The Maschine 4 (Speculative) Thread



  • LostInFoundation
    LostInFoundation Member Posts: 3,772 Expert

    Soooo much…

    It seems just like a stupid thing, but colors and logos we had before on icons made you find what you wanted without even turning the brain on

  • Doobox
    Doobox Member Posts: 34 Helper

    As it's been publicly shared that they have "a Maschine" running after touch in beta right now, I live in hope it's an MK4 / Insert new name here 🤞

    ALDREAD Member Posts: 43 Helper

    im sure it was shared he had a maschine + running aftertouch

  • tempsperdu
    tempsperdu Member Posts: 223 Pro

    Given there has been zero activity in the beta programme for no small amount of time that does seem'curious'.............................

  • Stevan
    Stevan Member Posts: 1,304 Expert

    I think they should go with 64 pads like Push and make a hybrid device, something in between the MK3 and Jam. With motorized faders this time.

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,600 Expert
    edited September 21

    motorized faders - it would be expensive and sort of fragile.... Sufficiently long touchstrips (longer than on Jam) would be acceptable compromise....

    @tempsperdu If NI has developed "new" Maschine SW, no wonder there is not much activity on Ma 2... The longterm nonactivity is IMHO relatively clear indication, Ma 2 is over, and new thing is on the way.

  • Rico010
    Rico010 Member Posts: 82 Helper

    Is this info backed by some sort of announcement or leak?

  • basehead617
    basehead617 Member Posts: 111 Advisor

    I don’t think a new thing is on the way soon, but they specifically said in the KK Q&A that there would be a new beta of Maschine SW with aftertouch support.. i expect minor updates

  • tempsperdu
    tempsperdu Member Posts: 223 Pro
    edited September 21

    Well this could well be true and definitely well past being needed, but it will still need to be alpha and beta tested, so how would someone get a copy?

    Again, this is feasible, but a little strange and somewhat divisive to not involve the beta team at all.

    Given the appalling state of Maschine I can't see it in any way advisable to not involve long term users in trying to formulate just what is deemed a good direction.

    But then again, this is NI.

    So does it bode well?

    In theory, there's going to be an AMA, Q4, let's hope it's not a bloodbath.

    If they try to release a new hardware version without tackling the myriad of long term problems and 'absences' from Maschine it's only going to create more anger in the community. A community that many feel have been treat very badly for years.

    Regarding the amount of pads, I think it would alienate a lot of people to only have a 64 pad version and for them to be velocity sensitive would, I would think, be very expensive.

    Having differing versions akin to Studio or Jam would very much be welcomed.

  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 1,058 Expert

    The KS Mk3 AMA made it quite clear: The main development team was working on NKS2 and Direct Control and the new Keyboards for an extended period of time (last 3 years?) and there wouldn’t have been any resources left to develop anything new for Maschine, neither hardware nor software.

  • saubr
    saubr Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

    Tomorrow is the 10th year anniversary of Maschine 2 🤞

    L'espoir fait vivre.

  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 1,058 Expert

    Seriously? Today is September 21st and tomorrow is October 22nd?

    I always thought the French also use the Gregorian calendar. Seems I was wrong.

  • saubr
    saubr Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

    😅 it's called a shortcut!

    since romans added 2 month making 8/oct-ober the 10th month i'm confused.

    10 years is so long but I remember opening Maschine 2 for the first time as it was yesterday.

    10 year and no update on automations.

    I really hope a maschine 3.0 or a replacement solution is on the way.

  • jkq2010
    jkq2010 Member Posts: 23 Member

    This makes me think there is no chance for a new version of Maschine anytime soon. The AMA will be interesting to say the least haha.

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