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    Possible to have single product ?

  • JesterMgee
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    Possibly, pm me with your account and what you need

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    hello Jason!

    I know you're busy with library creation and updates, but just wanted to let you know that keyscape 1.5 is no available with a new felt grand piano. If you can update the corresponding library, that would be awesome!

  • JesterMgee
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    Yeah i'm aware of that one, I get the same emails from Spectrasonics you do. WIll look into it, Keyscape is a pain because every preset is done by hand due to every preset having a different control map so it can take a while to do.

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    Hey, just getting into KK and NKS and have seen your fantastic collection of libs for 3rd party stuff.

    Just have a quick question:

    I just got Zenology, and I notice that the db has "category" - which would correspond to "types" in KK, but no info relating to "characters" -- what do you do in this situation, do you leave the characters blank, or attempt to fill them in with relevant info?

    Cheers :)

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    Is it still possible to add third party NKS libraries to the Factory tab? I had it working a long time ago, but now I can't get it to work anymore. I have both the registry items and the xml file in place like it used to work before, but no matter what I try, the presets will not show up in the Factory tab.

    Using Windows 10.

  • JesterMgee
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    There is character info pulled from various data I can scrape for the sounds in Zenology. Usually I do a pass manually and tag as much as my sanity allows for, but there is just too much to go through so I have tried to gather as much info from the plugin as possible.

    As you see here, there is a lot of character info added for sounds already:

    Nothing has changed in this area, as you can see in the screenshot above, the Zenology library for instance is in my factory library. If you downloaded the example files from the guide I have and follow the bouncing ball, it should work no problem but if not, PM me or create a separate thread with screenshots of the settings and should be able to find the problem. Usually it's because someone doesnt do something simple like use double \\ in the reg file entry for paths which is needed when using an external reg file.

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    Now Available: IK Multimedia Syntronik 2

    This library offers NKS browsing for either Syntronik 2 or Syntronik 2 MAX versions.

    All presets have full preset maps that cover each models controls and all tagging in Syntronik has been pulled and converted to NKS tagging. Banks are available to filter by model and also allows filtering of Syntronik 1 and Syntronik 2 version presets

    Currently browsing of all single layer presets is available with Multi-layer presets available at a later stage. Please also note that IK Multimedia are... special... in some things they do. The presets they quote as available for each model are incorrect on their end, seemingly they have counted the number of "preset files" they have in their instrument folders, overlooking the fact many of these are "wavetable" presets that are not counted as instrument presets so what they claim is approx 800 more than what you officially get and I spent a good week trying to find this difference in what they claim...

    Sampletank will also be available soon.... I have raised an issue with IK in how the effects automation works which currently makes it impossible to map the FX On/Off parameters in Sampletank to disable FX from the hardware, something many visually impaired users really like access to. The actual issue is there are 4 FX slots but when you host map the On/Off control and reopen the saved NKS (or a DAW project even) all these mappings are incorrectly set to FX1 slot so no longer control FX 2-4.

    The problem is I cannot update this later (if it is ever fixed) as it all needs to be pre-mapped in the plugin prior to saving the NKS file and IK have confirmed this issue (in December of last year) but still have not confirmed if this will be addressed and seem to be not replying to this issue anymore. If I cannot get an answer on this soon I may have to release just the basics for this one just to make use of it but be aware even without me adding FX control, it does not allow it to be automated correctly in a DAW if you need to.

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    Now Available: Tone2 Electra3 / Saurus4

    A complete update and overhaul of the previous Electra2 library, this new library has both a VST2 and VST3 compatible library version included.

    A new controller template has been created for this latest version which should offer full control of most parameters but be aware for Maschine users the VST3 plugin version appears to have a bug (well, the developer blames Maschine and "most other DAWs" as the issue but some parameters will be missing from the template when loaded and cannot be learned. In Komplete Kontrol it is all working fine and the VST2 version works fine in either Maschine or KK.

    Detailed tagging was carried over from the previously tagged Electra2 library and more tagging done for all the latest presets included in Electra3.

    Saurus4 (a recent free update for Saurus3 owners) is now finally NKS compatible.

    This has been on the todo list for years but Saurus2 was only VST2 and did not allow saving of NKS presets. The latest VST3 version of Saurus finally allows saving of NKS presets so this is now available for VST3 compatibility.

    All presets have full tagging done by hand and sound previews.

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    NOTICE: GForce OB-E Preset Issue in latest version

    I was contacted by a user in regards to some NKS presets not loading for the latest 2.5.x version of GForce OB-E. The issue is due to some changes they have made to the preset format and browser from the v2.1 release I used to make the NKS files.

    Most of the presets work however some presets do not load the preset sound.

    I have spoken with GForce because I also noted approx 60 presets appear to be "missing" but due to the way they ahve changed their browser they had some presets duplicated into different folders previously where now they have a proper tagged browser and so have reordered the presets.

    I will have to reprocess these presets again using the new tagging system and bank classes so will issue an update for this for users so it works with the latest version. Just unsure exactly when this will happen.

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    Now Available: Steinberg The Grand 3 NKS Library

    Steinberg Padshop 2 / Retrologue 2 Expansions for Absolute 6 collection

    Expansion content for both Padshop 2 and Retrologue 2 is now available. Click links for more info

    BABY Audio BA-1 NKS Library

    New little synth the BA-1 is NKS ready with both VST2 and VST3 supported via separate libraries. Covers factory and all included expansions with custom controller map covering all controls, full preset tagging, sound previews and database/artwork files.

    Where possible I will be trying to cover VST2 and VST3 for plugins. I was only going to develop NKS for VST3 however, feedback from a number of users and my own personal experience highlights some major issues and reliability concerns with both Komplete Kontrol and Maschine with VST3 plugins currently as well as just a general lower reliability with VST3 in general. Where possible I still use VST2 and will not be bothering to switch or upgrade until things improve more, if it ever does.

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    Update: Tone2 Warlock NKS Library Now VST3 / Mac Compatible

    The original release of the Warlock NKS library only supported PC as there was no VST2 version back when KK supported only VST2 plugins. This has now been updated for VST3 and has been tested to work on macOS now. This is a free update for existing users and now includes both a VST2 and VST3 compatible library version.

    Keep in mind I am not sure if Warlock is native M1 yet but on Intel mac, it works just fine.

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    Update: IK Multimedia Syntronik 2

    An update is available for Syntronik 2 and Syntronik 2 MAX libraries

    This update addresses the following:

    • Fixed controls not working for Bully Syntronic 2 bank
    • Fixed controls not working for KW-8000 bank
    • Fixed Syntronic 2 presets not showing correct position for Filter Cutoff, Reso and Drive controls

    For users who already have this you can download the updated library Here

    You only need to update the NKS files but recommended to delete the existing Syntronik folder/s and copy the new ones.

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    Now Available: Hexachords Orb Synth X NKS Library

    NKS Library for Orb Synth X is now available and covers all factory presets with tagging, sound previews, database/image files and a cull controller map which also covers all modulation controls.

    Note this is for the latest Orb Synth X release and does not support the original Orb Synth which is not possible to make NKS due to no controls being open for Host Automation (very strange but the dev seems to have zero plans to address this and instead suggests to upgrade to Orb Synth X, which IMO does not sound as nice as the original but that is subjective I guess).

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    Update: Newfangled Audio Generate / Pendulate VST3 Compatibility

    Update available for both Pendulate and Generate NKS libraries for VST3 compatibility. Now includes a separate VST2 and VST3 library.

    For users who already own this you can get this free update if you need VST3 compatibility Here

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