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    As with the display on a well-designed current generation car dashboard.. there is optimum object size and information density that is usable at a typical operating distance.

    From what I can seen the MK3 videos, it appears that NI has enlarged the objects and text in the Performance Banners and parameter pages.

    This appeals to me as being a better experience for comfortable and confident use.

    But having what you want as an option would be nice too.

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    But the visually impaired won't benefit much from that, will they? 😉 Okay, why would they be buying a Komplete Control keyboard controller with a big glass screen and light guides, I get that. But you're just asking for a "dancing waters" version of a 350 year old music timing tool called a metronome.

    I'll call it a "nice to have". I'd rather be sure that device, firmware, and software are all working correctly before we add fountains, bubble machines, ice sculptures, and whirling widgets. It's going to be for my DAW, and I'm not really trying to bring half of Las Vegas to my DAW. I mean, hey...I already have a giant lava lamp; what more do I need?

    Plus, every DAW out there will allow you to turn on an internal metronome...or make your own out of the sounds YOU want. And the new KC MK3 won't allow standalone operation anyway. Once it does, okay then I'm with you. I'll even picket Berlin with a big sign saying "Metronomes for Everybody!"

    Okay, there's no way I would be caught alive or dead picketing anything. But that just sounded fun to type. 😁

  • R_E_D
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    That screen is certainly capable of displaying more than 8 parameters at a time. I will not mention any competitors here, but yeah - it's possible, it's gorgeous and more importantly incredibly useful when dealing with complex instruments.

  • Neoradius
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    Hello! I got a question about using Maschine as a VST plugin with this new keyboard. I use many sounds from Maschine, but I don't use Maschine's sequencer - I sequence all my stuff in my DAW. So, I use only one button related to the Mascine's support on my KK mk2 - it's the "Key Mode" button, and I use it to toggle between pads (cells)/chromatic mode. Now, the question is, if I upgrade to the mk3 keyboard, will I be able to toggle between the key modes? Is it possible within the Maschine software itself, or will I need a version of Maschine hardware just for this one function?

    Thank you

  • Chregg
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    just bought mines in march, what concerns me is how long they will keep supporting the mk2's, and nks 1

  • PhatMonkey
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    Does it have an AC option for power? :)

  • Kymeia
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    If you look at the back there are 2 usb c ports, one is just for power so you could use a usb plug adapter to function as the power input

  • DWC3690
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    Will I be able to use Maschine software with ONLY the S88 MK3 and my computer (i.e., no Maschine hardware)?

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    Use the adapter to connect the provided USB-C cable from the keyboard’s HOST port to your computer’s USB-A port. Then connect a USB-C power supply (5V, 7.5W or higher, 1.5A or higher) to the keyboard’s USB-C power supply port. 

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    There’s no dedicated maschine integration atm , they removed the dedicated maschine button from the mk3

    you could still use it as a midi controller

  • gviio
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    Since I’ve already seen the reviews and walkthroughs - was there a reason why no X-Y pad was added to the Mk3? Controlling all the Kontakt instruments with an X-Y pad (Ashlight etc) seems like a no brainer. One finger on an X-Y pad is better than using both hands to turn two knobs (especially since at least one hand needs to play). Was there a reason why there’s no MPE support? Is there going to be a firmware update so the values in the new screen don’t disappear as soon as the knob is released (unlike the mkII where the values remain visible)? Is there going to be a firmware update to allow Play Assist to work with standalone Kontakt (or a firmware update for the mkII and mk3 to take Play Assist/arp and scales out of the KK software and onto the controller itself)? Is there going to be a firmware update for mkII owners so they can also use standalone Kontakt and have access to light guide etc without needing to use KK (I believe this has been requested and promised for years). Play assist/arp and scales still don’t work over midi - why? What tangible benefit is there from midi 2.0 on the new controllers given the reliance on the KK software being open? That’s all I can think of.

    Oh and - for the Mk 4 in 2030 or so - please listen to customers.

  • gviio
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    I don’t expect the differences to be too severe - I think NKS 2 is just a larger, higher resolution image file to display on the new keyboard screen. I can’t speak to new libraries moving forward, but I presume libraries out right now will have a separate image folder for NKS 2 hardware and we’ll still have our folders for the smaller image files. Also, it’s not just mkII owners - it’s the same for Maschine hardware owners too since they use the same image files we use on their screens.

    As for support of the mkII keyboard - I don’t recall having any firmware updates in years, so I wouldn’t expect any changes to how things have been. Maybe any updates we benefit from will be in the KK software.

  • Olihop
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    It's true, I'd at least like to see the shape of the envelopes on the screen. Visually more relevant than circles.

  • Olihop
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    Like the multis for kontakt, will we be able to stack several sampler plug-ins?

  • Vagus
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    What a great question you've asked.

    Not everyone who uses Komplete plays keys all the time - sometimes is easier playing with people, or to have a visual aid. I really believe in accessibility, but not evey feature has to be about accessability.

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