MacOS 14 Sonoma issues with Native Access



  • mbishop
    mbishop Member Posts: 3 Member

    Darn, got the same message basically, even with 3.8.0. I'm happy to provide whatever data is helpful to your developers in trying to reproduce this and to test patch releases.

    I filed a ticket to get in touch at your suggestion.


  • Gordon Murrison
    Gordon Murrison Member Posts: 4 Member

    I'm also getting the 'Download failed' error when trying to install any product with v3.8.0. I'm on an Apple M3, macOS Sonoma 14.2. Full Disk Access is on and I don't have any VPN, ad blocker or anti-virus.

    I've raised a ticket and I'm happy to help gather logs and debug this issue.

  • Gordon Murrison
    Gordon Murrison Member Posts: 4 Member

    To those having trouble downloading on Sonoma... Check if you have Private Relay enabled in your iCloud settings. After turning it off and restarting NTKDaemon, downloads are working for me.

    Thanks to @DonnyMacc for the suggestion.

  • tombuur
    tombuur Member Posts: 16 Member

    For me Native Access 3.8 finally works after two months of trouble. Just managed to download and install Lores. So far that has been impossible even when using my old pc laptop and transferring to mac.

  • plepola
    plepola Member Posts: 7 Member
    edited December 2023

    Finally, downloads were successful. Thanks for the 3.8.0! First, I got a notification that the download failed. I'm unsure what helped, but I adjusted the Private Relay, booted the machine, and switched NKTDaemon's full disk access off and back on. After this, NKTDaemon reinstallation started; after that, downloading works! Then I adjusted the Prive Relay back, and the downloading continued. 🤔

    Even though finding a solution took far too long, I'm satisfied. Hopefully, NI will start testing the new MacOS version earlier next year.


  • indrawan_henri_99
    indrawan_henri_99 Member Posts: 29 Member

    if somebody has stradivari cello issues then please let me now, thank you

  • Powah
    Powah Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Was experiencing the Native Access download failed error also. However after installing UA apps, NA apps then downloaded and installed successfully.

    I’m not certain why, though wonder if the UA requirement to change a security setting from within macOS recovery mode contributed.

    New to the forum so cannot share a link to the vid, but search youtube for this title “UA: How to install UAD software on Apple Silicone Computers”

    macOS 14.2.1 M3 Max

  • Tommyd
    Tommyd Member Posts: 21 Member

    I can't even get Native Access on Apple Silicon to launch on Sonoma 14.2.1 I tried running NI Support Tool - it also won't launch. Both are asking for Rosetta.

  • AxodiboxA
    AxodiboxA Member Posts: 1 Member

    It's February 2024—4 months since Sonoma's release. Still, as it has been said, we must wait a few more months before NI becomes 100% compatible. By the time NI finished with Sonoma, Apple would roll out a public beta of macOS 15. Considering how much has been invested into the newest MK3 keyboard and the Komplete 14 Ultimate collection, it's more than frustrating.

  • o.berg4
    o.berg4 Member Posts: 9 Member

    Spent a good chunk of my day too trying to figure out why the Komplete libraries weren't playing nice with macOS 14. Wish NI had given us a heads up before we dived into this mess.

  • dana ballinger
    dana ballinger Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    3.8.1 also hangs and cannot complete installation. So, hundreds of dollars wasted on Native Instruments...

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 9,965 mod

    Hey all, I've already put the link before. If you have issues with Native Access on Sonoma please get in touch with our support and let them know which products you are trying to install:

  • E.rex
    E.rex Member Posts: 10 Member

    I installed native instruments on Sonoma intel back in oct 2023, i had zero issues, kontak 7(many instruments) and Traktor 10.8+ 10.10, i even had to leave a few apps behind (even as i type this its still incompatible) People love to rant on about a companies slow moving progress just because we give them our dollars. N.I didn't put a gun to your head and told you to "put the money in the bag". You don't like how they operate, then sell your gear and move on. There's other companies out there. Just recently i had an issue with outdated Mojave and the installer app, after install it prompted me to upgrade the app, rendering it incompatible, it shouldn't force me to do that, it should stay at the version i downloaded until i decide to do so. I emailed them they sent me the link for the right version but it will still upgrade at the end of the process. I been with them for about 10 years now, ill keep what i have and make the best of it. Some of the complaining is warranted , though its not a good look. Hate to come off so harsh, but sometimes things need to be said.

  • kidslow
    kidslow Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

    They did put out a fix for the stupid auto-update upon exit problem with Mojave, but it's buried deep inside a forum post and not SEO friendly so hard to find ... instead of published as an official terminal release for Mojave on their legacy release page, as would be the customer-friendly way to handle such a show stopper.

    Getting ready to jump from Big Sur to Sonoma, and my takeaway is get everything downloaded & installed how I want it prior, in case something breaks on the far side that takes time to fix. I upgrade my macs in punctuated equilibriums. I've been aged out of newest version of Komplete Kontrol and some Adobe products however. Hoping this will make the Reaktor ensembles available in KK again. One can only hope.

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