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    I'm one of those "other IT people" during the daytime. Leadership is my superpower but I don't wear a cape. Or pants. But that's just because Covid, and I always put on pants before joining a zoom call, I promise! 😲😆

    Before Covid, I had decided to move away from Guitar Rig due to lack of updates and lack of responsiveness from Native Instruments. And now of course, there's no future for the hardware, so just like with Kore, we have more NI equipment sitting in boxes or going to the landfills.

    So now I'm into pedals that have longer life-cycles than Native Instruments' hardware. Just a couple weeks ago I bought a couple of new Boss rigs, the GT-1000 and a GT-1B for bass. I recently got a new MacBook Pro, so now I'll be learning to code with it as well as doing music with PC and Mac! Well, and my pedals too maybe. This weekend, I just may try playing my trombone through a Tube Screamer, just to see if it's hazardous to people, animals, tomatoes, or cockroaches.

    Top things I want from Native Instruments include Komplete Kontrol Studio MK V, Maschine Stuido MK V, Guitar Rig MK V, and Kore MK V, and all of the Mark V hardware instruments would include bigger screens that can be tilted toward the user. Oh, and a promise from Native Instruments that they will never EVER make Komplete a subscription product. In writing, please.

    Welcome to all, and have a great weekend!

  • José David
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    Hello good! I'm José David and I've got Reaktor 6 and KK A-61 and I'm very happy. I still have a long way to go to control Reaktor but I'm working on it. I have extensive knowledge of harmony and I want to use it to create different things in electronics although I suppose that everything is already invented. I'm sick of real instruments and want to experiment with timbres and tempos. I hope to be of some use here!

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    Welcome to the club @José David 🤘

  • Bautabobb
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    I'm Bautabob - a Norwegian speaking lad raised in the woods. I stumbled across Kontakt 5 about 5 years ago, and found i wanted in on the platform because of the possibilities with using my own sounds in a library. Sevral years later i found that it is hard to make smart software being controlled by stupid boxes. Yes i am a guitarist.

    The three words that I'd use to describe myself are Music, Technology (when it works, not so much if not) and Love.

    In the moment I got a great song by the band: Igorrrr on my mind. Its called: Cheval

    amazing stuff. I am on this forum to seek help and find solutions where my knowledge ends. Hoping to be of help to others one day, but for now i need to learn stuff.

    All the best

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    Happy to have you here @Bautabobb 🚀

  • Raymondark
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    Hello everyone good evening, I'm new here although I've been producing music for many years, after saving and finally being accompanied by a good studio I decided to also include machine 2-mk3, komplete kontrol s49 mk2 and that's why I'm writing to you . Before acquiring the equipment I work with, I was and am surrounded by synthesizers but I wanted to make the leap to the latest native technology, my name is Ramon and my nickname is Raymondark in the world of music I live in Benicasim, Castellon (Spain)Thank you very much and good night again. Excuse my spelling mistakes I have used the Imac translator.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Glad you made the leap @Raymondark Welcome to the "other" side. 👽

  • PascalHP HSMR
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    Hello everyone, I just purchased a Kontakt 6 license last week. 

    I had the opportunity to use Guitar ring 3 with Sonar 8 from Cakewalk so NI was not unknown to me, but my choices were different.

    I have a license with Image Line: All plugins Edition. I also use Guitar pro 7, Samplitude from Magix 2022, Band in the box 2021 Cakewalk by Band Lab.

    I had a choice to make between Samplitude Pro and Kontakt which I chose because it (I hope) will allow me a better approach in the sounds I would like to exploit for the desire to compose fantastic and obscure ambient music.

    It was by watching tutorials for composing cinematic subjects that I was able to appreciate Kontakt and benefit from the discount for the purchase.

    As for English I admit I'm having a bit of trouble getting the hang of it (like with Fl Studio and Samplitude) but I'm taking it in small steps and well helped by various tutorials on Youtubes.

    I'm retired since two years and I can now devote myself fully to music, so I'm not here to burn the boards because I have neither the talent nor the ambition, just to enjoy composing.

    In fact, apart from film music, I really like Frank Zappa (hard to find a title to suggest to you) and everything related to progressive rock.

    I hope I have not been too long (text has been translated).

    Thank you for your attention.


  • Kumoeru
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    Hello. My name is Noel. I've been around music all my life, and have wanted to jump into music production for many years now. I finally got my first controller (Komplete Kontrol M32) and have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. So I guess my three words after rambling on for what seemed like an eternity and a half would be christian, clueless (music production-wise), and music-geek (had to squeeze in an extra word somehow).

    Now for the song I have on repeat, it's more two, instead of one. They are "Be Somebody" by Thousand Foot Krutch (I really want to play around with it so bad...) and "Can I Hold You Anymore?" by Laura Escudé and Jamie Lidell.

    If anyone has any resources that they could send my way to better understand this software and controller, I would be forever grateful.

  • Nico_NI
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    Welcome @Kumoeru !

    To help you getting started with your M32, I would suggest to visit our Quickstart guide over here:

    It will help you with setting up and start creating 🙌

  • ukacidhouse
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    Hello to all.

    Loving music and from my Technics 1210's (I still have) with a vast collection of vinyl (I still enjoy & like to use) (use meaning hands on dj'ing) Native Instruments have always been part of my digital production experience from years ago. So Traktor Kontrol Z2 is perfect for both worlds. Traktor dj softwear is a great program for playing those digital tunes which most (none disk jockeys) now with ease (dont need to carry 100 records in a flightcase) Happy as i am getting old tho I'l always be keeping that dance culture alive.

    However the people play that music...

    Have fun & always enjoy, ukacidhouse.

    (It is a long time dead)

  • Season
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    I'm Season. I've been around here a LONG while but have never posted any posts that anyone has reacted to unfortunately. I try to mess around and make Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz and other things [I'm probably horrible at it though].

    I have quite a few pieces of music equipment but as far as NI equipment, I have:

    Maschine+, Maschine MK3, Maschine Studio, Maschine MK1, Kore 2, Komplete Audio 6. Komplete 8 Ultimate, Komplete 9 Ultimate, and Komplete 10 Ultimate.

    I like to listen to a little of everything.

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    Hi @Kumoeru@Season glad to have you here 👋

  • DavidAsher
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    David Asher here.. Just bought Komplete 13 today. waiting for everthing to upload then I'll give it a spin. I started with the free stuff then I got Select a few weeks ago. sure enough this sale got me! I'm using one of those new M1 processors so I'm expecting some issues but hopefully this community will be there for me if I need help. here's some of my music. I also work as a engineer, mixing and mastering for independent labels and artist all over the world. always down to talk shop so hit me up if you'd like. take care!

    David Asher

    [email protected]

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    Welcome David! Feel free to post a thread if you encounter any blocker on your way.

    Hope you'll have fun with your new tools ✌️

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