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  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,595 Expert


    That is true... A friend of mine recently introduced me to Kino. Were they considered underground and subversive at the time?

    I do not know Kino, is it Russian? In my country it was for example The Plastic People of the Universe (underground), Visaci zamek, Jasna paka (punk), Prazsky Vyber (new wave - sort of), Vladimir Nohavica (folk song). .... and many, many more.

    And music mostly played on radio/TV was sort of folkish brass music for dancing. And real bad pop music. Up to ten groups/signers all day long, for years and years.

    Even ABBA could not be played, because they were too political....

    Western LPs were sold secondhand in woods and even thought places changed and were kept secret, police almost every time came with dogs and so and hunted people.

    People were so desperate to hear something normal, that they listened Radio Luxemberg via telephone...

  • Arthur Neeman
    Arthur Neeman Member Posts: 37 Newcomer

    Yeah, since then every time I'm trying to talk with NI team, I feel I'm talking with AI :D

  • James Steele
    James Steele Member Posts: 32 Member

    Ha! Giving you guys are hard time. No offense, but some of us would rather pony up a few bucks for a T-Shirt than do a writing assignment for a chance at a T-Shirt. Depends how valuable one's time is. A few people probably thought they'd use ChatGPT or something similar instead. Again, not trying to be ungrateful, but it would probably take a decent Kontakt library or a modest piece of hardware as a prize to motivate me. 🤣 But T-Shirts are nice, and if they are on your online store, maybe I'll obtain one the easy way. Thanks!

  • Milkman
    Milkman Member Posts: 166 Helper

    30 year net/sysadmin here. I understand the difference between using "AI" to generate physical modeling code, including impulse maps, vs using "AI" to replace human creativity. Not the same. And Im really not here to argue about this.

  • Milkman
    Milkman Member Posts: 166 Helper

    I dont care who else is using AI, or if everyone is using AI. Thanks.

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,595 Expert


    AI is broad field.... NI is using AI for modelling. Does it replace human creativity? Yes and no. One could model everything transistor by transistor, valve by valve and so on. Lots of creativity... Or just train dull neural network make the job.... Lightly trained monkey may do it. Still, NN may give better results than element by element modelling....

    Also, I bet NI works on STEM separation using AI. Is that wrong, or good. Just a kind of adaptive nonlinear filter... Why not?

    I have started to use AI for various tasks (temperature forecasting, estimation of cloud cover from temperatue and like) more than three decades ago...

    There are good ways using AI and not so good. You focus on not so good ones, I guess....

  • Soaria
    Soaria Member Posts: 11 Newcomer

    You're doing a lot of arguing for someone who's not here to argue 😁

    I think it's unfortunate how the "AI" debate has been framed as it enters the public consciousness at large. AI will never replace human creativity, nor should it. That's a kind of horrible path. But it could also be an incredibly cool tool. As someone who just wants to work with both, I get bummed at ending up between the immovable object and unstoppable force in this debate.

    Arguably the real issue isn't about AI or not AI, anyway, it's about the ethics of how corporations are turning it into a capitalist venture. To try to shape how people can be creative or not in the future, bulldozing everyone into convenient lanes to be more profitable. I'm not sure that applies to what NI has been doing. They're assistive tools.

    My "day job" for decades has been software developer. I'm doing a fair amount of work with ML models and AI generally, these days. They keep telling us LLMs will replace programmers soon, and I just keep laughing. Maybe some day. The code they write is laughably bad right now. Still requires a human.

  • Milkman
    Milkman Member Posts: 166 Helper
    edited July 13

    Ive been considering this for decades, and I dont need the shallow, overly exuberant points of view of industry folks about "AI", thanks. Im out. Enjoy your corporate tools, and have a blast. Hope it all works out.

  • Soaria
    Soaria Member Posts: 11 Newcomer

    As a kid in the 1980s, my first imaginary friend was an AI. I spent many decades trying to puzzle out how I might make her a reality. It's one of the topics that led me into coding at a very young age. We're still not there, but you'll have to forgive me for being excited anyway, I've been waiting a while. 😸 I might be a bit biased.

    Aaaanyway, peace, and good luck to you too!

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