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    Hey Andy, please note that our community is in English only, as mentioned in our code of conduct sticked on top of the page where you create a new discussion.

    Regarding Kontakt, here is the german manual.

  • AndrewF
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    G'day all, Hello from Melbourne Oz.

    New user here, having just purchased a Maschine Mikro Mk3 and having my first play.

    I've never used any form of pad controller before so lots to learn (and I mean LOTS!) and probably lots of dumb questions to ask too...

    Recently retired (I'm an old fart, my first "record player" was a portable unit that played 78's! In case anyone here knows what they were... lol) and rediscovered the joy of music from back when I was a kid, when I played guitar and dabbled in recording jazz bands live at a musicians club/bar/hangout etc and I'm enjoying getting back into it again. Getting lessons from a great guitar teacher and enjoying the ride...

    Have already picked up some tips from you guys and gals (thanks!) and hope to learn lots more.



  • giovannibiancofiore
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    🙂 Hi I'm Giovanni. In my setup I have a Maschine MK3 that I'm learning to use.

    Self-taught musician. I am very interested in sound design and the exploration and interaction of sounds, whether they come from musical instruments or everything around us.

    I am convinced that the use of synthesizers can help human beings to rebalance themselves, and therefore I study sounds to create musical sequences that can do this.

    We are frequencies and everything that emits frequencies interacts with us.

    There are countless songs that I can't stop listening to, the first that comes to mind is Röyksopp - Sordid Affair

  • TvMcC
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    Hi I'm Titus,

    3 words to describe me would be Odd, Fun, Different.

    While I've just joined the forums, I've been fond of NI for a while, and once won a copy of Massive X as part of a comp. for making a glitched out song! +)

    As for a song I've been listening to a lot lately this came to mind:

  • pj1240
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    Hi I've been making and playing music for a while - play the bass but now mainly dable in electronic music. Have Been Using NI gear for about 2 years and still trying to get my head round it. Go under the name Endless Inbetween. Have a few tracks released but hope to get a lot more finished and out there this year.

  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    Hi all, this is my current set up

    Traktor S4mk3 and 2 F1’s

    12 inch skin on F1’s and DJ Skin on S4

    Gold and Black Faders n Knobs from DJ Techtools

  • Treibklang
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    dann sage ich auch mal Hallo und stelle Mich vor.



    Ich bin Dj Remixer und fange gerade an mit dem Produzieren.

    Ich komme aus Deutschland in der nähe von Stuttgart.

    Ich benutze seit Jahren Native Geräte und jetzt habe ich mir auch Komplete 12 Ultimate zugelegt

    warum ich mich hier angemeldet habe ist ganz einfach weil ich hören will was die Menschen für Meinungen zu Native haben was es neues gibt was der Support für Hilfe anbieten kann. Ich suche natürlich auch Leute die gerne Musik machen

    wenn also jemand Interesse haben sollte einem neuen ein wenig unter die Arme zu greifen und er im Bereich Techno sein zuhause haben sollte dann gerne mir eine Nachricht hinterlassen und ich verspreche mich zu melden wenn die Zeit es zulässt.

    Jetzt sage ich allen Hallo die meine ersten Zeilen hier lesen sollten und freue mich hier zu sein


  • edu44
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    Additionally, I make an effort to assist anyone who needs assistance with Maschine. While I try to check in sometimes, I am more active on social media platforms like Discord than I am here. Currently, "Eros" by Savant off his new album Krang is my fave song, which I can't stop listening to. It's fantastically excellent!

  • peganmor
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    Hi, I am still too shy to post my songs here, but promise that soon you will hear from me.

  • PascalHP HSMR
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    My first name is Pascal.

    I live in France, in a corner of Brittany

    To tell the truth, it was only in March 2022 that I acquired Kontakt 6, then Kontakt 7 and recently took advantage of a discount for Komplete 14 standard.

    I compose modestly on FL studio 21 RC 3b whose commands are translated into French .

    In computer music I started with software and at Magix Samplitude Music Studio, Cubase LE, then Sonar 4.7 and 8, Cakewalk by band lab, Studio One 5, Guitar Pro up to 8 and of course FL Studio The VSTs: Dimension Pro, Rapture and others supplied with Sonar, and mainly those from FL studio, Analog Lab V, and many others in addition

    to those offered in Komplete 14 Standard.

    I don't go regularly on the Native forum, it's especially that I don't master English at all (translation with Goggle and Edge).

    Which penalizes me but I have the main information of which no worries at my level.

    Metapop paved the way for me thanks to the challenges that motivated me to compose.

    Of course the rewards were very interesting but the goal was above all for me to do for the best and to develop my ability to do a neat job (not always successful by the way).

    Today I have good tools but the inspiration is not always present I keep confidence even if I advance little by little, I do it especially with pleasure.

    I have a profile on YouTube and on SoundCloud.

    It was to pass a greeting from my Brittany in France and happy to be part of the Native Instruments family (At my level of course).


  • ACorr
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    Alfonso is my name. Living in Spain.

    Been piqued by music and keyboards from a very looong time (used to have a Casio CZ 101 on low 90's), Club DJ on my 20's worked with those black (usually) round slim things called vinyls that loved and hated them (too).

    Studies and everything after (Wife, kids, ....) predated it left on a second, third or fourth level where almost never had physical time for it, but still daily heard music (very varied from Classical to Rock, going thru different genres of Electronica - mainly House music and other genres of EDM).

    From some years ago I was recording and editing some own vides and hanging them on Youtube. Instead of buying self cooked and maybe 99% useless sound collections, why I would not try to create them by myself to add to my own videos?

    Bite the bullet and bought a Maschine Mk3 and having it with Komplete select while I get the grasp of everything (man I'm quite rusted on those things!). Planning to get a Komplete Standard upgrade on next months to put my hands on things like Battery 4 and some Synths.

    Now I'm quite busy learning to use Maschine and starting to get some concepts and some use. Maybe someday I'll get a master keyboard to connect it to Maschine and make some things easier (or not), meanwhile I'm poking pads...


  • NMC
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    Hi all.

    I took music production pause for 8 years. ( moving, new career, child..) Now im back. Im slowly puzzling studio back, and NI is my place to go for Sw. In love with play series.

    I produced on several albums, Dj-ed clubs for 5 years... Worked on radio station ...and now I work with hearing aids. What a circle right?

    Three words: Libra, order, creativity.

    Song stuck in my mind: well, every beat I start nowdays LOL

  • Sausagefingers
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    Hi, Dave here from Derby, England. I have just landed, but have been interested in keyboards since the 1970's and the days of prog rock. I started on a Roland RS505 Paraphonic Strings,, and moved up toa Synergy II, then a DX7. I developed RSI from computer keyboards at work which led to a 30 years absence, and now have a Yamaha MX61, which is light years ahead of the tech available when the RSI struck, bu quickly got into VSTs. I mainly play live in a worship band at church, and use a wonderful VST host called Cantabile which opens up all manner of possibilities.

    I have actually just retired today, (yes, I am an oldie!), and am looking forwards to getting into recording and music production, using Presonus Studio One, so watch this space.

    INcidentlly, my latest Kontakt library is Session Bassist - Icon Bass, and it is brilliant!

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