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  • Matt_NI
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    I can confirm that the keyboard should not be shipped yet and it seems like some retailers didn't get the memo.

  • ozon
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    @Stormchild wrote

    Sliders are out, because motorized faders are expensive and endless knobs can do the same job just fine.

    That’s why they should have included the touch strip section from the JAM. Besides manipulating 8 (unrelated) parameters at once (I’d love to see you twist 8 endless knobs at the same time), they are incredibly awesome to play with the Arp/Chords/Scales. Which is a pure performance feature, only found in Komplete Kontrol and Maschine.

  • Stormchild
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    The Jam was a pretty interesting and unique piece of hardware. Didn’t really catch on, but I was thinking about picking one up a few years ago, before it was discontinued. Not really sold on having those strips on a keyboard, but it would be cool if they decided to bring it back as a separate device.

  • Kymeia
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    The Jam was one one Maschine I would have wanted to get. The problem with strips is they are too easy to accidentally touch - I always have that problem with the Series II, at least the one on the series III appears to be in a more sensible position, but I'd imagine having 8 of them would make them impossible to avoid. That is why that sort of thing is better on a dedicated controller. In my view NI should go the way Roli did with the Blocks with compatible hardware modules that can be linked together

  • unrealone
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    Maschine Jam Smart Strips would have been the perfect addition, 8 on each side, 16 total Smart Effect Strips from Maschine Jam, would have been perfect. Would have been a must buy or me.

    At the moment not enough Bells and Whistles for me!

  • afrogrit
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    I'm unable to convince myself to upgrade from the A25, perhaps NI is a victim of its own success

  • solsta
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    Hey guys, amazing work with the software and hardware updates so far. As a Maschine user all the way from MK1, I’m curious how this keyboard will integrate into Maschine and maximise workflow. S49MK2 is really good for Maschine aside from a few features and functionalities that are better controlled by the drum controllers but at the moment I’d say it would be a better choice for Maschine users than mk3 currently. I doubt we’d see a separate Maschine keyboard so I’m really curious how Maschine users would be able to take full advantage of the keyboard into the workflow and will there be extra features and abilities since you also make both hardware and software in that case.

    Thanks for your time!

  • Psyearth5
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    I am happy to know that quality of knobs/pots/potenciometars is enhanced because that's the only thing that I had and still have problems on Maschine MK3 and I am saving Money from my Music earnings and first it was Maschine+ now it's S MK3 too , for me it's great news and I will try to be better producer because I would like to not be worried when I am working, creating and performing ( I record my performance and later I do Arrangements, mix and sometimes Master ) but with with reliable equipment and a live act, I could do it with pleasure...if time could be reversed so that I don't by Nektar T4 but S MK3 it would be to ideal 😃 Maschine+ and now S MK3 are on my priority list.

  • berrybeatz
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    Wow… this is lovely … Native is the best of all

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    The S88 MK3 should have a detachable controller and computing unit - I have asked for this before. Many S88 users have the unit beneath their desk covering the displays, buttons and knobs. It just makes sense to detach it and put it on the desk while keeping the keybed beneath the desk. This is the biggest missing feature on the S88. Another option, at least for this MK3 life cycle, is to sell a smaller slimmed down controller unit addon (preferably not too expensive!) without a keybed to have on your desk.

    Great seeing Kontakt support properly, composers with big Kontakt templates can finally access Komplete Kontrol features.

    Another issue is Midi hardware mode switching. At the moment you seem to be forced to disconnect the usb cable first, only running power, to get Midi mode to run external gear. This needs to be fixed. DAWless hardware operations should be smoother. Make it possible to switch on and off in Komplete Kontrol software or via the buttons. Add advance hardware sequencer features when running it in Midi hardware mode so I can run use it as a sequence with my modular gear and hardware synths.

    Logic do not currently support Play assist - please fix this (this should work in Logic), maybe have it integrated on the hardware somehow.

    I miss CV and Gate integration on the S88, at least add this on the M32 MK2 or a new M37 MK1 (37 keys like the Keystep) unit with advance sequencer features with a light guide (missing on current M32 MK1 unit). This could be an intersting hybrid Dawless/DAW keyboard for NI to compete with the Arturia Keystep. Add bluetooth and battery for even more flexibility. I rather not own two portable keyboards if I only need to own one so this would be a nice upgrade to see in the near future.

  • eriberto
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    1. Next Gen NKS, will always need Komplete Kontrol ore they work seamlessly like Kontakt seems to do.
    2. any of this improvements, direct integration and new gen nks, will work on mk1?
    3. last but not least any ideas about which firm will support them?

    Cheers Eriberto

  • Iustin
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    Are there any buyback plans for the owners of mk2 s61 for ex? Iknow that is not but you never know :D

  • Niels Elgaard Kimmer
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    I would like Apple and NI to work on IOS integration too , I have started to use Logic for iPad in live situations and I think the time is right for IOS to be taken serious, now both Mac and iPad runs on M1 , M2 etcetera . The New Keyboards looks nice , especially if the onboard computer is able to update to some serious updates and connect to more than one platform 😊it’s 2023 and I have burned my fingers on the Roland Fantom , the didn’t deliver as promised

  • mattse
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    I saw a review which noted that the top buttons (above the screen) can no longer be used to select individual tracks on the MK3, instead relying solely on the nav wheel to individually scroll through each one. They (and I) saw that as quite a step back in terms of fundamental workflow efficiency within the DAW.

    Do you have any plans to bring that functionality back in later updates?

  • Wiseguy2006
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    I was excited about the KK MK3 until I saw the lack of Maschine integration - but furthermore the fact that it apparently doesn’t even recognize Maschine in its DAW control settings. The change of buttons functions is not a dealbreaker for me - but the complete lack of ability to integrate into Maschine in any way whatsoever makes me not interested in upgrading. Is this being addressed or is Maschine integration abandoned?

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