Please make all UIs scalable



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    I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for ... NI GUIs big update !!


  • Trevor Meier
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    Yessssss x1000

  • GoKeez
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    Hey @Matt @ NI

    This issue would be a great barometer to test your efforts to synergize(👀?) FR + Polling with the product dev squad. This is clearly at the top of the FR list and appears to have been so for close to a decade. I’m a dev myself so I know how huge an undertaking it is but it is a core UI/UX thing and pretty gross in 2022.

    Imagine if YouTube never went HD to match the newer cameras that literally everyone has in their phones

  • Stanislav Zalevskyi
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    +1 on this. Please, make scalable GUIs for your vsts, NI.

  • SH-1
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    I have already posted here... That was pretty hard to see though. Maybe a dark mode for this forum would be easier ;)

    Anyways I'll use the comment to say +1 again.

  • NeonBlackCat
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    Oh yeah, pls: dark mode everywhere (tho I use plugins for that, even on mobile)


    that most NI instruments and NKS as well aren’t vector graphics like even some free plugins rock, that was stunning to me.

    So I also would like to see all the stuff scalable. Whether for comfort or for those of us who aren’t blessed with the best eyesight! :)


  • ozon
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    Scalable UIs would be quite a pleasant surprise, wouldn’t they. And useful indeed.

  • dexl
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    Yeah +1 for scalable windows.

  • NeonBlackCat
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    I don't think it's outrageous, but in times of 4K and even 5K monitors (with the advent of 8K on our doorsteps) it's very backward to not have scalable UI's!

    And again: this would also be soo much helpful for those of us without 20/20 vision! Which is me, I can't see ****** on a screen without glasses and UI's scaled at least to a certain degree.

  • Matt_NI
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    I'm puzzled as to why you didn't use the demo if scalability was such a decisive factor for you.

    We obviously know this is important but I'm confused at the outrage when Guitar Rig 6 Pro is literally available as a free demo on our website.

    As for everyone else, thanks for sharing your feedback. We'll make sure our product teams see this and hopefully this is something we can prioritize soon.

  • NeonBlackCat
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    While this is true that you could test it beforehand (and for a studio who purchases something that's probably advisable), 2K & 5K screens aren't really that new and one could expect in 2020+ that all new software has adapted to these higher resolutions.

    And as I said before: even free plugins manage to have a vector-based, scalable UI these days and if you really spend the 17,440 € for Kontrol Ultimate over time (instead of getting the bundle), you'd kinda expect that be a little bit more premium in the UI choice. I think that's a fair assessment if I bought something that expensive.

    But it's nice that the product team will look at it and not just hopefully, but definitely, have the UI updated with Kontrol 14.


  • Kymeia
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    Yes but this sounds more like a problem with one person's computer graphics, not scalability per se - Guitar Rig 6 is using scalable graphics that as far as I can tell appears to be vector based as it doesn't pixellate when scaled. Apart from Macs, which have mostly consistent hardware and drivers, it's impossible to test for every use case, which is why demoing is always advisable.

    Anyway, almost all the FX and Massive X are scalable now with nice crisp graphics - only a few older products like Kontakt and Reaktor are not, probably because they are the most challenging to scale, although I see no good reason why Komplete Kontrol isn't scalable yet apart from its slow rate of development, and I guess Absynth and FM8 are also languishing because possibly they don't have a future or it's undecided at least.

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