Please make all UIs scalable



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    Way more plugins in the catalogue are not HiDPI compatible than there are HiDPI compatible ones. This includes KSP items like the compressors, Reaktor, Kontakt and EQ plugins... and even some of the newer ones like Super8. I was happy to see a new NI synth, sad when I figured out I wasn't going to be able to use it at all.

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    I don't think so. I have dual 4k monitors and neither Kontakt 5 Sampler or Kontakt 6 Player is scalable. The Standalones have only two sizes. When opened within another application such as Finale or a DAW the interface is at the smaller size and hard to read. As a result I hardly use either NI product. I assume NI doesn't want to invest the resources to upgrade the products.

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    "What other option do we have?"

    You mention it later on. For now I don't see any other option than to vote with our wallets... Do not buy any more NI software or content until this is addressed. Since at the end of the day if you can't use the software, you may as well light money on fire. At least that's warm.

    This sounds very harsh, I know. It's not that I don't sympathize with the team and working in the face of soul crushing technical debt... But OTOH this has been an issue for so long and it's so bad that I think it is very reasonable, logical in fact to make this the #1 "must-have" priority for anything that has a price tag from now on.

    Side note: I couldn't care less about M1 native support. I do have an M1 mac here, but most DAWs offer a bridge that works in a pinch, it's not actually required for my use case that the plugins run without emulation. I'm fine taking a small CPU hit as long as the software is still usable. However 99.9% of my work is done on Windows. And I'm confident that an overwhelming majority of NI's paying customers are mainly Windows users too. Even base-spec Windows Laptops these days often have a resolution greater than 1920x1080. Heck, most android tablets even.

    That is the demographic that needs to be catered to, those are the ones that will buy the bulk of new stuff when it becomes available. Therefore they (we) should probably be prioritized over the M1 crowd.

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    If you checked discussions about this particular topic, you would see that this is exactly what we are doing and have done long before this discussions started here. This is not a topic that just suddenly came about and we've had this conversation many times. There is tons of feedback from us in this community or the one we transitioned from just before. We understand it's important and we're working on it. I don't know specifically about Guitar Rig 6 Pro but I know we'll start to see scalable UI this year.

    With that said, it still doesn't take away the fact that if scalability is such a deal breaker, perhaps trying out the software before buying is a good idea.

  • David Birdwell
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    I hope so! Looking forward to it 👍

  • Gregg
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    Please make the Kontact player UI resizable (maintaining aspect ration not an issue for me)

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    Here's to hoping the full scaling will come in K14 this year! :)

  • sastay
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    Or AT LEAST Kontakt. It's really getting annoying working with it, in particular, compared to other samplers providing resizable GUIs and my eyes don't get better as I age

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    +1 Yes, please!!! 🙂

    It's getting hard to read the small text in the GUIs, especially Kontakt. Not a deal breaker, but the eyestrain puts a cramp on inspiration at times.

  • Okrasonic
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    FYI - I you use a utility/third-party application to quickly change screen resolution, you can use that to switch to low resolution when Kontakt launches (or when you execute a command), and then to change it back to your default resolution when Kontakt quits (or when you invoke a key sequence.

    I'm giving this a try using Keyboard Maestro macros on the Mac, and -- although it's a bit clunky -- it does get the job done. (There are other utilities/applications that will do this sort of thing; I just happened to already own Keyboard Maestro.) This will also help with Reaktor, which also requires a lot of squinting at times. The real test will be to see how smoothly this works when I'm using Kontakt, Reaktor, et al. within a DAW. Switching resolution back and forth may be awkward, but hopefully adequate until NI gets this issue resolved.

    Let me add, after reading some of the other threads and comments on this topic, I realize the NI developers have a significant amount of work to do to bring these legacy interfaces up to modern GUI standards, and I appreciate all their efforts to create great software. I hope that management will give them the time and resources to do the work we customers are requesting.

  • arranger1977
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    hi dear ni ;)

    I only buy new products again after the old products have received gui-updates. not previously. (larger gui's for driver, rc24, rc48, massive (not massive x), kontakt and reaktor)

  • SH-1
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    Since NI partnered up with iZotope, I should note that iZotope have the exact same issue- Really good DSP but it's so hard to use on a modern system - because at the end of the day their UIs are all tiny for some reason too. Even though they kept making new UIs for years.

  • arranger1977
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    yes izotope has the same issue.

    no matter how difficult it should be to create larger gui's. others also manage what i need and have gained me as a customer, while others have lost me as a customer. everyone gets what he deserves. as simple as that. ;)

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