[NKS] Freelance Soundlabs 3rd Party NKS Libraries for Komplete Kontrol / Maschine



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    Pigments too ?

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    Yes pigments too

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    TAL J8 Update to fix Incorrect Parameter Mapping in Latest Versions!

    There is an update available if you have the TAL J8 library which you can download from your account here:


    At some stage recently an update in the TAL J8 (VST2) plugin has caused all the parameters within the plugin to change ID by 1 value causing everything in the NKS template to be incorrectly mapped.

    This has now been fixed but you need to make sure you are running the latest TAL J8 version. Keep in mind that even if you dont use Komplete Kontrol, this problem will affect your recorded automations if you created projects using older versions. Not sure when the issue cropped up, NKS on my end was done with v1.3.2 around 2 years ago so any version after that could have created the problem, just something to be aware of but if you need a fixed library one is now available.

    And yes, an update for the Tal plugins to VST3 will be done soon, this is nothing about the VST3 side of things, still only VST2

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    Update for Roland Cloud Legendary Series Expansions (Tagging Fix)


    There is an update available for the Legendary Series Expansion Bundle that fixes some missing tagging for some instruments (identified as a custom tag: [] that was a marker for "no tag"). These have now all been tagged.

    Additionally a fix for the Bank Juno-60 labelled as JD-800 in the NKS bank selection

    Update for Roland Cloud Zenology SDZ Expansions

    An update for the SDZ expansion collection is available to add additional expansions.

    Added new SDZ expansions to Zenology library "SDZ Soundpacks Vol 2" and full bundle:

    • SDZ117 Yacht Rock
    • SDZ118 Spectral Spaces
    • SDZ119 Futuristic Pop
    • SDZ120 Galactic Ambient

    You can get these updates from your account HERE

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    VST3 Update for Dexed

    A free update is available for the Dexed NKS library for VST3 compatibility.

    The latest Dexed version ONLY offers VST3 plugin options now, the VST2 compatibility library is still available from your download area if needed but the new library has been updated now to load the VST3 version of the plugin.

    NOTE: during testing on Windows I found that the "Middle C" (or Transpose parameter as it has now been correctly called) and the LFO Wave parameter do not respond to the mapped NKS controls. This appears to be an issue in the VST3 side of things as half the parameters do not even appear in the control list in KK but can still be learned and function fine.

    I ahve also noted the VST3 performance of Dexed is not as smooth as VST2, controls do not rurn as smoothly but this is something I have been finding with more plugins and appears to be a VST3 problem more than a plugin specific one (or KK). Just things to be aware of.

    Get the update from your account if needed:


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    Hi Jason. Despite purchasing Roland Legendary bundle v3.0.0, after logging into my account it is requesting that I pay for the 3.0.1 update. Is this normal?



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    Apologies. I see it is only the expansions that have been updated. Please ignore my previous post.

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    Air Music Updates for VST3

    The following Air Music Tech libraries have now been updated to support VST3:

    • Bassline
    • Electric
    • Hype
    • Mellotron
    • Odyssey
    • Solina
    • Tubesynth

    These are free updates for owners of these libraries that you can download from your account HERE

    The older AIEP plugins such as Hybrid3, Loom, Xpand do not offer VST3 versions (and unlikely to ever have VST3 versions available) so are still only VST2 but all other available Air plugins are now VST3 supported.

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    Hi Jason. Letting you know tags are missing for the following Model 84 presets: Night Drive, Sub Bass and Bell. Other than this, very satisfied customer of your work!



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    Thanks for letting me know. I will issue a fix once Softube get back to me. Their download manager refuses to install the ilok driver (even tho I have ilok installed and up to date).

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    Steinberg Halion 7 Compatibility

    The current Halion 6 libraries will likely not load in Halion 7. My initial tests using Komplete Kontrol 2.8.0 showed it working as the PluginID does not change, however tests in KK 2.8.1 show it does NOT work because the name of the plugin is now "Halion 7" and this causes an issue.

    I am working on updating all Halion libraries for H7 compatibility and adding additional control mapping to many of the libraries which is rather painful due to the clunkiness of Halion but most have been updated and tested. This should be done in the next week.

    Gforce Minimonsta2 / Oddity3

    The latest releases of these support VST3 but the previous Minimonsta and Oddity NKS libraries do not work with these new versions, new libraries have to be created which I will be working on soon so just be aware that this is being done and the current libraries do not work on the latest versions since they are essentially new plugins.

    IK MultiMedia

    I have been testing and going back and forth with IK Multimedia about (many) issues in their products but I am attempting to add support for Syntronic, Sampletank and others. Sampletank has some issues with host automation which they confirm but no clue if this is going to be addressed, they are kind of cryptic around these kinds of things.

    Syntronic I am half way through processing and it seems to work fine so should have that as a starter. Will keep looking into their other plugins but one major issue is the fact their host automation resets when switching presets so it's a complicated process to make decent NKS which I am still designing methods to do it all.

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    Cool news....

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    Now Available: Halion 7 NKS Library

    Halion 7 library now NKS ready.

    This library is a complete overhaul of the Halion 6 library which does not load in the latest Halion 7 release. The following instruments that are included with Halion 7 are supported:

    • Anima
    • Auron
    • B-Box
    • Eagle
    • FM Lab
    • HALion Factory
    • HALion Sonic 2 Combis
    • HALion Sonic Factory
    • HALion Sonic SE
    • HALiotron
    • Hot Brass
    • HS3 Combis
    • Model C
    • Raven
    • Skylab
    • Studio Strings
    • Tales
    • Voltage
    • World Instruments
    • World Percussion

    NOTE: this will not work in the Halion 6 plugin so you need the previous Halion 6 NKS Library for that

    The control templates of each instrument have been updated to now include more in-depth control of the GUI Macro controls. This was quite challenging to do since all instruments require controls to be "Enabled" for automation via a right-click and the issue I have found is when switching presets for some instruments, this automation resets and has to be redone again. I was able to come up with a way to reset this issue and save mappings with each preset but be aware, switching presets within Halion may result in the controls not working so use the NKS browser exclusively.

    All instruments are now also separate libraries in the NKS browser which should help to browse the sounds you need rather than having to check the banks for Halion:

    The current library contains the instruments that are included with Halion 7 with the additional instruments included in Absolute 6 being available in the next week or so.

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    Thank you.....

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    Now Available: GForce Oddity3 / Minimonsta2 NKS Libraries

    Latest Minimonsta2 and Oddity3 NKS libraries that both support VST3.

    Minimonsta2 contains 800+ factory presets fully tagged with a detailed controller map that covers most parameters.

    Oddity3 has over 2000+ presets which are also tagegd and includes in-depth controller mapping.

    Both libraries contain artwork and sound previews and support only the VST3 version of the plugin, which should also work on macM1

    Spire NKS Library for VST3?

    I have developed a NKS library for the VST3 version of Spire however there are some pretty major issues with the VST3 version. As a starter, the VST3 NKS presets will load the sound in Komplete Kontrol but none of the controls update their positions in Spire. They show fine on the KK keyboard and update as soon as touched but the GUI seems to not update at all when switching presets.

    Another issue is none of hte parameters have any data feedback so the value shown for all mapped controls is completely blank.

    This would be fine as a starter however I have tested in Maschine and that appears to not even load the preset sounds at all and I also get an error when switching presets. VST2 works fine.

    These issues have been reported through to Spire and since this is a new VST3 version I am sure there will be some updates soon and I will test when available so a library will be released once it has been tested to work reliably.

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