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    The M+ is still only 1 year and 2,5 months old at the time this post was written. saw people crying their souls out about NI softwares still running through Rosetta on M1 macs saying “it’s 2 years now”, no it’s not. None of the akai devices have been “a more finished product” since their launch compared to the M+. The few things M+ lacks right now might be important, but still, as it is, it’s a much better STANDALONE unit, the best on the market by far, and still not being close to reaching its potential yet.

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    Ok, that is true. But again, the Mk3 has the same problem, and the solution is to use MIDI Instrument macros.

    (There is a whole universe of problems lurking in that topic, which is mostly unrelated to the M+ as such: There are way too few provided by NI, there is no User Library to collect, exchange and improve them, they’re a major PITA to create)

    Comparing MK3 alone and M+ is still pointless, because MK3 without Computer is not a groovebox. So the power and capability of the combo MK3+Computer is clearly far beyond M+. Your argument is pointless.

    To me it seems you are using the M+ in a way it wasn’t designed for and you are rejecting the proposed solution.

    Sorry, but even you take the M+ as it is, it fail in many points of what he suppose to be. The device was very buggy on release (when a device is released, at least the company who sold it, have to be sure it work well). So, fix was released after the release of M+ to fix some bugs. It is not normal. And outside that, the aim of M+ is to be an "autonome" groovebox. It is how it was advertise. "Autonome" mean for example that you didn't need computer to work properly. So, as written, when you create a preset, you can't tag it on the device (ergonomically it is a fail), also you can't rename sample (when you sample a lot, you just can't keep your work organized). Is that for you still an "autonome" device? So, M+ fail to be fully autonome, and the "use" you mention just confirm it.

    Regarding standalone or not compared to the MPC: You need a computer to organize samples, create Expansions and change MIDI note maps there as well. Raises the question where to draw the line to call a device standalone.

    I, personaly didn't expect that a groovebox, M+ or MPC, is a place to create expansion or very complex things. But since you can sample, create presets, interact with external gear the minimum will be to be able to organize them without a computer. It is where the concept of "Standalone" have a sense imho.

    If M+ will not have functions to deal with external synth, ok I will not expect to have Program change management or macro or midi learn (for example Circuit Rhythm and the Electribe, I didn't expect for them to have Program Change function for external gear). But since M+ have this kind of functions, so, as "standalone" device it is normal to expect at least a better Program change management, and the ability to create macro. Since you have to create macro with a computer, sorry but it is not "standalone".

    Oh, then you missed three years of growing pains with the Live and X. Most of what you see there, especially regarding MIDI, was added in later releases after lots of complaints.

    Now they have a useful MIDI implementation, which is great. That wasn’t always the case.

    However, unlike M+ having lots of great syths on board, the MPC line needs to offer integration of external synths (initially, they had no synths at all).

    My arguments about that is : A device have to be finished on release. I am also not agree with the way Akai release the MPC. Also Roland with his MC-707 (that I didn't buy due to that). It is not normal to release device that are too buggy and didn't have the functions that is common sense or that was advertised. And also, how can you defend a groovebox that have less functionality than grooveboxes / midi sequencer from the end of the 90s until 2010, when they where released? it is objectively a regression, and that have to be point out and criticized.

    I buy my MPC One only when the firmware 2.1 was released. I though that the M+ was "ready" with the latest firmware, but I was wrong. I followed the opinion of people like you that say "all is good, M+ is a great piece of device. Exist drawbacks but it is ok", but clearly no, whatever the synth or fx implementation. Great synth and fx didn't make on their own a good groovebox. I am not a professional musician and didn't want to be. I just play at home and sometimes around. I try to produce computer-less as possible, so I know the cumbersomeness of dealing HW gear, and sorry M+ is not actually a "good" piece of gear and not "standalone enough", and more dramatically M+ is not what NI pretend it is. And compare to a squarp pyramid that is only midi, the M+ actually is "not finished". A Squarp pyramid is more standalone than the M+, what a shame compare to a device that is only midi...

    As written also, clearly I am unhappy with M+, and the question I ask here is : what is planned, and when "improvement" will be released to decide if I keep the M+ or if I sell it?. Simple question that a roadmap can answer. And, I know that a lot of people wait this answer too from NI to decide also if it is worth to keep the M+ or not.

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    I have the impression you are using the M+ in a way the whole Maschine concept was not designed for, and beside mentioning some already well known issues, you reject known workarounds just for the sake of complaining.

    Sorry, but you are wrong. It is a repetition, but first of all, it is written everywhere as advertisement that : M+ is Maschine software on a box... (ok, except the power of a compter) If it is, again, why you can't create macro? why you can't tag presets, etc...

    I ask mainly only things that exist on Maschine Software and didn't need a horse power specs. I would be happy if at least : macro / tag can be edited, and for Program change, if at least I could record on the first step of a pattern a PG and M+ act as Maschine software, but when a PG is record this way M+ send 2 values instead of one, so I have to create an extra pattern only for PG. This behavior didn't happen on Maschine software. If it is a bug, will it be fixed? No answer yet from NI.

    So you are wrong, even workaround for basics things is not like Maschine software. Workaround due to audio limitation is "normal" because I don't expect the M+ to be as powerfull as a computer. But, as you know even NI recognized that audio processing is not optimized. So M+ fail to be as it is designed for... Nothing else to say.

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    what is planned, and when "improvement" will be released to decide if I keep the M+ or if I sell it?

    @Akira-76 with or without roadmap, it is pointless to wait for features to make any device useful to you. May never happen, even if planned.

    Sell it NOW!

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    On the contrary as you seem to though I am "constructive" guy and not selfish. It's why I create first a tread about feature request (I was not the first one).

    @Percivale wrote here :

    I had a MK2 and am looking out to get the M+. However, when I try to scout around for information, more often than not, a recurring theme comes up that the device is bugged out. Random crashes and freezes, audio glitches and other weird behaviour. I feel that this is doing great damage to NI's reputation and a disservice to a very solid piece of gear.

    Here is where the road map becomes relevant. It would be an acknowledgement that the device does have issues but the company is committed to undertake to resolve them and repay the loyalty of Maschine community with new and improved functionality in the coming years.

    @Matt @ NI who create this tread wrote that he will check if he can send us information. So I let a chance of a couple of week. It will be usefull not only for me but for all people (a lot of people) who have the same opinion as me, and will do the same thing.

    As I wrote, be sure, that I will sell my M+, if soon enough no roadmap or planned changes will be officially released.

    Imho, customers have to force in a way or another, companies to respect them by releasing finished products or at least to inform customers of what they plan in details (see what happen with Cyberpunk 2077). If they fail to do it, less and less people will buy their products. If NI want to attract people, disappointing customers is definitively not a good way.

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    Absynth pleeeaaaassse 😎

  • Matt_NI
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    who create this tread wrote that he will check if he can send us information. So I let a chance of a couple of week. It will be useful not only for me but for all people (a lot of people) who have the same opinion as me, and will do the same thing.

    @Akira-76 I'm on it and should have the scope of the next update to share here by next week actually.

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    Sounds good! So I take it this means that the scope of the 1.4 update has been locked in and now it's just a matter of enough testing until release..?

    PS: Can someone who devs the forum take a look at that quote? I think the usernames have been switched around by too many consecutive quotes.. bug?

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    That quote looks messed up, I'll check this with the team.

    The scope is locked-in afaik but I'll get the full rundown sometime this week or next Monday. The team will share a status update with more info too.

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    Can you please also ask are bugs X1200-1819 and MAS2-29153 also in scope?

  • TheLoudest
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    yes... + GuitarRIG (even a "lite version")

    and I guess that would be all good for me... :-)

    the possibility of recording a guitar (with a DIbox) and having the effects, amps and cabs simulation etc. directly in Maschine+ would be great

    and Absynth was my favorite virtual instrument a long time ago (when I was making music with a computer)

    it would therefore be totally insane to retrieve this brilliant software in a standalone groovebox...

    (plus, if I remember correctly it was one of the VSTs that didn't take up too much CPU...)

  • OhulahanBass
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    Absyth would be pretty darn cool to have.

    Honestly though, it may be tough to have satisfactory editing experience with one parameter row and 8 knobs for a synth with massive amount of parameters. Maybe if you could see multiple pages of parameters at once on the screen. Like each page is a row on a 4 x 8 matrix where you can simultaneously edit 8 parameters 1 row at a time. The ad vantage would be seeing all the parameters at once without paging through them.

  • Matt_NI
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    I had a M+ when it was first available for preorder. Loved it. The crashes and stuff didn't bothered me that much because I make music for fun and don't perform live, although at the initial price... well I expected better. that being said, I just ordered another one from Thomann today.

    Some of these might be addressed but here it goes anyway:

    !!! A way to monitor the master volume.

    I would love better sample management features:

    • using samples from external drives is a bit awkward. and If i remember correctly you can't drill down too deep in folders. Must have because most libraries are having tons of subfolders.
    • opening a project with missing samples because you unplugged your stick is well.. not working (at least it wasn't when I had it)
    • save project with samples and then recording some more and save with samples again... wasn't working for me properly
    • If I load a sample from library/external and trim it, normalize it, etc... a lot of sample[1], sample[2], etc. were created and never deleted.

    A way to vizualize / edit automation in the pattern context and not only on the knobs.

    A way to touch the encoder and scroll through pages of Filter, OSC, Amp, etc. on a synth instead of cycling pages like a maniac.

    Line IN is as quiet as on the MK3. Maybe make it more hot so I don't have to normalize everything?

    Support USB external keyboard (for typing names), or make the pads "ABC", "DEF", like the keyboards on old phones..

    I would love to see an Amp Simulator effect (a slim down version of Guitar Rig maybe).

  • pau_artes
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    Hi NI team!…any news about the next update? im wondering two things:

    1.-What about the bluetooth connectivity? when i bought i was expecting share audio files to import or export, or use bluetooth headphones and midi devices, but so far, seems be useles after 1 year since the release of the product. what we can expect about this.?

    2.- Why not exist a maschine plus template for ableton live? on the controller editor when maschine plus is conected, the only template available is the mackie one, if i select the panel the maschine mk3 there is a template, but im not able to find the way to use or export it to with the maschine plus, there is a way to use it?

    thanks in advance for your attention and support

    pd: sorry about the horrible english!

    kind regards!

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