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  • Justin Lipsey
    Justin Lipsey Member Posts: 4 Member

    I am extremely excited about the autosampler functionality coming! I would love to see the third party Kontakt library support be a lot better, I have 100gb of sound I downloaded from Pianobook that are hit or miss when I attempt to load them. I am crossing my fingers that I mini version of Ozone appears on the + so that I do not have to export my beats to my DAW. I think any improvements to tracking vocals, mixing and mastering would be icing on the cake for my current use case.

  • thedavewalker
    thedavewalker Member Posts: 6 Newcomer

    Neat idea, thank you.

    Only problem is the four tracks are each a different BPM, I'd have to memorize what to change the tempo to before I hit play I guess. So that leads to another request - automated BPM changes?

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,573 Expert

    You may write BMP to the name of section.

    But, it would be nice to have automated BPM changes. But there are no global automations....

  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 1,044 Expert

    There we go for another Feature Request which is even more important on a standalone unit:

    • Global Modulation Track for Mix, Mutes, Tempo and any FX on the Main Bus
    • Global Modulation Group holds Patterns for Scenes
    • Global Modulation Group holds Clips for Song
  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 1,044 Expert

    And a small one:

    The current M+ Manual has no table of content PDF structure. The previous one had it.

    Please always release PDF Manuals with TOC structure enabled.

  • djneural
    djneural Member Posts: 25 Helper

    I can't wait to see the details about v1.4🤩 I hope there are some "surprise" features as well (please Vocal FX !!).

    To add a bit to my previously posted opinion/improvements :

    Stability :

    I personally experience quite often the internal audio glitches requiring to move the audio interface selector so I hope it is fixed in this release. But overall I wouldn't rate the M+ "underpowered " as many commenters and reviewers have said. Maybe a "group clean-up" feature would help on that by deleting any unused pads in the group.

    I also have a very bad experience of my own sample library management. For me this feature just doesn't seem to be finished yet. Many bugs causing me the need to start-over my M+ installation and limits in terms of browsing. I also hope this update puts an end to these problems.

    Workflow :

    As for the layout and workflow, well there is not much to complain, it's so well thought, once you get used to this you hardly quit. Hardest part to get used to is the note editing, I still often don't forget how to select/move/fix notes but I guess it'll come with time.

    Song mode is not my preferred but I like the concept of clips being assignable to different sections without cloning. This helps a lot if you want to change something in your project afterwards and knowing that also helps advancing in your song project without thinking too much.

    My previous post covered pretty well what I would like as features and in terms of platform openness (user expansions, .WAV folders based multi-sample etc...).

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,573 Expert

    It has been requested in Maschine 2 SW for years..... Would be nice.... Maybe the need of it in M+ will make NI implement it in Maschine SW and so also in M+.....

  • Akira-76
    Akira-76 Member Posts: 40 Helper

    A lot of people reported this behavior when I was looking for advices about Program Change. Some said that they already reported it to the support team without clear answer or 'it will be fixed one day". So, for me it was already known by NI since the release of Maschine+, but since no official communication came out about it and people said "NI didn't communicate much, you have to deal with the device as it is", I just give up (as other people I think) to report it to the support team.

    When I read "Maschine+ is Maschine Software on a box", I don't understand :

    • why some features are not present on Maschine+ (is that bugs? or done on purpose?)
    • why some behaviors are not the same (is that bugs? or done on purpose?)

    No communication at all.

    If behaviors are not the same on Maschine+ compare to Maschine software and features are missings, and experienced people with NI products said "it is done on purpose", how can I identify that some behaviors that are not the same are bugs?

  • Matt_NI
    Matt_NI Administrator Posts: 948 admin

    @Jeremy_NI Can you dig a bug for this specific behaviour @Akira-76 is mentioning?

    @Akira-76 In any case, if you experience a bug, you really should contact our team so we can add your report to the bug. I know it sounds like a lot to ask but the more we get the better chance we have to prioritize it over something else. We can't always give an timeline on bug fixes especially if we have only a handful of reports but reporting is really key.

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,573 Expert


    if I think something might be a bug, I report it NI. Regardless, what other users say or do not say.

    My experience is, that what seemed me as a bug, has been resolved in the next release.

    Generally, the more requests to solve certain bug, the higher probability, it gets higher priority..... Mainly, if it is not too complex thing to solve, or it is obviously serious bug....

  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 2,050 mod
    edited February 2022

    @Kubrak said:

    if I think something might be a bug, I report it NI. Regardless, what other users say or do not say.

    Yes, that sounds reasonable. If no one reports it might never get fixed.

    I can directly report a bug to m+ team if I am 100% sure it's a bug and can reproduce it, on a thread like this with so many posts about other things it's very hard to discuss and confirm anything ... So if anyone finds a bug make a proper thread for it exclusively, threads like that also serve as a way to share a workaround if there is one until the issue is fully resolved; spreading bug reports across huge threads is a no-no IMHO.

    This includes you @Akira-76, I was reading through your description and Step Mod recording seems to work fine for me but I am confused about why you're expecting a Step Mod to apply to the whole pattern.

    Also, the lack of a feature or a slightly different implementation due to the platform being different is not a bug, a bug is when an existing feature doesn't work or behave as intended.

  • TheLoudest
    TheLoudest Member Posts: 110 Advisor
    edited February 2022

    I don't know how you guys manage to use Step Mod recording...I tried again and couldn't make anything clean.

    Impossible for me to work without a visual feedback of the values.

    And why on earth automations are expressed in %? (instead of their real values)

    if there is no bug here, and all is working and behave as intended : it is (at very least) a really weird implementation imo...

  • Akira-76
    Akira-76 Member Posts: 40 Helper
    edited February 2022

    As I explained, for me it was not a bug... But done on purpose.

    I will not report here that is obviously a bug.

    I create a tread the last month here about features request where I've express it, no one from NI say that it might be a bug. It is only when I mentioned it here in details that suddenly "it might be a bug".

    It is written on the documentation that pourcentage will appear.

    You point out the point with the step automation, as it is, it is imo quite unusable for midi. Also, I don't see the point, why percentage? It is less precise that common value.

    @D-One See the thing here. How a user that is new on Maschine environment but use to used Hw grooveboxes can tell if the way the step modulation edition work is on purpose or if it might be a bug somewhere? By following the documentation and see the result you just say "it need improvement". But never you will thing that it is a bug.

    I have written on some forum that I don't thing that NI tested all the use cases promoted on advert when you see the difficulty of setting Program Change. It is not a new technology of working with Program Change. So how it could be that it was not tested?

  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 1,044 Expert

    @TheLoudest wrote:

    And why on earth automations are expressed in %? (instead of their real values)


    • it is not automation but modulation, which is a different concept
    • it is relative to the current setting of a knob, so if the base value changes, the modulation is adjusted accordingly

    This is a basic Maschine concept which becomes very clear once you use it in the way it was originally designed for (which is not sequencing external gear).

  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 2,050 mod
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    And why on earth automations are expressed in %? (instead of their real values)

    @Akira-76 said:

    It is written on the documentation that pourcentage will appear.

    I don't see the point, why percentage? It is less precise that common value.

    I think one or both of you are confusing Automation with Modulation...

    As for "Why"? I think it's because modulation is relative to knob position, so it uses percentage as an indication of how much the knob will move relative to the point where it is instead of values because the values aren't fixed, they can change later... For example, after Modulation is recorded you can still change the knob resting position, this will change how the recorded modulation affects the parameter, and therefore all values, it's not an absolute value like AUTOMATION is (which can only be external in Maschine, it doesn't exist internally).

    This is hard to visualize on the M+ because... well it has no visualization at all for modulation lanes nor do you see the knobs moving - but it's really simple to grasp on the desktop software, take a look:

    The above behavior of changing a value that is being Modulated is not something people are used to coming from DAW's and whatnot (even tho it works the same way). You can see me moving the knob with the mouse and how it affects the value range below and it's effect on the moving dot.

    In STEP Modulation with internal instruments you actually do see the value instead of a percentage, here I am recording STEP MOD to the Tune param of the Sampler for example:

    In the above, I see the actual values, in semi-tones but if I use the AUTO button instead then I'll just see a %, now why this difference between the two methods of recording modulation !? That I have no idea, would love an answer too.

    STEP MOD = Hold a pad in STEP Mode and twist knobs.

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