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NKS User Library



  • Vagus
    Vagus Member Posts: 136 Advisor

    The previous VST2 version has a user library created for it, but the switch to VST3 makes this difficult unless you're using VST3Shell or something similar.

    Added to this, the VST2 was readable by PresetMagician, which is incredibly handy when the parser works to pull in presets and tags to make life easier. This was possible on the VST2, but not the VST3.

    There are lots of presets, so this would be a long and arduous task, for the very few people who use a shell for VST3 - hence why I've not moved on much with my work on Equator 2.

  • s_aizawa
    s_aizawa Member Posts: 7 Member

    Hi Nozama,

    Initially I did it manually, but somehow I found a way to automate the process of naming and tagging presets and creating previews. The key is using .db file in Arcade folder. I set up ODBC interface with it and directly import a lot of information from it into my own database, like preset names, bank names, sound preview directory, taggs, description and all others., and set up scripts to automate things.

    If you are really interested, I can show the process in more details ;-)

  • JanusOfficial
    JanusOfficial Member Posts: 3 Member

    omg id love to learn how you did this all. seriously.

  • Kymeia
    Kymeia Member Posts: 748 Guru
    edited February 2022

    Surge VST2 is in the NKS User Library dropbox repository (follow link in first post) already but Surge VST3 version doesn't work in KK yet (the latest is Surge XT)

  • CubaseThomas
    CubaseThomas Member Posts: 29 Member

    Just found this generous gift from The Unfinished: https://theunfinished.co.uk/free/

    He is giving away 900 patches for free ("Twelve Twelve" for Massive and Absynth)! It's the 10th anniversary of his company!

    And there is even more free stuff on this site!

    Maybe someone could make it ready for NKS? That would be wonderful! Thank you very much! :-)

  • Onj
    Onj Member Posts: 8 Member

    Doesn't need to be made NKS-ready. By default, *any* Massive, Massive X, FM8 or Absynth pack expose the parameters of the individual presets to Komplete Kontrol.

    Just dump the presets into your documents/Native Instruments/User Content folder, rescan and you're good to go.

    I got these yesterday, even made a quick demo using those sounds, no external effects:


  • Daniel
    Daniel Member Posts: 16 Member

    Hey guys, does anyone have the NKS presets and previews for Aalto by Madrona Labs? In the old forum there was a link to that which unfortunately is down now …

  • Vagus
    Vagus Member Posts: 136 Advisor

    Do you mean this link to @Kymeia 's User Library?

    Dropbox – NKS User Library

  • Christos Adamos
    Christos Adamos Member Posts: 95 Advisor

    Dawesome Abyss NKS

    Fantastic synth for soundscapes (and not only) with lots of possibilities.

    Abyss needs the VST3Shell, since the plugin is VST3 only.

    All presets are tagged and previews included

    Thanks to Peter from Dawesome for his help and Frank Potulski for VST3Shell

  • Daniel
    Daniel Member Posts: 16 Member

    Thanks for this link but you only find the default preset in there for Aalto, so if anyone has all the presets and previews, please let me know! As I found in the old forum someone has already done all the work …

  • Kymeia
    Kymeia Member Posts: 748 Guru
    edited February 2022

    Yeah it’s just a template - I did make and release NKS versions of my 3 Aalto banks but never got round to the factory patches and afaik no one else has either

    I guess that’s because when I open Aalto it just invites you to do sound design so I never really explored the factory presets - just made loads of my own patches

  • CubaseThomas
    CubaseThomas Member Posts: 29 Member
  • Daniel
    Daniel Member Posts: 16 Member

    I received an answer from reFX support … Unfortunately there is no NKS support for many Nexus 3 banks … As my method is quite time consuming, I wouldn't find the time to do all the missing presets and previews myself … But is there anyone out here that has already done all Nexus 3 presets? And if not, could anyone (maybe @JesterMgee or @s_aizawa) imagine to do all the missing presets?

    I would pay for it …

  • JesterMgee
    JesterMgee Member Posts: 1,235 Expert

    Ha, yeah that about sums up developers approact to NKS... They are only interested to add it if it benefits their sales which is fair enough, can't expect developers to invest a heap of time and effort just for users benefit I guess. Makes things a bit of a mess tho. I developed NKS for Nexus 2 then found out they would be adding NKS support for N3.

    I actually helped them do that and also tested and wrote up the whole manual for N3 but when NKS was released I was a little disappointed in it as it missed even some controls I had for Nexus 2 and the tagging was even more basic than I had managed to automatically tag (and was working through deeper hand tagging).

    I asked about better tagging and possible improvements to the NKS files and was told tagging wouldn't be improved as it was a manual job and they just didn't have the time or interest in it. I ended up deleting the official NKS support and went back to my own NKS files in the end as they ended up better (IMO)

    It's not possible to add additional NKS for Nexus 3 because for some reason, the save option is greyed out (was not for N2 and no idea why this is now not possible):

    It's really annoying TBH because if developers are not going to maintain or do things correctly they shouldn't bother at all in the first place. Seems it was only added in the most basic sense so they could be featured on the NI partners list for more exposure.

    In any case, I am not able to add NKS support for any more expansions and not really able to invest in new expansions, I don't use 95% of the ones I have at the moment.

  • CubaseThomas
    CubaseThomas Member Posts: 29 Member

    Thank you for the info!

    I would be very happy if someone could also create the previews for these great banks some day! That would be even more accessible! Thank you so much!

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