The Maschine 4 (Speculative) Thread

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Over at reddit. A nice chap shared:

What do you think. Bigger form factor may be the way to go if we wanna keep the pads at the same size currently. Merged hi-res screens will sync with KK MK3. Drop of software 3.0 will unify the product lines a bit better.

Fate of Maschine+ unknown.



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    In the meanwhile the OP removed his post on Reddit.

    As usual with NI, the only thing is to wait. We can speculate, but we won’t know anything for sure till the last moment. Unless, as someone said for Komplete MK3, this “leak” (if true) will force them to release it earlier. Which will be not good, cause if they don’t get it right or they release it before everything is redefined and bugs squeezed…we know they are not too good and fast in catching things…bettere they get it right from start

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    It is pretty sure that MK4 will come one day. As well it is pretty sure it will have same/similar display as KKS MK3. So, the only question is, when...

    Concerning Maschine SW. It seems to me that Maschine MK2 became a bit Frankenstein monster with aditions and improvements over the years. IMHO it became hard to maintain and develop it further. It asks for total rework. Also there was not much development last years, beside AS native port and VST3. And that synth samplimg tool.

    So my guess is, new Maschine should come, sooner, or later. I have predicted, it might be this or nex year.

    And long time ago I have predicted that new Maschine Plus will most probably come with new Maschine SW.

    So, if that Reddit post is true (probably yes, it would stay there if it was not true), new Maschine HW and SW comes soon. And in that case also new Maschine Plus might arrive, sooner or later.

    I also expect new Traktor SW and controllers, soon.

    Saying that, I do not have absolutely any internal NI info, I just guess based on what everyone knows and of my experience as SW developer.

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    MataDAW is kind of a weird name.

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    Maybe typo and it is MetaDAW.

    I agree that MataDAW sounds a bit weird. At least in my language. It is close to MatlaDAW. I haven´t found english word for ´matla´, but it is possible to desctibe it as person that is not able do his job right. He does it somehow, but it is far from piece of craft....

    And also reminds me of Indian TATA trucks whose logo and name closely resembles the original TATRA name and logo....

    I hope it is not MataDAW.

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    The name “MataDAW” is too bad to be true so I question the truthfulness of the post (unless the person has vision problems).

    Having said that, it makes perfect sense for NI to start from scratch with a new Maschine software. The current code base has received so many “ad hoc” additions over the years to make further progress with it impractical. A rewrite is probably easier and faster than trying to shoehorn in poly AT, a new automation system, time signature changes, and the other long standing feature requests.

    Just hoping they won’t throw away the good bits (there are many) of the current implementation. That user survey where one had to constantly choose one feature over the others makes me a bit nervous.

    About the hardware, I am down with the new unified screen and the onboard CPU to support it, although if possible I would prefer they kept the form factor the same as the MK3 which is great IMO. But I am less worried about the hardware changes, usually this is where NI shines for me, even though they are a software company first in their DNA. Go figure…..

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    Instead of 1 Maschine to rule them all, I would like to see lots of smaller modular Maschinistas that can be combined like ROLI Blocks to make music with in different ways and also can be snapped in to add functionality like pads, XYZ pad and touch sliders to the keyboard range

    lol just realised someone posted in the thread above with a similar name - I hadn't even noticed that at first

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    In a recent mailing NI partner U-he (accidentally) refers to new Maschine hardware…

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    Exactly my thoughts. Don't do that to friends - they will get in trouble.

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    I've just had a thought after reading more complaints about the mk3 keyboards not having Maschine buttons.

    Maybe the reason they don't is this alleged new DAW software? Maybe this software is more open, designed for all the NI hardware, not specifically for Maschine - hence the name change.

    Maybe as the staff are supposed to begin responding to mk3 questions from tomorrow, we'll find out then?

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    There are multiple statements out there of the "why", TL;DR: the data pointed to users not using it much, thus being a minority.

    "The decision to focus on the leading features of the Mk3 (PolyAT, direct connection to Kontakt, and that big new screen powered by NKS2) was driven by endless hours of user research and data about how the Mk2 was being used by the majority of people — and list of features they had which we had to prioritise."

    "As I have said in multiple other threads, we have a long backlog of features we hope to bring to the Mk3 in time, and Maschine integration is on that list."

    Amongst other similar statements. Source link: here; just look for replies from Simon Cross, he's the NI Chief Product Officer.

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    Regarding fate if M+… Recently I bought a Launchkey Mini MK3 to pair with M+ and double it as Ableton Live controller… To be honest, I was thinking about selling M+ and moving to MPC. But… Once I added the mini keyboard to M+ it changed everything. I now make music mostly on M+. And it’s going to live in my studio even if a new M+ is released. It’s so convenient with built-in Massive, FM8, Kontakt and Retro Machines. I made a track in 2 days with this combo. No groups/kits, just bare sounds + one-shot samples from the library. No CPU limits so far (resampling and turning off cpu-heavy elements, keeping all midi available to be changed anytime).

    it is a good piece of standalone HW/SW combo. However, I still copy projects over to laptop for final mixing/mastering. So, I hope new Maschine software will support older projects. Otherwise, Standalone can export stems anyway.

    In case of incompatibility, a WIFI-Bluetooth export to PC could be great. But it actually is a good working tool. I just needed a mini keyboard to make it work. So I guess it will just stay in my studio as a working piece of gear for years (hope no problems will be there with activation).

    Regarding new Maschine, I will give a year to stabilize and see how it evolves. So, let’s live and see what’s next.

    all the limits are in our heads… Cheers!

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    I have zero problem having an MK3 (when it arrives) and then gettin the next Maschine. They're two different things to me.

    Considering the MK3 decisions that have been made, Maschine MK4 will support NKS1 & 2, but focus on pushing the features of 2. so I would expect Poly AT on the pads, which would make it VERY interesting piece of kit.

    But also what @D-One said - I get pre-release code in the videogames industry all the time, and I don't even show my kids (despite the credibility that would get me). That Youtuber needs to assess his circle of friends carefully, if it is true.

    MataDAW is rubbish though - and if you are calling a next-gen Maschine DAW MataDAW, NI, please change it now while you can.

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    It came to my mind if Mata is not acronym for Maschine - Traktor.

    But yes, MataDAW is horrible. But we have accomodated to the new NI logo, so MataDAW would be just another brick in the wall. Better intercomunication between Maschine and Traktor would be nice.

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    It means "no worries", hakuna matadaw. Source here: link.

    @Vagus - I get pre-release code in the videogames industry all the time,

    Interesting, a bit off topic but may I ask why? Do you work on Audio for video games?

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