TRAKTOR PRO Ideas breakdown 2023



  • Sasquai
    Sasquai Member Posts: 9 Member

    So I've come to the realization that unfortunately, some of my wish-list features are gonna take a while.... That said, just having flexible beat grids and stems in Traktor 4 will definitely appease me for a while. I've tried all the other softwares.... and I just can't do it. VDJ is okay but even with its limitations Traktor is so much more enjoyable for me to use that if features I'd like are missing... i guess it just is what it is.

    I also recently decided that before I complain again about this or that, I should probably be able to utilize every feature that does currently exist... I guarantee 99% of Traktor hardware users have overlooked features that they would find extremely useful and might even eliminate the need for features they think they need. I had never dug that deep into the remix decks and now that I have, holy ******, its an amazing tool built in to my S4 and there's nothing else quite like it out there. And it allows me to do things I thought I needed additional hardware or software for... I will say though that learning what I have about using the remix decks, makes the pattern player seem kinda redundant but again, that's probably just cause I haven't fully grasped its capability yet. If there is anyone on here that can honestly say they know every single piece of functionality on their hardware and software, I'd be very surprised. And most likely you'd be mistaken. Sure Trakor isn't perfect, but I'm fine with the imperfections given that the thought of using serato or rekordbox makes me wanna vomit. And it turns out, reading the manual basically just gave me an update I never knew I had.

  • Deejayenzo
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    We've been asking for this for more than 5 years. don't get your hopes up. now we have the new Traktor with lots of patterns 😏. I won't pay for it this time.😌

  • Boogie Louis
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    I love the old remix sets and sequencer. I active them with D2s that are discontinued. Glad I bought 4. I also love the new pattern players. Worth the money. Keep innovating, some will support. Good idea to charge to those who see value for the plus version and not charge a monthly fee for basic version. We need many users on Traktor. It has to be more popular so that there will be more compatible technology to it. For example, Soundswitch, an absolutely amazing light control software, works with other DJ software but they did not bother beign compatible with Traktor. I asked Soundswitch to work on this and will keep pushing for Traktor.

  • sneez
    sneez Member Posts: 3 Member

    Support for Denon sc/lc 6000

  • Sacco Naz
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    The Pattern Player is a Landmark addition... you'd need an external Drum Machine to do what it does natively... it''s awesome !

  • nachopenades
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    edited June 2023

    If you search on youtube or google, you will find a mapping for SC, and another for LC. I do not share the link because they are paid mappings and I do not want to spam.


  • setaquehabla
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    edited June 2023

    With STEMS, it would be great to have a way to send any of the stems to the CUE Channel so we can i.e. prelisten the drum or the vocal part before airing it.

    Also would be interesting to dissociate the time on STEMS, in a way you could loop the drum track, but the vocal could go on, or even have individual CUE jumps or loops for every channel, as well as the general track loops and CUEs.

  • setaquehabla
    setaquehabla Member Posts: 16 Helper

    With LIBRARY

    Use machine learning for knowing:

    • which are the tracks that i use to mix commonly with a track
    • which tracks i don't use to play with, would combine great with a track

    Then have an interactive system of suggestions based on your own history, and library.

    Also, I use an external ID3 editor for batch tagging my files, i.e. select a lot of acid house tracks and batch writing "#acidHouse" on the comment field, but it would be great to have that in Traktor.

  • c242
    c242 Member Posts: 3 Member

    How about Bandcamp support?

  • Mr. Diamond
    Mr. Diamond Member Posts: 2 Member

    Good too see. Ni is sluggish with development But it's smart. I feel taking your time to get it right verse just trying to be at the front gives this company a unnoticed advantage. People are just about what's next and you see it in the production of dj hardware were its over saturated.

    Couple small adjustments can go along way... like a dedicated tab to collapse the global section like the one at the track deck to collapse essential deck view to full. And a group system in a playlist. As your browsing tracks on a dedicated playlist you can click a tab by the song tittle acting as a mini file were you can group edits remixes together of the same track so you do not have 4 of the same title tracks in main list. Hope that made sense.

    Such a simple and handy upgrade. I have been asking for this. Love the term nesting.

  • deejayzett
    deejayzett Member Posts: 1 Member

    Still waiting for video mixing in Traktor.

  • leesinthemix
    leesinthemix Member Posts: 245 Guru

    If you want the SC6000 and SC6000M supported in Traktor, please upvote this thread. We are eight votes short of the required threshold for this feature to be considered for review by the Traktor team.


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