be new hardware for traktor again.

    we will see (or not)

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    can confirm the new logo looks very nice on new hardware

    Rendered or real? 😎

    The problem with the "R" is probably simply due to the compressed height of the font. If I'm not mistaken too much, it would have passed as a "P" quite well. The additional line for the "R" would have been better placed on the stomach than on the back. Then it would have a little bit more air.

    I quickly traced it so you can see where the problem was with the font family. Was probably due to a compromise so that the other letters could be implemented in this way?

    Edit: two different ways for a possible workaround.

    But during the creation i noticed immediately where the problems lie in the implementation, so that it fits in with the rest of the font family.

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    Wow! Nice surprise! I think it’s a good sign! 😎 revitalising moving forward to go with the new improvements and developments. It is exciting news! a sure sign!

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    Admins, maybe we can speed-up the process of "Unollow post" on the forum? ...yeah, i made the mistake to comment... once.... now i have at least 10 notifications everyday... πŸ˜₯

    ...and maybe a "LOL button" for some comments would be nice 😁

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    As a graphic designer I find the "designing logos" paragraph a little simplistic! You are talking about a corporate identity not just a logo! It is equivalent to suggesting a musician can just find a loop for the drums, a loop for the bass, loop for the guitar and then just sing over the top and have a great song (although probably some do achieve it that way)!

    On the other hand a good software designer is really just someone who can type in code or copy it from another source.

    Okay, I AM totally joking in regard to the software designer bit! . . . just making a point 😎

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    To be honest, I don't like the new logo and fonts now being used all over the website very much. It's a matter of taste of course and even not that super important, but... I don't know. It's sad to say, it's just another choice among many others, which adds to the feeling that Native Instruments is not the company anymore, that I once valued so much.

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    When I saw it the first time at the top of the forum page, I thought the page didn't load correctly and tried to refresh it.

    Then I was kind of excited, hoping there is something new coming. I could care less what the logo and such is.

    I would wear a shirt or hoodie with either on it.

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    The new logo and font are completely disharmonious, not memorable or appealing... I find the new logo and font absolutely disgusting...

    In addition, instead of devoting resources to the immediate problems with existing products and the lack of feedback on suggested features, they've devoted some resources to rebranding...

    I have a very strong feeling that for me personally, NI's time has passed... Well - everything doesn't last forever.

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    Some of the links are changed their thumbs also. Fine!

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    Yeah, no guys, sorry.

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    I started to wonder over the course of the last few days whether it's actually not by accident that the new logo reads AI rather than NI. Maybe there's a redefined vision ahead of how NI will be doing business ?

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