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    I’m more like an average user, but happy to help

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    I think I may have even contacted NI before, willing to share my my ideas for the simple hope of seeing some of these features integrated into upcoming Traktor products, but here are just a few off the top off my head from a 25 year DJ going from vinyl to vinyl + Serato to Traktor and S4 Mk1 when it debuted, then S4 MK2, an currently S4 MK3/F1. The looping/beat jumping feature of the S4 is the biggest reason I have stuck with Traktor. Never eliminate that please! Like almost everyone else I want live stem separation (primarily for isolating/eliminating vocals) and flexible beat-gridding. The S4 MK3 is a great controller, but having one with a larger footprint/jogwheels/hotcue buttons would be ideal. Either a 4 deck version (4 moving jog wheels or stand-alone individual extra S4 decks to make it a 3-4 deck setup would be killer. Controlling LED colors would be outstanding, like your newest DJ controller. I custom midi-mapped a Novation Launchpad to have buttons I wish existed on the S4, and they could with a bigger controller: Waveform zoom in and out (for each channel), set and delete beat marker grid buttons, x 2 tempo BPM and x 1/2 tempo BPM (each channel), key lock on/off (each channel), X-fader on/off (each channel), record your set on/off button. I mapped the other 1/2 of my Launchpad to control hotcues/set as master/sync/play/etc for decks C/D, but want dedicated rotating jog-wheels.. Playing more than tracks at once is difficult having to toggle back and forth. Having more USB and/or USB-C plug-ins on the back would be great. Having encoders for all 4 FX banks instead (I'm currently using a Midi-Fighter Twister with Twisted Gratitude mapping for 4 FX bank control). Having some blank mappable encoders and buttons could be a really cool thing. Oh, and a big gripe I have is when I discovered that no matter what I could not use the controller in external mixing mode even using 3rd party plugins to individually externally route separate channels (A/B/C/D) into another program (I tried with Ableton Live) so I can record each channel separately while recording a mix... which I want to do for post-processing edits to one particular track playing on a channel instead of just the mixed main output signal. The problem with that, is I can't DJ from my headphones from the S4 to hear the mix in external mixing mode, as that section gets greyed out in "settings". Also, I find it really difficult to keep the peak channel volume where I want it with the digital channel monitors.. regardless of limiters, settings within Traktor. Having a way to dial in the ideal track volume and save it with metadata (look into how Serato does this) would be great. Using Mixed in Key and Platinum Notes, but they aren't enough to remedy this either. I need to adjust the peaks and save them within Traktor. Additional 1/4" and XLR outs would be a nice touch with a larger controller too. Heavy duty X-Faders like Innofader for example, as an option at least would be killer. I'm sure there are plenty of other ideas I forgot to mention off the top of my head, but all of this integrated together would be the ultimate Traktor controller + DJ software setup. I've thought about crowd-sourcing a beat looping/jumping controller similar to the S4 setup since it's far and away the best, so I could use Serato for the stems separation and elastic beat-grid features and move away (sadly) from Traktor. Please make my last for the last several years happen, and please reach out if I could assist you as a consultant from product development ideas with Traktor. I gave you my top wish list with high hopes and fingers crossed for the next phase of Traktor.

    Brett B

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    @Neda_NI I would love to give my suggestions and support to the NI team. I have lots of ideas on how improvements can be made. far as Kontact is concerned I think it’s a great multi instrument player ( I have an idea to add dimension) I don’t use play assist, but I’ll investigate and install to see what’s going on as it’s definitely interesting. As far as loops and samples go, (which I like) I believe they can be improved on, but I rarely use (but there is a reason for this) as I’m basically a Trap producer. I’d love to be a part of this conversation.

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    Hi @Neda_NI - I'm a hobbyist producer, just doing this for fun. I use Komplete, and Kontakt is probably the most essential part of that. I estimate NI stuff powers about 50% of my tracks in a session. I admit, I probably don't use it in an advanced way (mostly single instances rather than multi's. In a way, I see it as an instrument to use initially for presets and then to go more advanced once I understand it more. I like the Kontakt workflow overall, and I particularly rate and use the Play Series in my productions. What I like about these instruments is how, when you get a Komplete bundle, you often find ideas in odd places. For example I use Deft Lines (which is a Drill library) in some Future Garage inspired sounds. My other comment is I like how NI caters for some off kilter and darker electronic genres not catered for elsewhere. The other big use I have of Kontakt is band style instruments. Specifically, I find myself layering bass parts (eg: one from Komplete Kontrol and one from Kontakt) with Kontakt best for recorded sounds like an amped bass guitar for example.

    For loops and samples, I currently have a folder in XLN XO pointed at my expansions and it's a great way of using a software to discover new sounds. I would like to see a way of using kits and expansions for those of us that don't use Maschine maybe natively within Kontakt somehow. And I'd also like to see intelligent suggestions for similar sounds (eg: see Arturia's "similar presets" functionality.)

    I have tried using Expansion samples via Komplete Kontrol and it felt a little unwieldy having a sample sat within a wrapper like that. Using Ableton I tend to just manually place and chop samples in the Arrangement View as this makes the most of the power of Ableton's audio manipulation capabilities.

    If I'm able to contribute in a way that's helpful, I'd be happy to.

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    Long time user (Komplete) products and a lot of Kontakt libraries, many from 3rd party developers. I use Kontakt libraries within the context of large templates and projects ranging from orchestral, hybrid to electronic and other styles.

    I am mainly concerned about Kontakt's performance within large templates or projects among a homogeneous mixture of various libraries and plugins.

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    Hello friends, I am very new to this business and I bought Komplete 14 Collectors Edition 10 days ago. But while downloading, I cannot download it to the external hard disk which is 2 TB, the files are downloaded to the computer and there is no free space on the computer. I want to download it to an external disk. How can I do this? I would be very happy if you help me.

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    Hi! Even if you want to install the products on an external hard drive, the download and install process requires some temporary extra space on your internal hard drive (or 'system drive').

  • D-One
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    Make a thread in the Native Access forum and ask for help. This thread has it's own topic.

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    Owned Komplete since version 2. regular Kontakt user, and Reaktor. I’ve owned Rig Kontrol, Maschine Studio and Kore 2 in the past currently own Komplete Kontrol s88 mkll. I think it’s a great thing that NI is reaching out to ask users questions and get feedback. As a long standing customer I would be happy to help.

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    Komplete user for many years, running 14 Ultimate at the moment, just got into the komplete stuff with a mk3 keyboard. Long time making music since the Atari ST days of sequencing. Have used/still use most Native Instruments stuff, regular user of play series stuff. Collaborated all over the world on a variety of genres Rock/Pop/Soul/Soul etc. Signed under various guises as a House/techno artist. Demoed stuff for Virsyn (vocoder) and Alchemy back in the day. Still use Arturia/UVI/IK Multimedia/Toontrack/Spectrosonics stuff all the time. Happy to chat :)

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    Only been producing for about 4 years now, I exclusively produce in Maschine 2, using Native Instrument products primarily and compatible software. Probably one of the few who uses a Tascam Model 12 as an interface (forgive me native gods for not using the six had a second gen one time). I currently use the Jam, Maschine +, KK S61 MK3. I do my live sampling and scratching from Reloop turntables. Plugin Alliance, Izotope, Serato, and Waves help out a lot. Using the Collectors edition of Komplete 14. Still looking to improve and get a better sound while learning the software, I do have Cubase but have yet to figure out how to integrate Maschine and it. I watched countless tutorials but find it wayyyy easier to use Maschine as my exclusive daw. I guess I haven't been producing long enough to see the need. I do notice some small things of not being able to freely drop certain things in but I guess I have to unlock the grid. All in all, I'm learning. I would say I am waiting on transport control with the S61 MK3, and overall better workflow/ Integration with Maschine I was shocked that it didn't have like exclusive Kontrol but I'm just waiting for updates I guess. I find it annoying that scrolling on the keyboard opens with no prompts on Maschine and that it doesn't always update probably like Maschine will be operating properly and the keyboard will be doing its own thing. I guess it is confused if it is supposed to just be midi or operating the program. I can scroll all day in Komplete Kontrol on it but if I upload a sound Maschine title has no change but the program will change the sound and you have to open it up to see what instrument it is. They just need to get on the same accord.

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    I've used Komplete since version 2 and am using several NI hardware controllers on a daily basis (Komplete Kontrol S61 Mk2, Maschine Mk3, Maschine Jam, Traktor X1 Mk1). In addition, I've been using the iZotope Music production suite for a number of years now.

    However, over the last year I've stopped upgrading both, my NI and iZotope product lines for the time being, since NI's product development strategy has shifted.

    If you're interested about more details of my historical and current sentiments and what it would take to win me back as a customer, I'd be happy to spend some quality time with you, since for many years NI was one of the most cherished parts of my music making journey.

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    First, some background info. I'm using Kontakt 6 and KK2 in my DAW, since both Kontakt 7 and KK3 are both still giving me major UI grief. I own hundreds of virtual instruments including those in Komplete CE 14 and Arturia V Collection, and many titles from Impact Soundworks, Sonic Couture, Sound Iron, Spitfire Audio, etc. Maschine MK3 acts as my ASIO audio interface, KK S61 MK2 is my main keyboard controller, with a Studiologic 88 hammer action controller and a ROLI Seaboard 49 for achieving poly aftertouch and MPE input. I have used PC DAWs and pro audio PCI cards for digital recording since the mid 90s.

    I use both multiple DAW tracks and Kontakt multi-instrument building to create heavily layered sounds for recording and live performance, sometimes pushing the limits of the Maschine MK3's ASIO interface and my Ryzen 7950X3D CPU. I do not use premade loops and only use one-shot premade phrases when an instrument's current tech cannot achieve the desired articulation. I have always been interested in creating new samples within Kontakt and know how to do it, but time constraints and priority have not allowed for it. Recent changes in Kontakt and KK have impacted my workflow and production ability, especially with mulit-instrument usage. I would be interested in knowing what directions you are considering with workflow and multis going forward, and giving my thoughts on the matter.

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    Hi, iv'e been working with music tech since the 80's, I have public hire recordings studio For 26 years.

    I'm a singer/songwriter, producer, also produce music for TV and radio (BBC).

    I'm a current artist (DUBNINE),

    And I have a record and publishing company.

    Workflow through Kontakt is important.

    I might be able to help

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