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  • Matthew_NI
    Matthew_NI Product Team Posts: 385 mod

    Well, it seems like some of those who do are making it known, and wondering why we haven't.

    Those who don't want faders have less of a need to ask why we haven't included them, and are relatively quiet (and/or purchasing the keyboard).

    Faders are great, but didn't make sense for Kontrol S MK3.

  • Matthew_NI
    Matthew_NI Product Team Posts: 385 mod

    I can honestly say we have not tested this configuration.

  • Matthew_NI
    Matthew_NI Product Team Posts: 385 mod

    We don't plan to do this. It could get too clunky, and imply enforcing design paradigms on partner products, especially if and when they start to implement direct connection.

    Rather, a cleaner break between what is desktop, and what is on device, and a UI and a UX as appropriate for the medium is our current approach.

  • rdalcroft
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    I appreciate your feedback on this. I really do hope it has improved. Time will tell. I will wait, as I am cautious, as this is a notable investment. I love your stuff. Love the integration.

    I don't like being put off playing, by clanky mechanisms.

    I will see what the 1-year reviews are like, and make my decision then?

    You never mentioned my question on Right to repair, and offering up individual parts? Will this be something you will be considering in the future??

  • Matthew_NI
    Matthew_NI Product Team Posts: 385 mod

    It has a significantly revised and improved version of the TP9 and TP100.

    Much older versions (developed years prior to MK2 launching) of the TP9 and TP100 were used in MK2. Things have come a long way since then.

  • Matthew_NI
    Matthew_NI Product Team Posts: 385 mod

    It has absolutely improved. But better that you be the judge - I'd hate for you to have another bad experience.

    Perhaps there's a retail store nearby that has one to try, or a friend, or an event and so on?

    Right to repair and the offering of individual parts is certainly a discussion we've yet to have, but should have. Particularly once a unit's out of warranty (whereby there's less of a concern a user might inadvertently void it). Philosophically, I'm way in favour of such policies and see them more as supply chain and logistics challenges than say, the reluctance with which vehicle manufacturers skirt the law. TL:DR right now, no. But with sustainability as a topic dear to many NI employee hearts, perhaps this changes.

  • Matthew_NI
    Matthew_NI Product Team Posts: 385 mod

    It lands as exactly that - useful and valid feedback.

  • myalteredsoul
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    Those first two things there will solve issue three for me. I look forward to seeing the updates and will put my order in once they’re implemented. :-)

  • rdalcroft
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    Thankyou for replying, I think your answer if fair regarding Right to repair.

    I am not saying every part has to be made available, but parts that would qualify as a consumable:


    1. The Lubrication, grease. (just now we have to make a guess on what's best, go too thin, it doesn't last long, go to thick and it reduces the action speed of the keys.
    2. Foam damper strips, (Lower one) this should also be classed as a consumable, as this will wear out after 3 years or so. Becoming less resistant to the weight of the hammers, creating a louder thud, than normal.
    3. Screens, the screens, start to leak light at the corners over time, these are impossible to find online anywhere, there was a guy on eBay making them, but it would be safer to be able to buy there from NI direct.

    1 and 2 are Important for servicing. 3 not so much. But in some cases, yes.

  • tempsperdu
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    What is true: we've updated Maschine software several times in the last year, including support for VST3 and Apple Silicon, and continued to fix bugs. And when we look into new features and improvements, we immediately hear about 100 different suggestions, many of which are good, not all of which we can do at once. TL:DR yeah let's have a larger Maschine conversation later this year and lurk in the forums in the meantime.

    Incredibly belatedly for a major company, adding support for VST3 and Apple Silicon and bug fixing is hardly what many would call 'development' and vaguely even updates but belated mandatory necessities to be in any way viable.

    Those hundred suggestions have been hanging around for 3–4 years at least, very merrily totally ignored after D-One did an excellent job on the old forum of collating and curating them.

    OK, this isn't the thread for Maschine talk, but then please try and get the people who are or are not dealing with it to communicate with the users. This is getting to the stage of being majorly offensive, and it seems totally bizarre and disturbing to me that it isn't seen as being such.

  • nightjar
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    Fair enough. One extra reason to keep poking at this idea is the potential for it to be a bridge to faster development of more "scalable" and consistently "positioned" elements within the desktop windows of KK3 and Kontakt 7. Legacy art and the many different aspect ratios of instrument panels are big hurdles in the way of a better UI on the desktop. Re-using the new on-device instrument/parameter window on the desktop GUI would be a shortcut I might think. Bringing up Legacy art, window dimensions & full editing would require another click.

  • Stormchild
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    Still looking for clarification on whether custom MIDI templates (when they get implemented) will still be limited to four pages like they were on the mk2, or allow many pages like the mk1 (at least 16…I've never hit the limit). That was one of the key reasons I skipped the mk2, so it will be a factor in deciding whether to get the mk3.

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