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Hi everyone, I'm Neda and I am the research manager for the product team here at NI. I have been with the company for 2 years now and I am currently trying to expand our research and product testing. Usually I help our team with research for products we are developing, testing them in the early stages and gathering user sentiments to be able to create products that our users will like and feel inspired to use.

I would love to have 1on1 remote interviews to really have the opportunity to hear your feedback on new products that we are developing, and also get to know you on a more personal level. 

We are looking to get in contact with people that love music and music production, the full spectrum of it!  

In particular, we want to chat with creators that are familiar with the Kontakt workflow: Maybe you use any play assistant tools when you create and produce music, work with multi-instruments in your workflow or have experience with other products than just NI products? 

If you are interested in being part of shaping future products and want to talk to us it would be great if you could leave a comment on how you use and what your thoughts are on:

Kontakt workflow, multi-instruments, play assistant instruments, loops and samples.

I will send you a DM to get in touch with you if you express interest in talking to us, and yes we do compensate for your time talking to us about NI products! 

Super excited to hear from you!



  • AChild
    AChild Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    NI + 3rd party Kontakt instruments Komplete ultimate products to u-he or Arturia. Use samples, loops but also like creating them. Make music in a plethora of genres. Overall experience has been great. The changes over the years can sometimes be challenging but that’s apart of change.

  • THNDs
    THNDs Member Posts: 3 Member

    I’m an obsessed hobbyist who makes music each and every day. Kontakt & Reaktor are used in every project. If NI was interested, I would be only too pleased to add my perspective

  • yigit34
    yigit34 Member Posts: 8 Member

    Hello, I would like to make some suggestions for Traktor Pro3. I and most DJs like me do not use Traktor Pro3 due to some shortcomings. The first of these is that there is no separate section for automix in the program, and the second is that when we search, we have to select the file we will search for each time instead of searching throughout the computer. Additionally, the entire computer analysis process should be made easier, if any. (for example: when we right-click on the disk and select the analyze option, it should analyze the entire disk, even if it takes days)Thus, Traktor Pro 3 can be used not only by DJs who make music in clubs, but also by DJs who make music in individual and corporate organizations.

  • Bats8043
    Bats8043 Member Posts: 3 Member

    I use komplete 14 a lot in my music production and enjoy not only having many different samples to choose from, but also creating sounds myself within many of komplete 14's Synths. NI and other 3rd party instruments have been a huge part of my workflow and are present in the vast majority of my projects. I would love to give feedback on NI products and share my experiences with them.

  • aymat
    aymat Member Posts: 1 Member

    Longtime NI user (early 2ks) and 10+ year Maschine user. Not sure how much input I could provide that hasnt already been expressed but I'm happy to offer whatever feedback I can, specifically in the Maschine / sampling environment.

  • zzzkkk
    zzzkkk Member Posts: 1 Member

    I use traktor pro and I have SEVERAL complains about the interface.. a lot of things makes no sense at all and makes my experience terrible. I would love to make videos explaining my points to improve the tool.

  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 217 Pro

    Hello, I'm an NI user for more then 20 years, mainly using Guitar Rig and currently looking into the possibilities to use Maschine as my primary tool in which I intergrate Guitar Rig and Kontakt. I want to combine the looper in GR with the scenes in Maschine where I use a foot controller to shift between these scenes. This should give me a lot of flexility as I'm not limited to GR only.

  • 24hrDJ
    24hrDJ Member Posts: 1 Member

    Hi, would love to talk to someone about your DJ controllers and Sw. I do a regular radio show and have been using traktor since v1.0! I love the brand but believe some small changes could make a huge impact :)

  • overlord25
    overlord25 Member Posts: 17 Member

    Hi Neda,

    I've been involved in promoting the accessibility of Komplete Kontrol and NKS based products to the blind & visually impaired music community since 2016.

    I have thoughts on the NKS system & the approvals process which I would happily discuss

    Chris -


  • atomsapart
    atomsapart Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Hello! I've been using Kontakt with komplete and 3rd party libraries from Output and others for about 10 years. I currently have Standard 14 and use it for my band and also making tracks for independent artists.

    I've been involved with beta testing for a number of companies (DAW and VST) and would love to get involved in any capacity!

  • reffahcs
    reffahcs Member Posts: 799 Pro

    Relatively new NI user, since September 2023. I don't do anything super fancy, I mostly just play for my own enjoyment. I'm fairly computer savvy (I work in cybersecurity) and I'd be happy to talk about my experiences as a new to NI user. I try to stay active in the forum helping out people who are also new to the NI world.

  • Stemphonyx
    Stemphonyx Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Hi Neda,

    I would be happy to participate and share how I use Maschine mk3, komplete kontrol together with tools from other brands. I think Maschine could improve on the side of integrating with komplete kontrol and other plugins such as serum and such. I really enjoy using Maschine and i would love to see it becomes mature enough to be used consistently in liveset and concerts.

    if you would like to get in touch I am available.


  • Patch
    Patch Member Posts: 224 Pro

    I would LOVE to get involved in any development/discussions for any current or future DJ hardware/software products.

    I've DJ'd for 25+ years, and have used Traktor extensively for 10+ having tried other DJ software.

    I also produce (edits and remixes, mostly) and use Ableton Live for that. Interested in integrations with Live, too.

  • LostInFoundation
    LostInFoundation Member Posts: 4,043 Expert
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    Since the request seems limited to Kontakt, one argument that could be interesting is the discrepancy between what Kontakt fundamentally is (a sampler with all the tools to create our own instruments) and how it’s practically used by most of its users (to simply open instruments already premade by the industry).

    What leads to this? Is it too complex for the vaste majority? Can it be made simpler (see Maschine autosampler)? Are users not interested?

    Another topic you already mentioned is the increasingly use by producers of play assistant tools. We have it in Komplete Kontrol (although very limited compared to concurrent programs… Scaler 2, Captain Plugins, the newly released BLEASS Arpeggiator, just to name few) but not in Kontakt. Since the focus of the new iteration of NKS seems to be to allow the use of Kontakt without the need of KK, introducing Play assistant directly to it could be a good move.

    And of course…an improved version. Why NI doesn’t expand simple features is still puzzling me…like increasing the number of chord sets (or even better allowing users to add their own) or augmenting the choices in the arpeggiator (up, down, up/down is really too limited). I frankly don’t understand: the features are already there…not increasing them (since it doesn’t require a big amount of job) is something out of my comprehension. Even because NI could also try to sell them (we have sounds expansions, why not chord expansions, midi expansions,…?). Not the best option, imo, since giving them for free to the users asking for them from a long time could be seen as the company finally caring for the users and listening to them…and therefore a good return in image (as said, without the need for big investments, if not barely 0 investment).

    Just few ideas, but some that I hope could show how NI could easily improve if only closer to user’s needs

  • cazco
    cazco Member Posts: 46 Member

    Hey Neda and the NI team. I have been using Traktor since it’s inception and NI products for nearly 25 years. It would be a huge help if you could make a 4 track DJ controller that fits hand luggage size. For the travelling DJ the S4 has to be checked in and is just a bit too big. I designed my dream controller based on your hardware. I’d be happy to share it with you and offer any other thoughts on Traktor, Komplete etc.

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