Ask me anything: Kontrol S-Series MK3



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    Product placement alert!!........

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    @Matt_NI said: Improving Play Assist capabilities across the company over the next 1-2 years - we have some great ideas, especially with the coming together of brands focussed on assistive tech

    Lots of fun things to imagine with where assistive tech in performance might go!

    Keeping "sound generation" and "performance generation" as separate domains is key to a rich future!

    Currently, too much is "blended"... locked in by recorded phrases and articulations due to sampling being a fundamental building block.

    Modeling as a basis for sound generation will free up more expressiveness. And AI/ML applied to performance assistance will bring about some amazing possibilities.

    The MK3 keyboards look ready to be part of this emerging creative fun.

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    I like this idea of a complementary hardware control module, which I think could integrate nicely with the NKS2 environment - for example you could create a parameter group called "Fader" and add to it the specific subset of parameters you want to control from an NKS2-compatible "Fader Kontrol".

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