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  • Sunborn
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    The solution for this, is a dedicated technician-moderator who will immediately manage the forum options, instead of "asking the forum providers" to make changes 1-2 times a year.

  • PoorFellow
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    On the subject of 'Spamming' and 'Flag-ing' then it is my impression that some people use these as tools to either express annoyance or to 'punish' people that they dislike - and since 'people are people' then I do not see that any such abuse will ever go away though it can be limited if those abusing the system are both punished and have their privileges to flag/ability to abuse taken away. But that in turn would require some kind of 'high judge' to rule and correct mistakes and punish abusers (all like managing a kindergarten) .

    Some people here have seen abuse when just trying to assist others and some people here have attitude problems themselves when it comes to it. I myself have had someone doing their best to be unkind to me for no reason other than the person being annoyed with my choice of topics to answer to (which really only reflected my present abilities)...

    Personally then from a more generalized user point of view then the whole 'point' system is discouraging people to attend rather than the opposite being that both it to some point reminds of worst side of social media clicking but also it is something that is favoring the few , where from a general 'user' point of view it would be more inviting to participation if 'winners' were selected by a draw... Also , it's my completely clear impression that the points system in the end is the reason why some of the regulars here in-between are less than friendly to some new-comers !

    Don't get me wrong , from a 'company' point of view then I think that it looks as if the point system is brilliant because it gives incitement to get a lot of response to issues from users , effectively making part of the experienced user base into first line support 'defense'. So I can not see why it would or should ever change ! (not on this side of AI taking over that part effectively anyway)(I think in rather few years it will be rare if we have much real/genuine contact with human beings in 'support roles' other than them monitoring or training the AI bots)

  • LostInFoundation
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    Please @Jeremy_NI, can you check the thread I linked before?

    That guy is flagging everyone now and continues, no matter what gets written…

    Sorry if I ask you, but being ignored on something like this isn’t nice

    I just disappeared from leaderboard. Probably he learned that flagging with abuse removes 20 points instead of 10…my 66+ points (plus the ones he already made me lose before) just flushed in the toilet 😂😂😂

  • Sûlherokhh
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    Maybe i shouldn't have flagged this guy's first abusive post and instead just put him on my no-read list. 🥴

  • LostInFoundation
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    Shhhht…don’t say it was you…you are still safe at the moment from his flag flood ☺️

  • Sûlherokhh
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    I'm past caring much if someone throws a tantrum. As far as i am concerned, those are flags of honour.

  • Stevan
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    There is a good reason why every forum doesn't have this feature - it simply cannot work for all users and I feel like it's not productive to the Team. But now that it is introduced, then also think retroactive...

    One problem with current setting is that Traktor and Maschine forums are different size and traffic but applies the same point values which is not fair if you are Traktorist "competing" with Maschine and Komplete users and forum members :) and let's always be completely honest and true. I did not know about some of fellow forum member names before the leaderbord was introduced because I only check Traktor forum.

    Edit: I don't compete or plan to just so it is clear, I rejected hoodies and told them to send me gear that I don't already own if they want me to better to help in this community. I only help because I'm rh positive and it is easy for me to answer mapping and other questions. Also sometimes it is a challange to figure out what the problem is (and to help NI support in finding right answers to mapping questions, they thanked me on that once!)

  • lord-carlos
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    Could it be that you GET points for reporting someone else?

    Hard to test myself, as I can't see how many points I have exactly.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @LostInFoundation This user has been warned and reminded he should oly use the warn function if there are violations of our guidelines.

  • LostInFoundation
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    This will not regulate the situation.

    Tomorrow there will be another “this user” and other members that will see their points disappear just to have “this user” warned…

    Frankly…just remove this competition and the leaderboard and let users help each others just for the pleasure of helping each others

  • Kubrak
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    Maybe that the best would be if NI rewards people on irregular base as they decide and privately.

    And bigger reward not so often might be better than small one often.

  • Sunborn
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    100% against the last 2 comments and not because i am usually at high ranks on leader board. But because i am a disciple of perfection on everything.

    Consider this. Rewards gives a huge extra motivation, not just to help others, but to help you too, and increase your level of knowledge. It makes you (me at least), to sweat and spend much more time in search for a correct answer. When i am not sure about something, i do a deep search on audio expert sites, forums and more.

    Without this extra search, you can just give a generic answer, and only if you know the subject. This will lead to much less answers, no matter how willing you are to help. It will be impossible to spend your half day, searching for things that anyone can find, unless he is lazy to do a simple search. And, judging by most questions, most users are lazy to do so, or they don't know how to do it. A simple Google search!!!

    So, while i have all the good will to help users with real problems that is hard to find answers, i am not willing to help users who are boring to search. Rewards gives me the extra motivation that needed to help them, too.

    Reward will also give to the serious researcher the motivation to find more "scientific" answers and solutions instead of a generic "yada-yada".

    That's my 2 cents anyway... :-)

  • LostInFoundation
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    Researches don’t always make you find a correct answer…believe me…

    Much less answers but CORRECT ones maybe is better…and someone answering who knows what he is talking about instead of someone searching something that, as you say, anyone can find, maybe it’s better too.

    Probably what you call the “rewards extra motivation” is exactly what makes someone say “you know what? I’ll try to answer this one too, even if I don’t even have the product or I lack of experience”

  • Sunborn
    Sunborn Member Posts: 1,573 Expert

    Maybe you are right, however i see it from a different point of view.

    These things are what makes a great forum even greater and real alive! Otherwise people get bored after a while, i saw it on many great forums in the past, after one point they lost their excitement. And without this excitement, people loose interest and after some time, they rarely come, letting the forum with its "hardcore" members only.

    To keep people on an excitement level, is the best way to keep them active. ;-)

  • Kubrak
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    I have experienced the both systems, the leader board one and the previous "private".

    I must say, that I felt real embarassed, when I was on top places and guys that give valuable user support for long years were far behind. Just because they reply difficult answers and leave the obvious to others....

    But we need more those experts with deep knowledge, they IMHO should get most revards, not we who mostly reply simple questions.....

    And it is hard to measure it by any simple rank system....

    That is why I think that it would be better if NI chooses people and how much they get by pure human reasoning (maybe also based on point system), not just based on better or worse point system.

    OK, it does not have to be private. NI may announce once a year (halfyear) the names and the "prices" for them. But that is just my opinion. I do not say, it is the best solution.

    I am even not sure, if point system is the best idea. Yes, it may make people to compete and make more answers, but one should talk because one feels so by itself and not to collect points. It then becomes more social network rating thing which is adictive (for certain individuals) and generally bringing more negative than positive.....

    Helping others should not end up as competition or race for points. Rewards are fine and wellcome, but should not be the goal....

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