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    I can't tell atm. Sometimes a search result is only meaningful if it comes up in a certain section, but IIRC I can narrow it down to individual forums later, right?

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    Why can't I both like a post and mark it as Insightful?

    Also, counting likes and insightful this way, e.g. "You, and X others" would keep me from having to press Like/Insightful just to find out I already clicked on that already previously.

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    Hey everyone,

    Thank you all for your feedback. We know this has been quite the change and we're super excited to see you're all so invested in the this platform and shared so many great ideas / improvements.

    We compiled everything and we are currently working on checking what we could improve ourselves in the next few weeks and where our platform provider needs to step in. There will be a lot of changes in the coming quarters as we are getting a ton of improvements on our provider's side and we are rolling out styling / structural changes ourselves as well.

    The idea is to have a feedback thread like this one every quarter so we can capture your opinion and iterate. We'll be sharing what has been added to our community roadmap pretty soon.

    For those interested, here are the most requested improvements (+ who needs to implement). Please keep in mind that we received closed to 40 individual suggestions and the list here is just the very top. We will have to prioritize specific items over others and the dates are subject to change.

    • Quotes (provider): The "rich" quotes are far from ideal as it does not allow flexibility at all. For example, we do not have the ability to quote a specific part of a comment. This has been escalated to our provider and is part of a bigger round of improvement for our editor scheduled for Q2-Q3.
    • Signature (community team): Enabling signatures across the entire community
    • Hardware / Software details (community team / provider): Adding more profile fields to capture specific set-up and listing specs on the discussion level (either in a footer or via signature).
    • Dark mode (community team / provider): speaks for itself. We will have to wait a bit longer than anticipated for this to be implemented as Q2 is going to see some pretty major changes in terms of theming.
    • Accepted & Best Answers styling (community team): Add CSS styling to make accepted answers more visible at a glance.
    • Roles & Rank styling (community team): Add CSS styling to make them more visible at a glance and highlight highly ranked users across our community.

    Other notable mentions: improvement of our notification systems, ability to unsubscribe from a thread, mark all community as read, back to the top of the page (button).

    Keep an eye for our updates and the next round of community feedback starting first week of Q2.

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