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  • Jeezo
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    Can we simply have a solid 37 /32/ or even 25 S series , i stoped using my S25 while it was superb but i found myself using my m32 more because of the formza factor , can we expect a M 32 pro or some with screens ect ?

    There's a market for that , room is a big issue today , specially for people having a lot of HW already ;)

  • laidbackdood
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    I'm pretty happy to see the changes that have been made to the MK3 keyboard however I do feel that the software, Komplete Kontrol and Kontakt, are both artificially restricted to the use of NI hardware. Preset and instrument browsing via MIDI is a prime example, not even asking for details, just move up or down. Other companies offer at least keyboard commands to do such simple things. The NKS control API does offer flexibility in controlling instruments/effects which I don't expect other manufacturers to be able to utilize but some things are basic and should be opened up as options.

    I'm one of the users who does like having faders that be assigned dynamically through NKS but I understand it's not for everyone, I can use a fader controller separately if the keyboard lives up to the potential. I'm just disappointed that NI requires NI hardware for just basic commands. Will there be any reason to hope that Kontakt will at least allow keyboard commands/controllers to traverse presets?

    As others have also mentioned, i'm intrigued at the ability of the MK3 to control certain synths and would also appreciate seeing full screen feedback from certain parameters such as adsr/fitler graphs, even wavetables, etc... I hope that we are not just stuck with a static image and 8 knob values.


  • Matthew_NI
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    Could you point me to where exactly the PDF available at the first URL mentions TP9, TP100, Fatar, Native Instruments, or Kontrol S MK3?

    The revised models of the TP9 and TP100 that we actually use in Kontrol S MK3 are considerably improved. I sure hope you don't see defects, but in the unlikely event that you do, we have return, repair, and replacement policy to suit.

  • Matthew_NI
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    Unrelated fun fact: toddlers make excellent product testers. My nearly two year old son/maniac has given the Kontrol S MK3 a rough go of things, and it's hung in there flawlessly.

    I guess that's my way of saying it's an activity center with or without faders, but I think you illustrate well the point that there exist many users with many needs.

    Unrelated less fun fact: he recently broke the sustain pedal on my 1974 Wurlitzer 200-A. Send help. Or extra Scarbee licenses.

  • Vagus
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    Honestly- I understand the prospect of direct connection with iZotope products, for instance, but my preference would be for KK hosted - although I might be in a minority.

    Either achieves the aim of allowing me to run single FX plugin or chain through KK and tweak from my keyboard, which is an amazing workflow. To be able to do that directly in my DAW, without having to run an instrument through it first would be to the power of ten, beneficial. It would also reinforce the librarian element of KK. All those tags are not super useful outside of Maschine production, but unleashed in Cubase/Ableton, et al - that would be brilliant.

    Delighted to hear it's on the radar.

    Follow up question - when you do get to this, can you take out the hard-coding of no-previews for FX? Although difficult, I think that might be a game-changer for accessibility to preview what 'A SOUND' might sound like through 'A PRESET' in Neutron, or through Portal, for example.

  • Matthew_NI
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    The internet isn't always the kindest of places.

    But you are, and I really appreciate this feedback! I don't feel particularly victimized to learn you're still happy with your A series. To the inverse, that's a testament to the product you own, and our commitment to continue to support it.

    I'm proud of the Kontrol S MK3. Part of me thinks everyone should own one, but in reality, only those who need or want the features it is focused on, and can live without the features it doesn't, should.

  • Braz
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    Thanks for the answers and clarification @Matthew_NI it's no easy since people on the internet are more ruthless than in real life.

    As a Maschine user, the KK mk3 is not for me and you were very clear why.

    What I find a bit disturbing and quite sad to be honest, is that NI (not you as a person) barely interact with users, unless they have something to sell.

    But ok, let's wait for the ask me a Maschine question when there will be a Maschine MK4 or ++ to sell.

  • BIF
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    I hear you on your touch screen diatribe. All of my touch screens, including my phones, tablets, the business-side of the Air Conditioner in my home, and the screen in my car, are all snoggly from being touched all the time, and I'm a hand-washer! Sheesh, what kind of goo is coming out of my pores...I swear it must be caramel or espresso or something!

  • Matthew_NI
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    I'm well acquainted with some of the PA and Unfiltered Audio team(s). You might find some NKS improvements coming from that combination in the near future.

    And that IS a wonderful thought. I didn't lead with this earlier - but prior to joining Native Instruments a couple years back, I was at iZotope for a decade. I remember the Sonicstate podcast in which Nick and (I think) Gaz said "why don't they just make RX a synth?". I remember visiting them for beers by the canal and talking about that throwaway comment they once made. I remember sitting with the iZotope team in the office saying, "sure, why not?!" (and plenty of other precursory market research). I remember running headlong into just how insanely hard it was to make a spectrogram a synth. It took about a year longer than we'd anticipated. I remember creating sound packs with my sound designer roommate at the time. Iris Glass was us smashing inordinate amounts of glass in proximity to expensive microphones... in our apartment. We wore shoes indoors for a year after that. Iris Food was us recording every mealtime until we had what we needed. It was honestly one of the most fun product releases I ever worked on. And it went well enough for an Iris 2, but slowed down in the ensuing years. All to say - you hit on a wonderful memory of mine, so thank you. Iris was and is a very special product. But it's unlikely to make a return, as despite the labour of love it was never a particularly viable commercial success. Not every unique idea makes it.

    Maybe something like if you love something, set it free? I still want it back though.

  • Matthew_NI
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    Thank you! I appreciate the callout.

    On which note, I have to call it a day for now. @Chris_NI will be popping in, and I'll be back tomorrow. It's been a long 'un.

    To your question: the keybed for the MK3 is much improved. It's a revised model of the TP9 and TP100 depending on which you buy.

    It's unlikely we ever do a desktop only unit. We sort of did that in the past to mixed results (Kore).

    You can't disable just the artwork, but you can adjust the brightness.

  • Chris_NI
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    The S88 MK3 uses the TP100 + Polyphonic Aftertouch, this is unique in the FATAR line up, and is the first widely available hammer action keyboard controller on the market. This feature, for all 3 key sizes, was a collaboration between NI and FATAR.

  • Chris_NI
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    The S88 MK3 uses the TP100 + Polyphonic Aftertouch, this is unique in the FATAR line up, and is the first widely available hammer action keyboard controller on the market. The Polyphonic Aftertouch feature, for all 3 key sizes, was a collaboration between NI and FATAR.

  • Chris_NI
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    Kontrol S-Series MK3 supports the following DAWs:

    Logic Pro

    Ableton Live


    Digital Performer

    Studio One

    FL Studio

    Pro Tools “Support coming in late 2023”

    Cubase “Support coming in late 2023”

    Yes Reaper counts, we are in early discussions with the team at Reaper, but cannot commit to a timeline yet when it will be released.

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