Denon SC6000/SC6000M HID Support PLEASE UPVOTE

Hi, due to Traktor dev team requests in the master Denon Prime thread, we need to have a dedicated thread to request HID support for INDIVIDUAL Denon units in the prime series.

THIS is the thread for the SC6000/SC6000M media players. PLEASE UPVOTE!!!

Original Thread

Traktor Dev response

"Hi @leesinthemix thank you for posting this idea. We just published a review of top voted ideas here and I'd like to give you an update that the status of this idea has not changed because the TRAKTOR product team has requested that we split this request into individual one for each of the mentioned devices instead.

Passing on a feedback from the TRAKTOR product team here:

Integrating 3rd party HW over HID requires serious development effort. And while it's our goal to increase our portfolio of 3rd party HW integrations over the next few years, we have to cautiously choose which devices.

We'd appreciate it if you can split this request into individual threads for each of the devices so that others can vote. Thank you!"

65 votes

In Review · Last Updated

Congrats, your idea has received 30 votes in under 3 months. We'll bring it up to the TRAKTOR team for a review.


  • BenGray
    BenGray Member Posts: 7 Member

    Push it Up to collect votes ;-)

  • Elvis Lewis
    Elvis Lewis Member Posts: 3 Member

    Yes please do this...

  • leesinthemix
    leesinthemix Member Posts: 245 Guru

    Thanks for all your votes, this feature request has now been approved for review with the Traktor team.

  • proben
    proben Member Posts: 1 Member

    How do I add my vote? Definitely would love to see this soon.

  • frankle
    frankle Member Posts: 16 Helper

    Adding in my vote, very happy to see more Denon/Rane/Other hardware support since news of a major player in the industry that's trying to buy another major player ... if you get my drift!

    DJ COSMODE Member Posts: 2 Member

    Adding in my vote, We need this integration please! 

  • iamLodin
    iamLodin Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    At this point... it's safe to say this won't happen. Serato it is.

  • leesinthemix
    leesinthemix Member Posts: 245 Guru

    Hey guys,

    I've been in contact with NI several times about this and they simply don't seem to care.

  • DjLoran
    DjLoran Member Posts: 8 Member

    They don’t care about this, they simply evict you when you ask them about Denon SC6000 / LC6000 integration.

    Someone told me and showed me a exclusivity contract with Pioneer about this stuff, and now I think this is a very true story.

    Shame on you Native Instruments, this company will lose a lot of users because of this, I have switched to Serato just because of this integration not happening and I think it will never happen.

  • leesinthemix
    leesinthemix Member Posts: 245 Guru

    Even if they're deciding not to do it, replying with language like "shame on you" is a bit farfetched mate

    This is DJ software. They aren't running a hospital ffs, get a grip.

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