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  • Kaiwan_NI
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    November leaderboard is now live here.

    Congrats and thanks for all your help @Kymeia @PoorFellow @Sunborn @Milos @lord-carlos

    I'll be in touch with you via DM re: a voucher. 🙂

  • Milos
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    Thank you!!

    Btw I like the background of the November 2023 image.

    Did you design it?

  • JesterMgee
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    If you can't handle being flagged as spam/abuse, maybe step out the kitchen?

    TBH, some things I read from some users here come across as very arrogant, abrasive, rude, condescending and if I was on the receiving end I would post it as abuse. Just like when I see someone post 3-4 times in a row instead of appending to a single post (like I do see here already), that is spam in my eyes as it seems a blatant attempt to bolster post counts for credibility, it's always been frowned upon.

    If it is felt to be unfair, as @D-One said, PM a mod and plead your case to have your record cleaned, otherwise just accept that some people may not like what you say or how you go about saying it and want to express that, no one is perfect, just deal with it like a big boy. Having it on show who flagged it just invites retaliation and bicker fests.

  • Milos
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    I wasn't talking about flags now...but ok...

  • Milos
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    edited December 2023

    But couple of days ago, yes, I did talk about that.

    I mean, remember that case when lord-carlos just tried his best to help someone when it comes to pitch shifting on Traktor and that person flagged and insulted him for no reason?

    And that person even flagged other people who tried defending lord-carlos while trying to reason with that person?

    Again, he just tried to give his best possible ideas, solutions and ways to help out that person and he got flagged...

    Yeah, sometimes, history repeats itself...

    But again, I don't really care about points in general, but I was just shocked when I saw 13 red lightning spam reports...

    And by the way, when I got 13 red lightning reports, I did some math...

    Shouldn't I have 42 points by know...1 red lightning report makes you lose 10 points?

    And speaking of the points, shouldn't I be demoted to a Watcher?

    Just trying to play fair...

  • D-One
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    @JesterMgee said:

    Having it on show who flagged it just invites retaliation and bicker fests.

    Correct, people will weaponize anything they can when they're petty but the problem with anonymity is it makes people assume who did it, then they often go flag back the wrong person, that person can do the same to someone else, this happened 4 confirmed times very recently that I know of because DM'ed people and asked why they were flagging another specific user 🤷‍♂️

    We don't have tools to see if someone is abusing flags, other than checking the flagged persons profile manually, to do so I have to already have noticed something... I've been keeping an eye lately on the Maschine forum and it turns out tons of people are abusing the heck out of flags. This problem will only grow as the forum grows

  • lord-carlos
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  • Kymeia
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    edited December 2023

    This is why I think flags should not impact on points. Flags and the leaderboard are 2 separate things. The flag system is there to 'flag' to mods there is a spammer or similar, having it linked to points makes it possible to weaponise it to use against people another user has a disagreement with, or even maliciously to knock a person off the ranks (as we have seen happen several times recently). Spammers etc would not get any points anyway so really points are irrelevant as far as flagging is concerned. Also taking points out of the equation would make it possible to use flags as they should also be used which is to flag a problem to the mods that needs moderating, for example where there is a flame war going on, or posting way off topic and derailing threads, but making that impacts on points actually inhibits people from flagging such things as they don't want to be seen as abusing the system to impact on points (at least it does me). Flags could even be used positively - such as to highlight to mods a person is having a problem.

  • Milos
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    Though I don't care about ranks and points at all and just trying my best to give the best possible answers, as well as giving the most creative alternative solutions possible, I agree 100%.

    People can litteraly use flags in an incredibly immature ways for miniscule and small reasons.

    And there is another problem that I have encountered with the flags.

    Some flags only made me lose 1 point, but some led me to lose 10 points? (Don't care about the points, I am just saying that in the name of all other people who do care about points)

    Keep in mind that every flag I got was the 'red lightning' kind.

    No abuse, no threats, just red lightning flags.

    Some people report you and you lose only 1 point, other people report you and you lose 10 points.

    Where is logic in that?

    Once again, I agree with Kymeia!

  • Sunborn
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    edited December 2023

    Excellent point of view, one i can fully agree!

    Or, an alternative option can be, to leave flags as they are, but any penalty should be applied not immediately, but only after those flags reviewed and approved by a moderator.

    Even on trials, the criminal goes to jail, only if convicted by a judge, and not before.

  • Milos
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    edited January 6

    Happy New Year to you too, Kaiwan! :)

    And congrats to all of you, people! 👏

    Sorry for posting something that is not really related to the topic, but...

    I saw the point system changed a little bit again...

    In the past, you could get 2 points for an Insightful, now you get only 1 point for that.

    I don't care about points, I was just wondering if Insightful gives you 1 point only, just like the Likes give you, then what is the point of the Insightful icon at all?

    Once again, I don't mind points in general, I am just writing this in the name of all other people.

  • Milos
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    What happened to Likes and Insightfuls?

    And where are the Accepted answers?

    And what is with the Vote Downs?

    Don't we have the flagging system already?

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