The Ultimate Magic Way to get your Reaktor Stuff running on Native Instruments Maschine+

kinskop Member Posts: 15 Sine

Hey there...

...since there is a lot of confusion if it's possible to load Reaktor User Ensembles into the Maschine+, I thought I'd invest some time and write a propper Tutorial about it. Because it is possible and it works very well. I sure hope you find it useful. It's a bit more reading content then I expected but if you are already a tiny bit into the topic, I guess you can skip the whole intro part...

I would like to use this thread for further discussion and questions. And hopefully I'm not the only one ready to give some answers. Help each other out 👨‍🎓




  • kuenala
    kuenala Member Posts: 4 Sine

    Wow, thank you for this extensive post and the documentation. Will give it a go!

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