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    So I have kind of thine these 2 libraries, however if you are hoping to have every kit and pattern broken out into separate browsable files, no chance.

    These libraries are very "heavy" and require a lot of time to load. I have all my UVI libraries on a standard HDD and Soul Bass takes up to 1 minute to load a single instrument. There are alsy the 6 different styles that all have the same presets available to them so does not make sense to export 6x of each preset for each style especially when it takes so long to load if you switch between them. Instead I have a preset selector dial where you can cycle through not just the main instrument preset but also the separate layer presets so once you load one instrument you can change everything about it.

    Same for the Soul Drums, switching kits takes ages, one of the worst things with UVI libraries is their large instruments load so slowly and they don't have any kind of "pre loader" where the main samples load first so you can at least play some parts while the smaller samples load, you have to wait while it loads and this makes some libraries really bad to nav.

    I have created the main kit style presets in both single and Multi output versions but will not be able to export the hundreds of midi pattern setups or kit styles since again, these are the same presets in every kit style and take ages to load. There is the ability to select the kit from a control, will just have to be aware that switching kits can take 30+ seconds to load a kit, faster for SSD based libraries tho.

    These will be released soon

    EDIT: Soul Drums I might make actual kit presets but only for the "Full" style of brush/stick and not the lite kits. If you load a brush kit it doesn't take too long to switch presets really and although you can use a control to switch kits I have found this is actually very unreliable, several times it has just frozen the instrument and fails to load the kit, likely switching between kits fast causes a loading issue, unfortunately there are loads of these limitations I have found with how the UVI plugins work but will see what I can do to make these things useful.

  • JesterMgee
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    Now Available: GForce OB-EZ NKS Library

    GForce OB-EZ NKS library. All presets with full controller map, in-depth tagging and include sound previews and artwork for all keyboard versions.

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    Hi @JesterMgee. Just had a query in relation to your Zenology Pro NKS map and whether it migrates to the Zenology Pro v2 plugin. As Roland updated it and I haven't seen an updated version on your site, I wasn't sure if it needed remapping etc. I could have missed something of course, so let me know when possible.

  • JesterMgee
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    Should work. Otherwise all projects that used any instances of that plugin would stop working too.

    test the demo always to be sure, I don’t use Roland but will update these a little later in the year.

  • Diam
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    Cool. I know they changed up the interface and made a few areas more accessible, though I imagine most of the core parameters are the same. I will however, try out the demo as you suggested and see how I get on.

  • JesterMgee
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    Yeah it will work, I always have to say "should work" because the moment you say something will work it usually doesn't or I find that people have a completely different issue they want help with.

    Usually rule of thumb is when a plugin is updated it is always compatible with what worked before. This is unless the plugin is released as a completely new version or if it is between VST2/VST3.

    I have had feedback it all works as expected but there is some new content available I believe, just need quite a chunk of time to dig through their stuff and see what the latest is so I want to make sure I have most of my other important updates and releases done first.

  • Diam
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    It appears the Zenology demo map does work with version 2. That said only the 5 main macro parameters are available. Is this a feature of the demo or is the full pack the same? Reason I ask is when loading the plugin separately, there are probably 50+ parameters available for CC mapping. Really I am most interested in the preset management as there are so many, but am interested to know if there are more parameters mapped in the Full NKS on your site.

    Demo map

    Plugin loaded without NKS

  • JesterMgee
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    I just cover the main macro controls for Zenology. The issue is the underlying synth edit controls differ between different groups of presets so for Zenology it is too hard to try and make a more in-depth template. I may look and see if there is something I can add when I do some updates tho I recall I gave up on trying to go deeper and personally I don't use the Roland stuff myself, I just purchase the subscription to make/maintain the NKS libraries.

  • Diam
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    Ah ok, that makes sense. Well, whatever works I guess. As I said, preset management is more the focus for this one especially with so many good out of the box presets. The main macro controls are useful nevertheless. With that in mind, probably most relevant for v2 is adding the new ZE banks which are not compatible with v1.

  • JesterMgee
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    Yeah that will be done, I will also look and see if I can add some basic common parameters such as Envelope / Filter or something. See what works and if it is possible to upgrade.

  • Diam
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    Grand. I will keep an eye out.

  • JesterMgee
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    Now Available:

    UVI Aurora NKS Library

    NKS browsing library for Aurora Textured Piano with a detailed in-depth control map for all layers, sound previews, artwork files. These presets can be loaded in either UVI Workstation or Falcon (VST2 or VST3).

    UVI Percussion Factory NKS Library

    This library contains all presets for UVI Percussion Factory in NKS format allowing full browsing, loading and control of all presets from the Maschine and Komplete Kontrol hardware. Presets are provided with a full controller map that covers most of the available controls as well as sound preview files and library artwork. Banks have been created to filter the different kit categories. These presets can be loaded in either UVI Workstation or Falcon (VST2 or VST3).

    UVI Soul Bass NKS Library

    Full NKS library that provides browsing of presets for each different bass style, presets from within each selectable style have been created so as to make browsing each preset with sound previews easy

    Presets have been created for each style of Bass with bank selectors available to select the style. 

    Because this instrument is quite heavy on memory (requiring some time to load presets) there are also mapped controls allowing fast switching of presets once you load the instrument. It is recommended for best loading performance to make sure the UVI library is stored on SSD. 

    UVI Soul Drums NKS Library

    This library contains all presets for UVI Soul Drums with a full controller map that covers most of the available controls as well as sound preview files and library artwork. Presets have been created for each style of kit in both Stereo output and Multi-Channel output versions with bank selectors available to select the style/output mode. 

    Note that this is a pretty heavy memory intensive instrument and switching between kits can take some time. For best results it is recommended to run your UVI library for this instrument from an SSD drive to reduce the time needed to load and switch kits. These presets can be loaded in either UVI Workstation or Falcon

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    Now Available: Cherry Audio CR-78 NKS Library

    Library now available for the Cherry Audio CR-78 Drum Machine plugin offering browsing of all presets with a detailed controller map covering most controls for all channels and also allows access to assign and adjust effects.

    This library includes both single and multi-output versions of the presets as requested allowing you to select which option you want using the bank selector in the NKS browser. It is also possible to browse and filter by the plugin categories using the sub banks.

  • JesterMgee
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    Update: UVI Digital Synsations 1

    An update is available for Digital Synsations 1 both as a standalone instrument and within the Vintage Vault 4 collection that adds an additional 140 arp based presets to the instrument. This can be downloaded via the Vintage Vault 4 bundle or for users of the individual library it can also be downloaded. If users who own the full vintage vault library just want this update but not have to download the full VV download just PM me and I will enable the download of the individual library.

    Update: Vintage Vault 4 Artwork Updates for MK3

    All instrument libraries in the Vintage Vault 4 bundle have also been updated with artwork for the MK3 keyboard display. Each instrument has custom artwork and this is also included in the full Vintage Vault 4 bundle update along with updates to every individual library download in that collection. You will note on the download page for these libraries the updated date (but since it is just a single image update the actual library versions have not been updated.

    Basically, if any library has a date as of 2024, it now includes MK3 artwork so if you have an MK3 keyboard and want the artwork files you can either download the latest library version from your download area or you can grab just the MK3 artwork for all updated libraries HERE

    The following UVI libraries have been updated with MK3 artwork

    • UVI Vintage Vault 4
    • UVI Vintage: Beatbox Anthology 2
    • UVI Vintage: Bitzone
    • UVI Vintage: Cameo
    • UVI Vintage: Darklight IIx
    • UVI Vintage: Digital Synsations 1
    • UVI Vintage: Digital Synsations 2
    • UVI Vintage: Energy
    • UVI Vintage: FM Suite
    • UVI Vintage: Hybrid 6000
    • UVI Vintage: JP Legacy
    • UVI Vintage: Mello
    • UVI Vintage: OB Legacy
    • UVI Vintage: Prime8 Plus
    • UVI Vintage: Program 24
    • UVI Vintage: PX Apollo
    • UVI Vintage: PX V8
    • UVI Vintage: String Machines 1
    • UVI Vintage: String Machines 2
    • UVI Vintage: Super-7
    • UVI Vintage: The Beast
    • UVI Vintage: UltraMini
    • UVI Vintage: UVS-3200
    • UVI Vintage: UVX-10P
    • UVI Vintage: UVX-3P
    • UVI Vintage: UVX-670
    • UVI Vintage: UVX80
    • UVI Vintage: Vector Pro
    • UVI Vintage: Vintage Legends
    • UVI Vintage: WaveRunner

    Other UVI libraries will be updated soon.

  • JesterMgee
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    Now Available: D16 Lush2 NKS Library

    This library covers all single layer and multi layer patches with a custom template for both layer types. Single layer patched cover almost all available controls while multi-layer patches cover most of the common controls needed. Mapping is similar to the previous Lush101 library with a few additions and changes.

    Presets are all tagged with sound previews and artwork files, including artwork for the MK3 keyboards.

    One thing to note with Lush2 is due to the large number of automatable parameters it is required to "enable" controls for automation. This has all been done for you in the NKS presets so saves a lot of time and in the case of the multi-layer presets, I have mapped many parameters already but also pre-enabled a lot of controls just in case it is desired to have more in the template, however I don't want to bloat up the template too much more. If parameters have not been pre-enabled it is unlikely I can add them (easily) to a template update so hopefully it covers what is needed.

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