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    One question and one comment, and also a thank you for this!

    Question: Will it be possible to use multiple controllers? I have an S88 Mk2 that I love and I also love Polyphonic Aftertouch... However, I'd prefer Polyphonic aftertouch on synth action instead of on a weighted action (Today, I have a separate synth action 61 key keyboard). So, could I simultaneously use my S88 mk3 with an S61 (or 49, etc.) mk3 to give me the best of both worlds? I realize I could be a niche use case, of course! :)

    Comment: You already mentioned that KK will still be supported for the foreseeable future, but put my name in the hat of PLEASE support it indefinitely. On reflection, in my workflow, I have templates with KK that give me access to all of my sounds in the S88 across all of my synths. If each synth had a direct connection, I'd hate to lose the "central clearinghouse of everything" that I love. (I have Komplete 14 UC with random extra libraries, Arturia V9/Pigments/FX, Korg Collection, IK's products, iZotope's products, and others, many of which I made KK templates for, so I'd hate to lose the complete integration!) In fact, even with a mk3 controller, I'm likely to continue with KK (especially the pretty new KK -- nice work!) for most of my work (alongside my hardware synths, of course!)

    It’s been a big couple of weeks for you all, and congrats!

    PS I do like that the internal processing will enables more control to be embedded. Interesting possibilities both for play assist and “generic” MIDI control of other hardware and software, both for live and studio applications!

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    I think this Q&A was great - and I can't stress enough how important it is to have this kind of transparency with the Maschine community so I hope you will do so over on that forum. There are a lot of nervous folks over there about the future of the product.

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    I can't as this was questioned to me, and the guy was pointing out that the Keybed would be a different model, as in a completely different revision of the Fatar Key-bed.

    But as you have now clarified, TP100 is in fact the exact same Keybed as in the MK2, slightly adjusted for the Polyphonic strip.

    So, we can in-fact expect all of the same issues we all experience in the Mk2 regarding keys becoming noisy over time after about a year.

    Can you provide proof of a redesign of the Keys/posts, and their ability to hold the Grease/Lube for longer than 1 year, there for becoming noisy and clicky?

    Right to repair, will you now eventually offer parts, i.e. foam strips, so that users who have to service their key-beds, re-lube keys and such can acquire essential parts to be able to complete a full service on their own out of warranty?

    I have never been able to source the foam strip 9mm height, on which the hammers rest on. This is the first strip to go, as it becomes very weak, and is the cause of the loud thump. (after 3 years approx.)

    Sorry to sound so negative, but this was and is my experience of the S88 MK2. So, if I have a slight bad taste in my mouth, and am skeptical about this release, it is because of these issues. And from fixing these issues, and seeing how and why the Lube does not last, and seeing how they could improve the Keys/ and posts to avoid the clicky keys over time, it is frustrating.

    1. a square slot could have been moulded into the inside of the white keys, where the post enters the key, this would keep the grease in one area around the key and post, Like it does on the black keys. But as of now the white keys are fully open, there is nothing to trap the Lube, so over time it just runs away.
    2. A dampening coating (very thin) on the inside of the keys, where the post enters, slightly rubberised, would stop the loud click, when the grease does eventually become to thin.

    Not to hard to impliment??

  • Drifter
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    Will we be able to use the keyboard to sound design in Massive X for example from start to finish? For example selecting wavetables from Massive X's oscillators? Will Massive X be updated to MPE or at least polyphonic aftertouch? Massive X is behind other flagships in that regard. Will old kontatk libraries be updated to Polyphonic aftertouch? Also will we get visuals in the future of Envelops and wavetables? Or samples that we scan though in Ashleigh for example?

  • MattyB
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    Very excited about the new Controllers. Will the pre-sale prices remain as the prices going forward...

  • Kymeia
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    ...we have a lot of interesting technology from the likes of iZotope, Brainworx and Plug-in Alliance to dabble with now. Any thoughts on how that might show up in Maschine?

    Yes - so please make an effect version of Komplete Kontrol and bring back the effect version of Maschine - otherwise none of these effects can really be used as they are meant to

  • MIDIcity
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    Is it possible that one day a NI S88 or similar would incorporate Hammond-style drawbars for use with the organs in Kontakt, and perhaps with other Hammond/Vox software emulations? Something better than what Kurzweil has done.

  • ozon
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    That’s easy to answer 😉

    The audience for Komplete Kontrol FX hosting is magnitudes larger than that for the new Direct Connection features because of the installed base you are going to support infinitely.

    Do the compatibility layer first, bring the new features later.

  • tempsperdu
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    That remains to be seen, and for some that 'bedrock' may be far less relevant than other areas that might have been /might be developed and implemented. Glad it is 'enough for you', it more than likely isn't for others, particularly those that are majorly Maschine users.

  • tempsperdu
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    Given Bitwig and u-he might be considered to be pretty notable partners, it is perhaps surprising to many that there is no mention of CLAP, and it's possible implementation or not. Any chance of some clarification on this?

    Pleased to see that you have kind of clarified the situation regarding Maschine and MK3, but is it possible for anyone there to actually start to recognise that the complete lack of traction or information regarding Maschine is just another example of NI being pretty much belligerent towards the users, something it has a great deal of practice with over the last few years, but that equally becomes less and less excusable.

    Even a small amount of dignity and self-respect towards yourselves and the users would seem to be a break through, so please can we have some kind of response somewhere????????????

  • Perceptes
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    Something I was very disappointed to discover about the MK2 is that it does not send MIDI out of the DIN connection while powered over USB. In order to control my hardware devices with the MK2 without turning on my computer, I have to physically disconnect the USB cable, buy a dedicated power adapter for the keyboard, and plug that in to power it. Does the MK3 behave the same way, or can it send MIDI out on USB and DIN simultaneously and/or with an on-keyboard software setting?

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    I agree with @rdalcroft and others that mention the rattling, clicking keys and how this has had a significant negative impact on my experience with the S88 MK2.

    Since the keybed is purportedly improved in the MK3, will NI consider some kind of warranty upgrade for those users plagued by the horrible noisy key issue? Buying the MK3 outright is out of the question after my experience with my MK2.

    I decided against NI's offer to pay $90 for a refurbished warranty replacement after hearing of other users experiencing the same issue again after several months with their replacements.

  • Matthew_NI
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    Using multiple controllers at once: this is unsupported for simultaneous use. Using them asynchronously on the same system would be fine. For simultaneous use, you could use one in MIDI mode, and the other doing all the integrations, but I know you're really asking if both could do such a thing. We see a lot of conflicts happen when such attempts are made. Which isn't to say we wouldn't ever seek to support it, but it's a can of worms left undisturbed for now.

    "Central clearing house of everything" indeed, this is a very salient point and one with which I agree.

  • Matthew_NI
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    With Kontrol S MK3, you can power it without a host connection (e.g. using a USB-C smartphone charger), and this automatically enables the MIDI over DIN instead of USB-C.

    It cannot send out simultaneously, although this is possible. We have it prototyped, but would be a way still to go, and would prioritize some of the other public statements first (e.g. Play Assist standalone).

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