The Maschine 4 (Speculative) Thread



  • wzdm.85
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    My thoughts exactly. I love Maschine Plus, but definitely feel it's a little half baked. Not that I've had any issues with it, just that it has lots of untapped potential.

    I like how NI has separated the Kontrol Keyboards a little from Maschine. I would like if they separated the Maschine a little ways away from Komplete. Simplify it and make it better at what it's good at - sampling and sequencing.

    If they mess around and deprecate the current hardware too far though, I'll probably sell off all my NI products.

  • Rico010
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    Same here. I hope for backward compatibility. Otherwise, I don’t any reason to invest into NI further, just to get products obsolete.

    It is not a synth that can work 20 years without support. It is a digital product with digital activation that need long term digital support. If the company drops such product in less than 10 years… moving to another company(ied).

    However, Komplete UCE still best value for sounds

  • wzdm.85
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    I wish so badly for some programming mastermind to write the JJOS equivalent for Maschine Plus 🙏

  • D-One
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    Ah! That would be crazy...

    AFAIK JJ worked for AKAI and stole the source code when he left, not sure if this story is real or not but it's likely.

    M+ Is a whole other ball game of complexity tho, 400 mb of code VS 1 mb.

  • OhulahanBass
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    Hardware feels top notch, but in my experience has room for improvement on reliability. I’ve had one knob and a pad start glitching out me and I have a light touch and take good care of the M+. Pad 10 became less sensitive and would latch occasionally until I turned down overall sensitivity in till it no longer bothered me and knob 7 became uselessly glitchy, I’ve done all the D-One suggested investigations to no avail, eventually I will open it up and try to replace. BTW, I always feel lucky to have access to D-One advice on here, thanks D!

    M+ is still my primary composition interface, I love M+. I don’t think NI would end support for it any time soon, but I have heard they did Kore adopters dirty back in the day…. If M+ support was dropped I’d lose trust in NI and consider other platforms.

  • tempsperdu
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    The lack of information about Maschine for how long is pretty disturbing. They managed over the last few years. IMHO, to really screw Maschine up, and it isn't as if it hadn't enough problems already.

    The silence could mean they realise they have to do a pretty amazing job to actually get it to where many if not most think it ought to be and are actually doing it so that it might even be worthwhile to release an upgraded hardware version. Going on history, that sadly seems highly unlikely.

    Users, especially those that utilise the very sadly missed Jam, see just how brilliant Maschine could /should have become and despair that the only people that don't appear to think so are its manufacturers. If you wrote its trajectory over the last few years into a novel, it would be panned as stretching any kind of credulity.

    It's almost the Spinal Tap version of management / software development.

    A few words from those that actually 'know' ***** is or isn't going on would be wildly appreciated.

  • Kubrak
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    IMHO no news, no development means there is something new in preparation...

  • myalteredsoul
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    Let’s hope the Maschine 4 release isn’t as much of a mess. It took us almost two months just to get a rma for the push 3 standalone (encoders was doa, mpe didn’t work correctly, and the Touchstrip issue). Then it took another month for the refund to be processed.

  • OhulahanBass
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    I remember in the past when they were more open on the forum about what was in the pipeline and shared projected release dates they had some unfortunate luck and people got upset. Perhaps they did the math and decided if they are open and have bad luck people get impatient and disappointed maybe if we keep our mouths shut they can only be impatient…

  • LostInFoundation
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  • raphaël_
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    i also believe that theres something up in the pipe. my guess would be a new maschine software to come along with new hardware. just like they did/do with these new keyboards.

    the reason why they most likely will come up with something, is to be in the competition again. at the current state, they will slowly lose their last maschine users to other brands like akai or maybe even ableton with the new push 3.

    but i strongly believe, that they can take maschine to the next level, if they want to. i mean, akai could recover from it's renaissance debacle, so theres is hope...

  • MaikR
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    Same here. I’m done with companies doing business like this. KK MK3 is also released with incomplete software and promises all over the place.

    If the current M+ isn’t stabilized and doesn’t get performance improvements, then it was the last product I will buy from NI.

    Another, second best option would be to open source the M+ software. In a way that some external developer(s) can hopefully pick the pieces. And yes I know there’s some IP ik there, but then again it’s NI that should deal with that loss.

    But maybe one day they will call me impatient in public… I would take that.

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