Feature Ideas for upcoming Kontakt 7.7.4. update!

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Here are my ideas and requests that could improve and enrich Kontakt software:

  1. Host and MIDI automation for the effects inside Outputs section.
  2. Guitar Rig Crossover feature.
  3. Changing the key for each sound (for drum and percussive libraries and instruments only, not tuned ones such as piano, guitar, trumpet etc.)

Let me explain each of them :)

The first feature will allow you to manipulate any setting from effect that you put inside the Outputs section, which will, obviously, empower the creativity and sound of any channel!

The second feature allows you to, instead of basic effects, insert GR Player, GR LE or GR Pro software inside the place where Outputs effects are.

That way you can unlock the limitless potential of any sound, instrument and library, as well as put every effect from GR into the Outputs effect section!

And lastly, the 3rd feature:

Did you ever liked a drum library, but you didn't like the way they were placed and organized?

Well, with this feature, you can!!

This feature allows you to literally change each sound in a certain key to be played.

For example, I want to play cymbals for every single key!

Boom! it is possible!

Or, I want to play various snare sounds instead of a typical combination of snares, kicks, toms etc...

Bang! Done and done!

Tell me what you think of these features, Kontakt developers, and have a nice day!!

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