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  • IanTrader
    IanTrader Member Posts: 5 Member

    Hi Neda - Great KK fan since I diiscovered it around version 8. Have KK Ult 14. Use it in virtually every project along with Kontakt and 3rd party instruments and plugins. Have a degenerative eye condition so many thoughts on the overall accessibility off NI hardware and software.


  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 2,689 mod

    Im not a Kontakt super pro but use it a lot, I wouldn't mind giving feedback at all.

  • 2ndMOUSE
    2ndMOUSE Member Posts: 2 Member

    I'm leaving an opinion but I'm not interested in a remote interview.

    I once saw NI as an innovator, and NI was my favourite developer. I bought Komplete 10 and it was full of innovative tools, and actual synths like FM8, Massive ( which are still TINY and need a resizable UI and now sell for £10......are you mad ??? ) Absynth ( which has now been discontinued ) and amazing things like Form, Rounds, Monark, Molekular, Reaktor, Kontakt, Guitar Rig and on and on ...........but now all we get, are libraries of samples. I won't update komplete until NI again returns to the innovative genius it was once renowned for. The content you're putting out now, feels lazy. It just seems to be padding out Komplete. Rather than update Absynth, FM8, Massive give us hundreds of GB of samples. I personally don't want that. It's all nicely packaged with great artwork, but it's not breaking any ground, and that's the thing I miss the most. I see other developers introducing innovative products, and NI have fallen behind.

    Also, why on earth would you discontinue Maschine Jam ? It's an incredible interface. I own maschine mk 2 and a maschine mikro, and the Jam is easily the most tactile, and capable of so much more with it's 64 pads, as opposed to the 16 of every other iteration of Maschine.

  • Reefius
    Reefius Member Posts: 238 Pro

    Does anyone actually believe all that nonsense from the OP about NI doing it all for their users? 🤣

    You guys at NI do what the beancounters tell you to do and nothing else.

  • Uwe303
    Uwe303 Moderator Posts: 2,900 mod
    edited January 14


    i would love to participate in this, im a new owner of the S49 MK3, use it with cubase now, before I had a a49 and used it mostly with maschine, but I'm in general interested in music technology

  • billtruran
    billtruran Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    I run full Vintage Organs, New York Concert Grands, Scarbee A-200 and Scarbee Clavinet along with anything free like Irish Harp and Factory Selection. I control all this through 2 M-Audio Hammer 88's. It's everything I ever wanted. Just wonderful.

  • dub one
    dub one Member Posts: 11 Member

    Hello Neda, I believe I would have zero input into your current endeavor as I am about as old school as it gets, but as a NI user since Generator and the first release of Traktor..I cannot pass up the chance of putting my foot in the door and saying that Traktor is awesome, great work everyone! As a DJ since the mid 80’s I find it bridges the past and the present/future just fine. My big comment is on the need for a bare four channel (Z4?) mixer that could handle separate controllers (Rane 12 MKIIs for example ;) and have said controllers be able to switch between all four decks. That would be the icing on the cake. Name your price. There are a lot of people who are die hard turntablists that would love an expanded mixer without going to Pioneer or A&H. The Z2 is a beast and a four channel version would be fantastic. Also have to say I adore Reaktor, Kontakt, Guitar Rig, and still use Absynth all the time as well as almost all your standalone product. Love Playbox also.

  • Ameer Ruther
    Ameer Ruther Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I’ve been using Traktor for over 20 years and it has gone from leader to 3rd rate due to lack of innovation and responsiveness to problems. I would like to see a return to what made it the leader. STEMS on the fly, interfunctionality with other products and systems. Streaming into mixes. And updated controllers with MIDI options for all.

  • Quadclops
    Quadclops Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    This would be RIGHT up my alley! I’ve been making beats since before DAWs were even common, on 2”tape, and 4,track! I have had SP-1200, s-950, Ensoniq Mirage, MPC-60, would love to help you find the perfect solution to an authentic warm sound of dusty lifted vinyl chops and loops without giving up all your publishing. Maybe then we can even solve this issued with Spotify ripping artists off!

  • Season
    Season Member Posts: 22 Member

    I would love to see round-robin sampling in Maschine. Both standalone and in the software.

  • jgraham12345
    jgraham12345 Member Posts: 9 Member

    Yes please! I would love to talk with you. I love Machine and it has a lot of potential. I recently switched to Ableton Push 3 and Ableton because I found features lacking in Maschine, but I still have and use my Maschine + and software. I’m holding onto it because I know that NI could tremendously improve the product line. I also use NI software products in my maschine/ableton workflow. Thanks!

  • bolodaproducer
    bolodaproducer Member Posts: 6 Member

    I’m a 13X Platinum Producer that also makes a bunch YouTube videos that would love to join the convo 😁

  • Miri Astro
    Miri Astro Member Posts: 11 Member

    As a devout maschine user since the MK1 I would love to see the platform further developed to include more robust standalone options and included stem separation technology. Maschine would be an amazing central hub with a few improvements.

  • Sarcastic emcee
    Sarcastic emcee Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Hi Neda

    I've had the maschine mk1 and the studio and the mk3 and I love all of them but the maschine should be able too take mp3 files and stems ai should be introduce because NI for me change the way I produced music

    and if you could have kontakt use stems as well would be a plus and we also need a new maschine + mk2 that has it's on battery in it and more importantly an maschine 3.0 update

  • algorithmruss
    algorithmruss Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    I’m very interested in making the N.I. Products have longevity. As a pro user since K2 I’ve seen NI rise to the absolute top and also become hated for their choices they made which affected the end user. I myself have sworn off purchasing any more NI products since K11 because of all the software issues. I know times are difficult for everyone over the last few years but choosing to alienate the customer will always come back to haunt you.

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