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  • Jesse1977
    Jesse1977 Member Posts: 3 Member

    Hey Neda and team. After years of being inactive, I'm now picking up songwriting and producing again. I have a lot of NI instruments and a S88 keyboard, but still have to dive in. As a pop/rock/country songwriter, I can shine a little light of what new things I like to see.

    • A "Guitar Colors" instrument (I suggested this before and chances are that you are already working on some of this.) With some kind of amp feedback generator, for controllable, programmable feedback sounds. Plus soundscapes and reverse sounds. (Similar to the Apollo cinematic guitars software from Vir2.)
    • More country-pop guitar instruments, like a: Slide/ Lap steel and Resonator guitar for extensive Nashville vibes would be cool.
    • A harmonica (mouth harp) would be a nice addition too. There aren't many great ones and I know NI will nail this!

    That's all I can think off now. My main genre is Rock and to keep rock music from dying all (guitar) tools are more than welcome!

    Oh, one more thing! Adding the drag and drop MIDI feature to earlier Session Guitarist releases would be awesome! (I know from a previous reply that it takes a lot of extra programming and updating, but I think making this a priority would be so helpful for a lot of users.)

  • Dave k
    Dave k Member Posts: 1 Member

    Hi Neda, I've been composing & producing music using NI software for many years now, as standalone instruments & also with VST2 & 3 plugins in Reason DAW, so I'd be more than happy to help in any way possible.

    Dave (Charles & The Fury)

  • randybobandy
    randybobandy Member Posts: 4 Member
    edited January 15

    Hi Neda

    I would be very happy to help. I have used Kontakt for many years now and use it on a daily basis in many different ways. I have created a number of my own instruments using loops and samples. I would love to talk to you about many things, for example about how NI might create a number of various templates with nice graphics etc to enable users with no coding experience to be better able to create their own libraries. Currently it is quite complex to set up various things, so it would be great to have an easier to use back end. Also having a way to customise the GUI would be useful.

    I spend some of my time professionally reviewing Kontakt instruments and I also consult with various developers on their products in the Kontakt platform. I also work in education and exploring how NI products can be more accessible to young people and a better tool for introducing them to music production and sample library creation is a passion of mine I would love to share with you.


  • Jackson
    Jackson Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    I would really love if you guys could make Maschine a full fledged DAW.

  • milostnik
    milostnik Member Posts: 1 Member

    Hi there,

    I would like to give feedback to the more simple setups, like Traktor + Z1.



  • David Das
    David Das Member Posts: 8 Member

    Hi all. I've been an NI user since the very beginning, about 2001 where I was one of the first to take the B4 on the road in a laptop, and participated in Kontakt 1 alpha! Today I use Kontakt (as well as other NI products) daily in my film scoring. I'm always happy to chat about user issues and help brainstorm or troubleshoot!

  • Nesbett
    Nesbett Member Posts: 8 Member

    I really think was not pushed enough. It was really cool for me to download a sound pack and it was integrated with my Komplete Kontrol or Maschine . Please bring it back.

  • Syncopator
    Syncopator Member Posts: 21 Member

    All instruments, in every genre, should have a randomization button for presets. Instruments are shipping with more and more presets (typically hundreds) and it's excruciating to have to step through them sequentially. To help us find inspiration more quickly, please make a randomization button standard on ALL PRODUCTS. Thanks.

  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,833 Pro

    I have some ideas that may improve Kontakt!

    Feature Ideas for upcoming Kontakt 7.7.4. update! — Community (

    And I also pointed out a bug inside Kontakt.

    MIDI Transpose not working properly. — Community (

    Kontakt is still the best thing that ever happened to me in my musical life!

    LPKEYS Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    Hi Neda and NI team,

    I've got about 450 libraries that play in Kontakt.


    My only wish is that Kontakt, the software program, update faster when there are new OS updates - Mac or Win!

    Thanks, and I'd be interested in learning more.

    Linda Palm

    Circle Dot Studio

  • brucemc
    brucemc Member Posts: 2 Member

    Hi Neda! I’ve been an NI user since 2019 just before I partially retired in 2020. I worked as an engineer for a networking company and interfaced with the product development teams, so I’m used to providing feedback. I’m currently using Komplete 14 Ultimate along with the Komplete S88 Mk2 keyboard. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Vinnipee
    Vinnipee Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Hi Neda I’m a NI user for a few years I use my machine+ as a sound module with two controllers keyboards what I would love to be able to split the keyboard to use different sounds on the fly

  • Andreas Rethwisch
    Andreas Rethwisch Member Posts: 1 Member

    I've been familiar with and have used NI products for years, Kontakt was the first one I used. I do think there's room for improvement.

    I do feel that play assistent tools have been sorely missing in Native Instruments software. From being completely missing to for instance the not so great randomization options in Maschine, there's a lot I think can be improved.

    I also think that as a multisampler Kontakt just feels a little unintuitive or uninviting? I tend to grab different software if I want to build my own instruments, although those also have their issues.

    I do quite enjoy using Kontakt as a multi instrument. As it is I think that's what Kontakt's strong point is, picking sounds and layering them, though there might still be room for improvement.

  • Simon A. Billington
    Simon A. Billington Member Posts: 26 Member

    Kontakt workflow, multi-instruments, play assistant instruments, loops and samples.

    While I don't use any Kontakt hardware, I do have a possibly unique process and interesting take on my approach to working with instruments in general, which includes NI products.

    Integral to all this would be the combined use of Logic patches, for recalling small combinations of different instruments, and the use "keyword filters" and "favourites" that is built inside many of these to help me find and shortlist sounds more quickly.

    What I can't find in a relatively short time I end up designing...

    On the synth side I'm just starting to get into Reaktor, which is among a couple of other "go-tos". On the sample side its Logic's Quick Sampler, Sampler and Alchemy. Their key advantage being the simplicity and immediacy of the interface and that you can seamlessly transition from one to the other if you need more powerful features.

    Unfortunately, Kontakt's sample editing is plagued with small windows, small fonts at least on a 5k. monitor and it is busy with many elements that aren't necessarily useful when you are looking for fast and immediate. Kontakt would need some usability improvements before I got serious with using it as a main sampler.

    I'm very much into streamlined workflows and usability and do have plenty of ideas I'd like to share to help you improve your products, not just with Kontakt either. Actually, I'm almost never short on ideas. There's always something to be done, something that needs improving.

  • Neda_NI
    Neda_NI Product Team Posts: 3 mod

    WOW! I'm so happy to see so many people getting involved!

    I will reach out to you via DM in the next few days and am super curious to hear more from and about you all!


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