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    So all the sensible questions seemed to have been asked, but my question is - Can I customise the light show? (LED's on the bottom)? ie, can I make it react to the music, not just the playhead position?

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    My main questions about the new MKIII:

    (I will focus most of my questions on points that have not yet been hardly addressed in any great detail. Many others have already been asked by other users).

    • Why did you decide to only use 4 cue points? The symbiosis of MKI and MKII would be very refreshing at first glance. But only related to the return of the browser and loop encoders. The main reason why I still prefer the MKI over MKII today is the use of 8 cue points. This is actually absolutely necessary, especially in view of the area of application. Will the workflow be similar here again, that i can only do it with the shift function? Then choosing different button shapes would be unfortunate as it would feel so very separating. Neither older CDJs, or Turntables, offer me the opportunity (Except for the CDJ 3000 and the Reloop RP 8000). If I want to add to a club setup, the X1 is my first choice, but I want to be able to work with it intuitively and reach the full potential of Traktor Pro and the offered areas on my X1. This doesn't seem to be the case at the moment.

    • Based on the pictures and videos on the web, it doesn't look as if the feedback from the LEDs is barrier-free or suitable in daylight, how does that work with the implementation of a daylight mode for the UI on Traktor Pro (roadmap / in progress)? Since I am too play often at festivals and in daylight, I have noticed this shortcoming several times. With the black buttons and the small cut-outs for the LED, it doesn't look like the new version is better suited for this. Then i have to rearrange my UI from Traktor to see the on and off state of mixer or filter actions. Especially in daylight situations this is at the moment a no go. My hopes are based of a quick implementation based on your raodmap.

    • The same applies to the screens. Will they have a daylight mode?

    • Why did you decide to have several small screens that glow with overloaded information, instead of one (or maybe two / one per deck side) larger one, which could be designed more clearly and with more structure?

    • Will it be possible to set the information displayed on it yourself?

    • The soft case, which can be seen in the product video, also seems to be very flexible (spongy). Why has the size of the device been changed compared to its predecessors and why are there no longer aluminum stands that keep the equipment stable and non-slip at the same height to bring turntables, mixers and CDJs on one level? Is there anything else planned here?

    • How exactly is the term "modular" to be understood, which is often used in the former presentation in connection with the innovations? So far this part doesn't open up to me, unless you include the USB hub, which is also nothing new in-universe (Z2, S4, etc.).

    • Why did you integrate a mixer mode, but left out the mixer FX? In my opinion, an integrated sound card is also missing here to make more sense of it. If i hade to use an exernal soundcard these days it would be fully integrated in 3party equipment (Mixers / CDJs and so on). Since I am so dependent on an external one, the integration still makes little sense for me to replace my older X1. If i chose the soundcard on the mixer i have already en EQ Faders an Most of it Mixer FX. Or if i decide to go with a mini setup to a garden party or similar, i would prefer some 3party equipment e.g. Reloop Mixtour or AKAI AMX instead of a Z1, because there are more options to integrate players and stuff.

    • Will the USB HUB have a 2.0 or 3.x interface?

    The main reason for many questions comes to me because you have decided on a new form factor, which theoretically offers more space for technical integration an redesigned user interace. But it has not seamlessly combined the best of the worlds before without making any compromises. It is still way too uncomfortable in sizes to come up to the same working level with club standards and has not integrated various features that the software offers and are actively used in a daily DJ set.

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    Hello everybody, very happy to see all the excitement, comments and questions on the X1 here. It will take us a bit to go through them over the next couple days but let me already start with answering the first ones for today.

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    When you turn the loop encoder, the loop size takes the whole screen to allow to have good visibility. It's also possible to choose which information you want to display in a bigger font size on the loop screen between "Loop Size", "Remaining time" and "Elapsed time".

    1 - Yes. Sync + encoder changes the BPM accordingly.

    2 - Yes. You can enable the midi mode by pressing SHIFT + the top central layer button.

    3 - There is not interface for X1MK3 in controller editor as MIDI is natively implemented in the device and doesnt require the controller editor.

    4 - Not yet but this is definitively on our roadmap.

    5 - In the dedicated X1 preferences you will be able to e.g. assign the shift layer of Hotcues 1-4 to hotcues 5-8 but based on userfeedback we will be updating the customization options over time so there might be more flexibility coming soon.

    6 - Not planned.

    7 - No they are not.

    8 - No they are not.

    9 - Not for the moment.

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    So far, SHIFT + Loop encoder will always jump of a loop size.

    If you want to consistently jump one beat, you can set a fixed beatjump size for the nudge buttons (or SHIFT + Nudge buttons).

    Once overmapping will be available you will also be able to map the crossfader to any control you like.

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    1 - We have no plan so far to enable compatibility of this unit for iOS

    2 - We are currently still working on the bag to be available soon. Once we have the final details we will be able to comment on price and release date. The X1 currently comes with a nice soft cloth bag to give it a bit of protection.

    3 - The upcoming bag will also act as a stand, like the current one. The current stand will not fit the new X1 as the new X1 has a bigger formfactor.

    Thanks a lot for the comment and nice words.

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    The controller has a MIDI layer so it can be mapped to any MIDI capable software. So it is not Traktor only.

    We think even without a NI mixer or interface product, the new X1 very well integrates into an existing setup, given that Traktor supports any audio interface these days and also a lot of mixers have an integrated audio interface these days.

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    Thanks a lot. There are a couple layers to your question.

    1. There will be a natively integrated MIDI mode with hardcoded midi devices for sending and receiving from and to the unit.

    2. We will be working on making the unit overmapping compatible so you will be able to adjust the mapping in the controller editor.

    3. We already offer a couple easy remapping option for the controller via dropdowns in the dedicated X1 MK3 preferences and we will be listening to our users on which the most common remapped functions will be to also add them as part of the preferences page.

  • MichaelK_NI
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    Unfortunately the old stands will not work as the new X1 MK3 has a slightly bigger footprint which allowed us to design it with better ergonomics in mind. We are currently finalising the details for the updated bag which will also act as a stand. So stay tuned for updates on that one.

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    Thanks a lot. Glad to hear you like it. I think you will be happy to hear that we plan to further develop the featureset of the X1 MK3 over time. Even without a firmware update we will be able to add additional pages to the controller.

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    Yes. Also the bottom buttons (except SHIFT) are RGB as well.

  • MichaelK_NI
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    There will be a bag/stand as an additional accessory which will bring it up to mixer hight. We are just finalizing the details. So stay tuned for the updates on this.

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