The Maschine 4 (Speculative) Thread



  • OhulahanBass
    OhulahanBass Member Posts: 135 Pro

    i would love for some basic daw features to be added to Maschine so it’s exciting they “DAW” would be written on the box. I’m not tied the two screens so going to o e screen would be cool if they make things better not worse. I think the size of Maschine is correct, any bigger and that would be a bit too much. The new hardware would need more than a new screen to get me excited though.

    If they don’t bring the heat with their next hardware offering I think I’ll stick with M+ and think about adding the new Push, the Push update came with allot of heat!

  • Rico010
    Rico010 Member Posts: 86 Advisor

    i think it’s MetaDAW. This could help to justify the fact that Maschine is something between a DAW and an instrument :)

    so that we don’t have a full-blown DAW, and we cannot ask for it. It is not a DAW. But MetaDAW, which a little bit more that just an instrument, it is a Production Environment, the Meta-DAW. Almost a DAW….

    And this makes me think, it will be an update for the existing Maschine, not a full-rewrite. Which makes sense.

  • nightjar
    nightjar Member Posts: 1,238 Guru

    Perhaps it's "Meh, a DAW"..

    Just another DAW.. here ya go....

  • myalteredsoul
    myalteredsoul Member Posts: 199 Advisor

    You can grab the photo posted in the reddit thread from google images cache. It’s just a picture of an mk3 pads with some weird photoshop overlay.

    the op’s post could be legit, but no photo has been leaked of the unit yet. Looking forward to seeing what it actually looks like and if it ends up with in screen vst support or something similar, or if it’s just the same screens as before on one large touchscreen.

  • Bongofur
    Bongofur Member Posts: 6 Member

    Is anyone else hoping for MPE pads?

  • raphaël_
    raphaël_ Member Posts: 15 Member

    personally, i don't care about MPE or the aftertouch feature of the new control series, and i don't think a lot of people do. it's just a nice feature.

    for the new hardware, i would wish a more potent CPU, and a lot of software refinements.

    of course, there will be the same new screen as on the keyboard.

    and i would make a bet, that the new software doesnt have a stupid name like mata or meta daw... ;)

  • Drifter
    Drifter Member Posts: 18 Member

    MPE pads would be a great. Would add subtle variations for drums too

  • OhulahanBass
    OhulahanBass Member Posts: 135 Pro
    edited September 2023

    I think MPE pads would be great. I’d also be into hardware upgrades like more CPU power and knobs that function properly for years to come. My M+ knob 7 crapped out after a year:( with Push MK3 out now Maschine is going to have to come out strong, it’s a competitive field, a new screen isn’t going to cut it.

    I’m not counting on us getting a M+ successor this year, I bet Mk4 first then 1+ years later M+2.

    I, personally would like to see a few more daw features such as visible waveforms on timeline with adjustable volume envelopes and ability to track more than one channel at a time. Also, some edits to the clip feature to make it less clunky.

  • nightjar
    nightjar Member Posts: 1,238 Guru

    Pretty awesome stuff @Vagus !

  • basehead617
    basehead617 Member Posts: 126 Advisor

    Yeah I do think M+ was just a (very late) reaction to the DAW-less craze and MPC Live, etc. I think the youtube/online hype of such things were not reflected in real world sales (kind of like Roland getting into modular).

    The vast vast majority of people make electronic music in a DAW

  • Braz
    Braz Member Posts: 56 Advisor

    Akai seems to be quite successful with mpc live & co...

  • PK The DJ
    PK The DJ Member Posts: 845 Guru

    Push 3 is also proving popular (it sold out soon after launch).

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