TRAKTOR PRO Ideas breakdown 2023



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    Thank you for engaging with us.

    We’re an enthusiastic lot, and you should lean on us much, much more.

    We love Traktor and want to see it flourish. 👍🏻

  • 6xes
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    funnily enough i downloaded your DDJ_1000 & BMTP mapping you did with traktor quite some time ago...

    i couldnt wrap my head around how it all worked at the time.... nor do i own a DDJ_1000... i downloaded the mappings in order to make sense of BMTP and what i could possibily utilise within Traktor.

    The knowledge base is a handy resource to view! thanks for providing that link, and thanks for the mapping which i will revisit in good time cheeRs

  • morifasano
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    Add midi command for each song!!!!

  • Boogie Louis
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    edited April 30

    In order to compose live DJ sets, I use two laptop, each of them with Traktor, four decks is not enough... The problem is that there is no way to effectively syncronize the two laptops. I also connect to analog synthesizers and sequencers to Traktor as well as Maschine.

    The problem is that we cannot sync all this equipment with Traktor. Ableton Link has a latency that cannot be modifed, we have to live with slightly off beats, why? Connecting all two Traktors, Maschine and analog instruments through MIDI is not good either because MIDI tempo drifts after a while. Also, when we increase the BPM on Traktor, MIDI does not follow right away, it takes time to adjsut to the new beat and is off for about 15 seconds which is unacceptable.

    Native Instruments and Traktor is supposed to be the software for DJs who compose, modify and create. That is the niche compared to Serato, Rekordbox, etc. I love the Remix Sets and the new Pattern Players, right on! I use them all the time but we need more in 2023. Traktor's niche is the creative DJ who brings live elements. Please help us sync everything and create live.


  • mixedbytheak
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    I don't know if the upcoming flexible grids feature will do this or not, but I'd like to see flexible grids implemented in a way where I can sync a fixed bpm track to a track with a live drummer. Usually the live drummer track gets flattened to fit a fixed grid, I'd like to be able to do the opposite. Let's me mix techno with an acoustic track and the techno track will speed up and slow down with the acoustic track.

  • lord-carlos
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    Aslicer is just uploading a simple text file + authentication. It's miles less complex compared to a streaming service.

    But I agree with you, they already have other streaming services such as beatport link. Showing it's possible.

  • dj_estrela
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    if you set the live drmmer as the master, this will always happen

  • dj_estrela
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    The priority should ony be flexible beatgrids, by far the longest requested feature ever.

  • Doc_Mario
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    What is with the intelligent Playlists? Is this task completed as it is ?? You still can‘t make a query like: list me all tracks between 95 and 105bpm from the genres hiphop, reggaeton & dancehall. This is not really so useful. There should be far more Options imo

  • dj_estrela
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    in the old forum I made a really simple suggestion to have two static levels of AND/OR queries

    instead, the developers at the time wanted to do the really complex recursive queries, fully generalized.

    without surprise this went nowhere, and users were left with the bare minimum v0.1 implementation now.

  • lord-carlos
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    It's mentioned in the post?

    They claim the UI would get too complex :( They could make it optional.

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