The Maschine 4 (Speculative) Thread



  • jt maher
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    TBH I would just keep your current mas controller, and pray for any new updates.

    The used market for these devices is a joke, and will be even more of a joke when they release something new. Sell your NI gear NOW if you want to see a return of your money.

    Like someone said here before vote with your wallet next time. We as consumers can make an impact.

    I for one will not be buying anything from NI ever again. I couldn’t imagine spending over 1000$ on a m+. I feel sorry for these people TBH.

    What no one has talked about here yet is the pricing for this supposed new mas SW/HW that’s coming? They are going to charge big $$$ for whatever is coming at least 1600$ lol…..

    That is a lot of money to spend especially with NI’s track record.

    Glad I made the switch to elektron Octatrack mk2.

    Maschine is a toy compared to this beast of a sampler.

    I will forever keep my Mk3 though, and the maschine 2 software even though with all its short comings for years to come. Will be rocking the Mk3 like Nottz does rocking the Mk1 a decade later making BANGERS…..

    The one thing I do appreciate maschine 2 for is how it made me better at chopping drum breaks, and samples altogether. The maschine 2 sw is sooo 2018. I love it still, but it is definitely a hate/love relationship.

  • D-One
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    It seems when people want something really bad, they tend to see everything as a 'sign' that what they want is about to happen. Be it another HW releasing, silence, or even a troll post on reddit... This is a bit odd to me but hey, I admire the faith.

  • Percivale
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    The thread was appropriately worded to mean exactly what it did. Even if it didn't exist, members continue to post about their preferred view points (tinted or otherwise), guesses and hopes anyway for the product line, just using different thread names or platforms.

    Likewise, as OP I chose not to include the name of the reddit member as it was a sharing. It was by choice. No omission here. No need to drag others into a debate when they are not aligned with your view points.

  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 1,782 mod

    Likewise, as OP I chose not to include the name of the reddit member as it was a sharing. It was by choice. No omission here. No need to drag others into a debate when they are not aligned with your view points.

    Noted. Fair point.

  • wzdm.85
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    Pretty hard to compare Octatrack to Maschine.

    But Octatrack would be dope if it had any sort of polyphony, more than eight tracks, better integration with a computer, a better way to arrange.

    Maschine destroys in all these categories.

    Maschine hardware feels nicer too.

  • Braz
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    Once again I don't get why Maschine+ get so much hate.

    The unit works well, you can do a lot with it.

    Yes it could receive more updates and become the real diamond it could be.

    But it's not a total piece of junk like some seem to think here.

  • PK The DJ
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    it's not a total piece of junk

    I second that. After buying my M+ I also bought the MPC X SE, followed by the standalone Push.

    Of the three, the M+ gets used the most. They all have their pros and cons. The con for me on the M+ is not being able to search.

  • Impermanence
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    Maschine Traktor was my immediate though too.

    Screen cap says:

    `Graphic looked like a full daw` ? What does that even mean?

  • Ikatxu
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    Although if a unit was sent to a synth YouTuber, the product would be out of the development stage, and the release date already decided and near. That would be a marketing step after all.

    But yeah, I also take a random reddit post like this with a grain of salt. I also can't imagine NI making investments into developing a full DAW.

    I definitely cannot see it being called MataDAW. Mata being Spanish for "kill" and the name loosely translating into DAW killer/DAW swatter (fly swatter being matamoscas).

  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 877 Guru

    A killer DAW.

    That would actually be a cool name, and a bold statement. But I doubt that this would be a good marketing move for a big player in today’s world of political correctness fascism. I miss the days when NI came up with industrial sounding German product names like Reaktor, Traktor, Machine and Komplete.

  • tempsperdu
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    I miss the logos too........................

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