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Exclusive giveaway for community members!

We're giving away three t-shirts with our fresh new logo, specially made to celebrate a new evolution at NI. They're only available for NI employees atm (literally went like hot cakes when they arrived the other day) and definitely not for sale, so this might be your only chance to get one.

Take part by simply signing up to be a community member and tell us where the music world is going for the next decade in the comment section below. Three winners will be announced on July 7, 2023.

For a glimpse of the t-shirt, check out this Instagram post here. Good luck 😎


Terms & Conditions: This competition is being conducted by NATIVE INSTRUMENTS GmbH from June 22, 2023 until July 6, 2023. By entering the competition, participants agree to these terms and conditions. All personal information is protected by privacy and data protection laws and will not be shared with third parties. Participants must be 18 years of age or older. Employees of Native Instruments are not eligible to participate. By submitting an entry on the online community, participants can win a t-shirt. Three winners will be chosen at random. The winners will be notified by direct message, and are required to notify Native Instruments that s/he accepts the prize within one week after receiving the notification. If Native Instruments does not receive notification within this period, the winner forfeits the prize and Native Instruments reserves the right to choose another winner. A cash payout of the prize is ruled out. The right of appeal is excluded. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply exclusively; Berlin, Germany, shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction. 


  • Kaes3kuch3n
    Kaes3kuch3n Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I bet the music world is going to change quite a bit through the advent of more and more AI-powered technologies (just as ghostwriter977 already demonstrated). But I can't possibly imagine in what ways it's going to change. There will be so many immensely creative people using AI tech for all kinds of stuff.

  • PoorFellow
    PoorFellow Moderator Posts: 3,669 mod
    edited June 2023

    MPE / MIDI Polyphonic Expression are most likely going to take things and instruments to 'new places'..

    AI are going to be used a lot more than we have seen or are either going to transform the music industry completely or are going to become a huge problem (like AI are going to show to be in a lot of other areas in the future)(this is neither the time nor the place to discuss AI related stuff).

    Also we are going to see greater use of 'virtual reality' (and probably also robotics) for entertainment purposes including VR/robotic artists . And there will most likely come to be stuff/programs for using VR to make music or at least to perform in front of a live VR audience !

    Last but not least then I hope that both will Native Access be around for decades but that N.I. are also going to be innovative and if so we are most likely going to see a lot more music making and performance gear from N.I. in the future !

  • Anatomie Music
    Anatomie Music Member Posts: 4 Member

    I do see the trend continuing where electronic music makers will continue to want access to new and innovative sounds at the same time as being influenced by sounds of the past (analog, modular and traditional folk and world musical instruments.)

  • slotunes
    slotunes Member Posts: 8 Member

    AI companies will take credit for compositions and sounds and composers will be forced to sue AI companies for using their ideas, thus forcing musicians to place hidden artifacts embedded in their music for copyright protection.Similar to how artists place a stamp over copies.

  • Percivale
    Percivale Member Posts: 209 Advisor
    edited June 2023

    Music overkill. Too much choices and too easy to make a piece of electronic based music. Curating and developing a good relationship with willing listeners become key instead. A beautiful "shopfront" is important. The way musicians or industry workers are paid pivots to a different model. Devices casually adopt the MIDI 2.0 specifications (finally). DJs becomes MPJs or contents curators + performers. Good ones make their own tracks since it become so easy. Devices blur the lines between performance and production even more than now (if that's possible). Virtual music concerts become a thing (many times better than whatever Twitch is trying to do). Listeners tweak and use stems to individually consume based on sound signature they prefer from a common stream/broadcast/performance at the same time. Something like that.

  • cuznmatt
    cuznmatt Member Posts: 1 Member

    The music world is going to hell in a hand basket.

  • GH John
    GH John Member Posts: 10 Member

    The music world is definitely powering forward in weird & wonderful ways & it's going to leave in its wake wide eyed people eager to create more.

    As for AI music, I have no concerns about it taking over - the power behind music of any kind is that it's made with heart, soul, tears and triumphs. AI can't compete with that.

    Bandcamp will go from strength to strength too - more power to the musicians.


  • Joseph Narai
    Joseph Narai Member Posts: 2 Member

    Music will continue to evolve as rapidly as our technology does. AI, immersive and interactive technologies will enable us to engage more fully with the music, our audience and our environment.

  • Baccus
    Baccus Member Posts: 1 Member

    Music evolution will reflect human evolution - a fusion of deeper creative expression blended with technology - as the human needs to tap into the deep layers of the human psyche and express its creative self using AI tools but not being overrun by tech - the musical/artistic expression of humanity is part of its cognitive and social growth.

  • Martin Schabracq
    Martin Schabracq Member Posts: 5 Member

    AI is a hot topic, but be realistic there will be no way to stop that. As long as we see it as a tool and use it accordingly. We still want to make our own music with the tools we already use even that is according the real musicians already cheating with using arps and midi files made by other. But the point is the fun we have with this amazing hobby. Even we do it for a living. Let’s welcome AI as well and see it as a next generation VST4. I hope that NI integrated s kompleet kontrol keyboard and maschina controller. That would be amazing. Enjoy your music making to the fullest. Have fun.

  • Jaydo1
    Jaydo1 Member Posts: 1 Member

    I see people rejecting Ai music as it lacks human feelings and people going back towards live sounding grooves with emotion.

  • spoida
    spoida Member Posts: 2 Member

    The next ten years will see music and technology deepen their relationship. Maybe not within the next decade, but at some point technology will enable every human being to accurately and effortlessly express the musical ideas within them. Music is the global language that transcends race and culture. The more people that speak that language can only lead to good things. I see the next ten years bringing humanity closer together through music. But if it just so happens that we get stuck in a 10-year Synthwave golden era I will also be content :p

  • deejaynikko
    deejaynikko Member Posts: 9 Member

    I believe dj’s and musicians will include AI in music.

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