MacOS 14 Sonoma issues with Native Access



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    Thank you kidslow, this is very helpful, and you are correct why bury this and not make it visible or offer me this version while i was connected to support? its sad but i wont succumb to it. Anywho, moving right along to Sonoma i don't think Reaktor is compatible just yet, here is that link, i just got lucky that everything i use is compatible. i also have Reaktor, battery and FM8( which i haven't even attempted to install) but N.I site doesn't say they are compatible, then again it doesn't say kontak 7 is compatible either, i guess the only way to know is to try. Good Luck

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    > @"Gordon Murrison" said:
    > To those having trouble downloading on Sonoma... Check if you have Private Relay enabled in your iCloud settings. After turning it off and restarting NTKDaemon, downloads are working for me.
    > Thanks to @DonnyMacc for the suggestion.

    This fixed my issue - disable Private Relay (System Settings -> iCloud -> Private Relay - OFF) and restarting 'NTKDaemon' - Activity Monitor - Force Quit the process
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    Hi, I've just updated Native Access and unfortunately it won't open on my Mac OS BIG SUR 11.6.5.

    I also have the KOMPLETE 14 COLLECTORS EDITION version. Does anyone have any ideas?

    I've installed it again, but it still won't open: "Native Access quit unexpectedly".

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    Please open a thread of your own in the appropriate sub-forum and give all necessary information including computer type , OS version , Native Access version and any other info that might be of help including error messages ! Or alternatively contact support right away instead !

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    sorry ash ;)

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    How to Downgrade from Native Access 2 to Native Access 1 !!!!! just checked this one on the website.

    Thanks so much !! it worked and got back my Kontakt, Reaktor and Kontakt banks all working !!!!

    Crazy to see that in March this issue is still on going .....

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    NI is a horrifying customer experience.

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