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  • Vagus
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    Any chance you're going to alow KK to be used as a host just for effects? Because then it literally doubles the usefulness of having Izotope, or Brainworx as part of Native Instruments.

  • dogbreath11
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    when using kontrol mk3 to browse presets of kontakt 7 without the komplete software, can we use the chord/guide lights/arp features?

  • marvin1986
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    Which type of keybed from FATAR is utilized in the latest S88 model?

  • chadmtl
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    I bought mine in the last 6 months too, but the HUGE discount ($300) told me there was a new one around the corner. If you didn't catch that hint, at least you got a great deal. Doesn't look like there's an urgent benefit to upgrading, I'd personally pick the M2 at the price I got even though this looks slick!

  • chadmtl
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    Can you tell us more about the integration with FL Studio?

    Right now, with the MK 2, you can either start with a Mackie Generic Controller setting and do some customization, or install the custom script from a non-official user.

    I'm guessing this is going to be official full integration via drop-down menu? Will it also work for the MK2, and if so, when will this be available in FL Studio?

  • Percivale
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    1. How enhanced hi res are the new screens, say compared to the Mk2.

    2. When we say MIDI 2.0, are you able to show what it means or the potential impact to the MK3?

    [email protected] Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Will the Kontrol S-Series MK3 be integrated with the Maschine software

  • Lab Rat
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    Can you explain more thoroughly how to setup the keyboard for power and data transfer using a computer with no USB-C ports?

  • ScoopDogg
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    1.) Why even bother putting products out anymore when you abandon them?

    2.) Why put out a controller that doesn’t even work with your own ‘daw’ (that hasn’t been updated in over a decade)

    3.) What kind of drugs are you guys on?

  • chadmtl
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    From a customer point of view, I can't agree with most of your wish list:

    The screen is surrounded by buttons and knobs which are generally more precise than fingers. I can't think of a task I would prefer a touchscreen at the moment.

    Built-in audio interface - most of us already have one, and so many people have different needs: how many inputs, for example. It would be nice, but it would add 20-30% to the cost.

    Aluminium would be nice, but even the MK2 series doesn't feel cheap.

    Sliders - probably one of the thing I hear most from reviewers and customer reviews is that they're happy it doesn't have sliders. Knobs do the trick 90% of the time, and a lot of people have other control surfaces, so it avoids overkill. And having space on the keyboard turns out to be convenient.

    Can only speak for myself, but after having used the MK2 for a while, it's pretty much exactly what I like.

  • G.B.
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    Well, that's just it - you are happy with your MK2...

    My guess is there are very few people who will upgrade from their MK2 to the MK3 (the fanboys will - but not many others).

    There is really not much that would make a happy owner of the MK2 want to ditch it and buy the MK3...

    Touchscreens are in everything we have today - cellphones, tablets, car audio - it's everywhere - and have been in every other slab keyboard (synthesizers, arrangers, stage pianos, etc.) for the last 8+ years...

    As far as a built-in audio interface - the Maschine has it - seems rather silly that your new 2023 flagship keyboard doesn't.

    And, I have never heard anyone say that they are happy the MK2 didn't have sliders/faders - it has been the exact opposite...

    But I am glad you are happy enough with your MK2 - the only person who has to enjoy your equipment is you! :)

  • Tomboman
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    Can it talk directly to 3rd party software like Diva without the Komplete Kontrol software? I understand Kontakt now can, but I couldn't tell from the videos if that works - Would be a game changer for me

  • defyosef
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    What are these "major DAWs" there are going to be integrations with? Does Reaper count?

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