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The NI Community is provided to you as a central place to discuss all creative and technical aspects of NI products, as well as all aspects of music performance and production in general.

Native Instruments is proud to provide a company forum where opinions can be exchanged freely as long as discussions remain reasonable. To maintain our community as a pleasant space for all, we ask all visitors to follow common sense and courtesy, and respect a certain set of rules.

Our community is currently only available in English. Please be advised that we retain the right to remove any posts in languages other than English.

🆙 Improve the Discussion

Help us make this a great place for discussion by always working to improve the discussion in some way, however small. If you are not sure your post adds to the conversation, think over what you want to say and try again later.

The topics discussed here matter to us, and we want you to act as if they matter to you, too. Be respectful of the topics and the people discussing them, even if you disagree with some of what is being said.

One way to improve the discussion is by discovering ones that are already happening. Please spend some time browsing the topics here before replying or starting your own, and you’ll have a better chance of meeting others who share your interests.

Always be honest. Don’t knowingly share incorrect information or intentionally mislead other NI Community Forum members. If you don’t know the answer to someone’s question but still want to help, you can try helping them research or find resources instead. NI staff will also be active in the Community, so if you’re unsure of an answer, it’s likely a moderator will be able to help.

🤝 Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But, remember to criticize ideas, not people. Please avoid:

  • Name-calling.
  • Ad hominem attacks.
  • Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content.
  • Knee-jerk contradiction.

Instead, provide reasoned counter-arguments that improve the conversation.

🏗️ Be constructive

Avoid inflammatory language, sarcastic comments, or derogatory remarks, and strive for positive and respectful interactions. Make sure to maintain a professional tone and refrain from disruptive actions that may harm the community's atmosphere.

⚽️ Your Participation Counts

The conversations we have here set the tone for everyone. Help us influence the future of this community by choosing to engage in discussions that make this forum an interesting place to be — and avoiding those that do not.

We provide tools that enable the community to collectively identify the best (and worst) contributions: bookmarks, likes, flags, replies, edits, and so forth. Use these tools to improve your own experience, and everyone else’s, too.

Let’s try to leave our park better than we found it.

🚨 If You See a Problem, Flag It

Moderators have special authority; they are responsible for this forum. But so are you. With your help, moderators can be community facilitators, not just janitors or police.

When you see bad behavior, don’t reply. It encourages bad behavior by acknowledging it, consumes your energy, and wastes everyone’s time. Just flag it. If enough flags accrue, action will be taken, either automatically or by moderator intervention.

Flags reactions:

  1. Spam: irrelevant comment.
  2. Report: breach of the code of conduct or actions that requires moderation

Please note that you will find the following reasons to help you report conversations to our mods/admins :

  1. This post contains inappropriate language
  2. This post is abusive towards myself or others
  3. This post is in the wrong category
  4. This post is off-topic
  5. Please delete my thread

Members are being warned everytime they behave in a way that is going against our guidelines or directly violate a point from our code of conduct. Each warning gives points and users are banned when they reach a total of 5 (non-expired) points. Here are each warning levels: 

  1. Notice: You got carried away and missed the mark on one of your comments. This is just a notice that you could do better. Points: 1 / Expiration: 1 week
  2. Minor: You violated a minor point of our code of conduct. It's becoming serious. Points: 2 / Expiration: 2 weeks
  3. Major: You violated a major point of our code of conduct. This is a critical breach of our code of conduct and can lead to a ban. Points: 3 / Expiration: 1 month

Note that once you get 3 unexpired points, your account is temporarily restricted and you won't be able to post new discussions or comment as often. Once you get 5 points unexpired points, you will be restricted from all activity in the community.

Furthermore, moderators reserve the right to remove any users going above and beyond to breach our code of conduct, immediately and permanently. 

Moderators do not preview new posts in any way; the moderators and site operators take no responsibility for any content posted by the community.

🤗 Always Be Civil

Nothing sabotages a healthy conversation like rudeness:

  • Be civil. Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech.
  • Keep it clean. Don’t post anything obscene or sexually explicit.
  • Respect each other. Don’t harass or grief anyone, impersonate people, or expose their private information.
  • Respect our forum. Don’t post spam or otherwise vandalize the forum.
  • Please no discussions about politics or religion.

These are not concrete terms with precise definitions — avoid even the appearance of any of these things. If you’re unsure, ask yourself how you would feel if your post was featured on the front page of the New York Times.

This is a public forum, and search engines index these discussions. Keep the language, links, and images safe for family and friends.

Please keep in mind that our community has a keyword blocker feature and specific terms preventing discussions to be healthy are automatically moderated. If you're post isn't appearing and has bad language, it would have been automatically rejected and will be deleted.

🧼 Keep It Tidy

Make the effort to put things in the right place, so that we can spend more time discussing and less cleaning up. So:

  • Don’t start a topic in the wrong category.
  • Don’t cross-post the same thing in multiple topics.
  • Don’t post no-content replies.
  • Don’t divert a topic by changing it midstream.
  • Don’t sign your posts — every post has your profile information attached to it.

Rather than posting “+1” or “Agreed”, use the Vote UP button.

Post Only Your Own Stuff

You may not post anything digital that belongs to someone else without permission. You may not post descriptions of, links to, or methods for stealing someone’s intellectual property (software, video, audio, images), or for breaking any other law.

Please do not advertise 3rd party products or services (even your own) in this community (unless consulted with our admin team).

Do not encourage piracy in any shape or form - for obvious reasons.

Do not post affiliate links - especially for our own products 🫡

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