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    I respect @DJDQmusic post. This type of sharing is very valuable for young people. Many messages can be search.

    especially focusing on performing art is very important. One of the biggest problems of our time is that the art we perform is turning into computer mastery. No one cares about it and acts like it's normal. I don't think the demands are for sticking to technology. There's an unfinished technology that's messing things up. People want these to get rid of computer prowess so they can focus on their art.

    listener profiles have changed a lot. Maybe this change has been for the better or for the worse, but we have to be ready for them. Otherwise, I think that visual screens and light shows will take precedence over music and dj artists will be sound workers in the future. I wonder how manufacturers can't see this.

    In 2023 technology:

    we're dealing with mapping controllers.

    We cannot organize our archives, we cannot transfer them wherever we want. (Computer proficiency required.)

    We can't separate layers like vocals and rhythm, they're so bad. (We continue to find them in separate files.)

    You can't do battle mix style with Traktor Pro, it's polarized even in this regard.

    Some guys complain that they can't connect their music on a platform.

    someone comes out and says, “There is no live broadcast, it goes on the air without separation in the sound in the headphones”. No live broadcast audio.

    I am angry about these things. I say it shouldn't be like this.

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    Thanks for the nudge. A note on the browser flickering issue is coming soon.

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    I wonder why, too.

    I can't believe anyone could get smartlists wrong. iTunes has it right. Just do what iTunes does, right?

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    It's vice versa. Every other app gets smartlists wrong. iTunes has this feature but no professional software does.

    Same thing with making playlist folders a playlist containing all tracks contained in the playlists within the folder. Simple thing but incredibly powerful. But only realised in iTunes. I don't get it.

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    This is exactly what we need.

    Now before anyone at NI suggests we may be complicating the UX via GUI, I would really appreciate if the development team update the back-end code to allow for expanded queries in the .nml file

    We need AND / OR boolean logic in brackets for multiple scenarios to work before the GUI can perform as iTunes/ does so let's start there. We will test.

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    @lord-carlos You know it!

    Query-building logic is not difficult for the development team to implement.

    What I would like to know from DEV team is why this cannot be programmatically reflected in the .nml currently. Boolean AND / OR should have been included from the beginning. And, I've read some older posts... I believe it used to be on a much earlier version. To be confirmed though. Maybe an oversight where that code was not included in Traktor Pro 3?

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    Personally, still prefer the dynamic playlist of Traktor DJ 2 over the smart playlist of other DJ and music management software. I have iTunes for windows and Helium 16, Traktor Pro 3, Rekordbox DJ, Serato DJ Pro, Virtual DJ Pro and I Tried Lexicon with really good smart playlist functionality, but it becomes somewhat static. While the dynamic playlist is ever evolving based on the current song playing. With better AI algorithm, dynamic playlist functionality will only get better with a wider range of compatible mix possibility. Just my personal opinion. I am not against smart playlist.

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    When will the next beta for Traktor be available?

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    With the ideas that are not even on the roadmap? Mate that will take years.

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