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    My 'tag' says 'PoorFellow' , yes! I am poor compared to many others , but the tag is actually about making a statement and about an attitude...

    Being interested in sound more than in music then what initially spurred my interest and brought me to were first and foremost Lores and Choir : Omnia . I spotted those when Komplete were version 13 (?) and when Lores and Choir : Omnia were new arrivals not included with Komplete. With respective prices (?) of (now) € 200 and € 400 then I realized that I would not have so much money that I would ever invest that much money into single library purchases like that. But then Komplete 14 arrived. I bought the Komplete S-61 MK2 and got the Komplete Select , and when spotting the upgrade prices on the sale I then upgraded to Komplete 14 Standard.

    Then yesterday I finally bought the upgrade from Komplete 14 Standard to Komplete 14 Collectors Edition and finally got both Lores and Choir : Omnia . Now , of course after all that time then most any inspiration that I may have had are washed away by the sands of time , but maybe it will return.

    At least now I finally got what I wanted !

    Thank you very much at N.I. for the nice prices at the recent and still ongoing Sale ! 🙂

  • Milos
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    I am Milos and i use couple of NI products.

    They are really cool and mostly stable now!

    I am trying to enrich the music I compose with Kontakt, enrich the tone, vibe and even master the mixing with GR (almost at it!), and with Reaktor experimenting with electronic sounds and effects!

    Composing nearly every genre as a hobby, and practising sound design for fun (to create unique and traditional Hollywood sound effects with Noise Machine as a sound source, and plugins from Modify, Filter, EQ, Reverb and Dynamics as the shapers of the sound)!

    Just having fun for now!

    Who knows?

    Maybe I will become the indie producer one day?

    Only God knows!

    Stay safe, people.

    And enrich your life with music.

  • philmusic39
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    je m'appelle Philippe , pseudo philmusic . j'ai 67 ans . ancien guitariste , clavieriste , et saxophoniste , j'ai plaisir a jouer sur Yamaha tyros 5.

    Webmaster du forum , je me suis mis a m'interesser a NI en achetant des VST surtout guitares , qui completait celle que j'avais déja sur d'autres marques.

    et petit a petit , j'ai évolué sur Cubase en integrant BIAB , et maintenant NI. je viens d'acheter un S49 MK3 , et je vais découvrir ces nouveaux VST et effects , afin de faire des compositions un peu plus élaborées .

    j'aime le bon son.

    J'aurai surement des questions a vous poser , mais avec le traducteur google , cela va etre dur de se faire comprendre , mais on va essayer.

    je suis un fan de rock des années 80 . mon groupe préféré est les floyds . ma chanson de ce moment est Uncle Lucius : keep the volves away

  • innerdrum
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    Hola all! I'm Nicolas from Argentina.

    I'm in my 40s and for the first time with a controller (S2 mk3) since last year i broke my dj mixer.

    I play a lot of downtempo, hip hop, fusion, disco and house. Streaming on twitch twice a week.

    I heard this dark dub recently and love it! hope u like it too

    Automat - Standing (can't post links yet 'cause new member)

  • joe_soul
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    Hello! I'm Joe Soul, or "soulREBEL360", and I've been making beats and collecting records for nearly 30 years of my life. My early days of music production involved a Roland VS-1680, Alesis HR-16, MPC2kXL, and a Yamaha DJX keyboard. Portability lead me down the path of building my first computer that would be exclusively used for music production. Started off using Magix Music Generator until Fruity Loops came out and blew my mind. From there, I eventually moved to Acid Pro until I copped a Digi002 that came with a full copy of Pro Tools 7. I hated that DAW with a passion because, to me, it was overly I moved to Ableton Live, which is where I'm at to this day. My journey with NI with the MK1 mini. I discovered that I could make the same shxt I was making back when I was 100% hardware. I on I copped a Maschine MK2 that eventually broke (dead pads and janky pots ... I bought it used and trust me I WORE IT OUT!), and then Maschine Studio. I currently rock both a MK3, MK3 mini, and the A61 (to accompany my Push 2 and APK mini MK3).

    I have literally COUNTLESS unfinished tracks, which seems to be the common theme here in these forums lol! You can check me out on my SoundCloud page (search for "soulREBEL360" ...mostly old stuff but still dope, nonetheless), and Instagram (under the same name). Let's make dope music together!

  • G3n05ha
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    Hi everybody,

    i'm G3n from France, 3 words about me: emotions, sensitivity and creativity.

    I'm using NI products since my first maschine micro mk2 and fell in love instantly.

    I'm working with:

    . Maschine +

    . Maschine micro MK2

    . Komplete Kontrol M32

    . Komplete audio 2

    . next dream: Traktor Kontrol S2

    I love movie scoring, video game music, Hip Hop, Drum&bass, orchestral, classical... everything that sends me energy.

    Very happy to be here <3

  • Jacco
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    Hi Music lovers,

    Myself in 3 words: Technician, musiclover, DJ

    I'm Jacco from Holland. Music collector and DJ started in 1985 as a hobby. Together with my full-time IT skills .. it's still a hobby ;-) I'm using Traktor (on a Windows laptop) since like forever (since 2010) without NI hardware. I'd like to stay brand independent. I own a few Allen & Heath Xone:4D's, a pair of Technics SL1200 MKII's (from 1992) loads of records and timecode records and recently got a pair of Rane Twelves. A few time a month I DJ for audience with a Pioneer set connected to Traktor. Personal taste: (Electronic) dance music for all ages.

    Song I've been listening recently: Kraftwerk - Spacelab

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