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  • MichaelK_NI
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    In MIDI mode the displays are off. Only the top center display indicates that you switched to MIDI mode.

  • Sûlherokhh
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    Since, from what i could gather, the LED's can be addressed separately, it should be possible to use them as volume meters for two decks.

  • Anians
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    After purchasing the x1 mk3

    i can’t find a function to switch the screen into browser mode (this was done by pressing the middle rotary on the mk2). As I am using x4 decks parallel, not being able to do this is very frustrating.

    Also the controller editor doesn’t have the X1 mk3 in the drop down??

  • Sûlherokhh
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    @Anians : Can't say about the controller editor, but the browser view will be mappable.

  • afrogrit
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    I think NI is falling victim to itself, NOT everything needs upgrading . . . there's a reason why the majority of us still own Technics 1200, Leave the kontrollers alone, we have build muscle memory on those 😡

  • Sûlherokhh
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    This is a new controller, with a different layout that now cannot be redesigned. You will need new muscle memory for this one either way. If you use Technics 1200, good for you. I don't own those, and i would not presume to know what gear the majority of Traktor users actually employ.

  • lord-carlos
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    Then keep using the mk2. Buy a used one when you you need more. This seems like a non-issue.

  • macsoft
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    So... you are targeting people who come from the MKI? the ones who don't upgrade for 15 years, and you completly said goodbye to your MKII clients who did upgrade?! Do you really think you have so many MKI clients that don't buy nothing from you in 15 years, are gonna make your only sales revenue now? No MKII user is gonna risk having to relearn all their muscle memory just because you did a poor desing.

    " it is more in line with our other DJ controllers": what other DJ controllers have a MASSIVE SYNC button the size of the play button?! What other DJ controllers have a bigger SYNC button than a CUE button? please show me ONE! just ONE! controller with a SYNC button bigger than the CUE button, I dare you.

    "The touchstrip was a great feature but we observed some critical situations where it was not reliable enough from our perspective.": so instead of fixing it, you completely delete it from the layout, and remove the expression effects capability?

    I'm so sorry, you've completely missed the mark on what could have been an amazing product. And I do advise you, if you wanna keep what little customers you still have, to do a surely needed re-hire on your team.

    A very disappointed customer.

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,009 Expert

    Just because the cue and play button are different form mk2, does not mean they "completly said goodbye to your MKII clients"

    A bit of an overstatement ;-)

    And most controllers do have cue/play above each other. But yes, mostly at a similar size.

  • Alfred Heinrichs
    Alfred Heinrichs Member Posts: 2 Newcomer


    I have the X1 MK3 and am looking for a function from the X1 MK2. Shift + Loop = Loop Active Mode.

    I cannot find this function on the X1 MK3.

    Can you help me ?!

    thank you very much


  • Stevan
    Stevan Member Posts: 1,512 Expert
    1. Will X1 MK3 screens also flicker on AMD drivers?
    2. When is the overmapping coming?
    3. Where is my X1 MK3 lol
  • Nathan DC
    Nathan DC Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    As a traktor user for more than 10 years I am now on the edge to turn over to other brands as I am looking to go standalone. I played with pioneer, used recordbox, etc. but I still love Traktor. For me the best DJ software there is. It is nice to see there is a new controller, but it is not for me and I don't understand why you not making a serious all in one device with the technology of today (look what Denon did)?

    Or maybe this X1 is the first device before the big announcement of the all in one 4 deck standalone unit (like a Denon Prime) and standalone players from NI. If we see this, than the game has changed.

    The X1 seems a nice product and would probably work very well, just don't understand the Sync button choose.

    I hope this is the first product of a serie of new products, including professional game changers on the market. In studio we use a lot of NI products, but on the road it is a different story. Would like to see that change.

  • Sûlherokhh
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    Unless SHIFT+LOOP has been set to adjust KEY (in preferences), it should have the MOVE command (when turning) and toggle LOOP ACTIVE (when pressing).

         enabled: module.shift
         Wire { from: "%surface%.loop"; to: "loop.move"; enabled: loopShiftAction == beatjump_loop }
         Wire { from: "%surface%.loop"; to: "key_control.coarse"; enabled: loopShiftAction == key_adjust }


  • man-tk
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    why you changed the Cue & Play layout ?

    Not natural , not nice

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