Upgraded to Traktor Pro 3.11- CRASHED during set

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Want to report that I upgraded to Tractor Pro 3.11 this week, and unfortunately this latest version crashed during a live set on my MacBook (2021 M1 Max 14inch-MacOS Ventura 13.6.3.) tonight. I was using internal mode playing through the Traktor Audio 6 interface on a Pioneer XDJ-XZ as the XDJ is not natively compatible with Traktor yet.

Before the crash, there was one point that the software would not let me load a song saying that it can't load to a deck that is playing- when the deck was not playing at all. I mixed in a song from the USB that I had plugged in as a backup on the XDJ-XZ and reset Traktor before mixing back in on Traktor.

Things were fine, and then 30 minutes later, sound started skipping and then completely cut out. I had to switch again to the USB that I had plugged in as a backup on the XDJ-XZ. MacBook was still running fine in the background, so I reset Traktor and mixed back in. I switched off Multi-Core Processing and finished the set fine.

Wanted to give any live DJs out there using Traktor 3.11 that it's probably a good idea to downgrade back to Traktor 3.9 if you are using a similar computer configuration to mine.


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    Here we go again. Hoped 3.11 fixed crashing on Apple Silicon. As evidenced by your experience, we will have to wait a few more months and see if the next update fixes the imminent crashing, which is of course, unacceptable for professionals.

    I must add that I've been using 3.10 and have turned off LOAD ONLY UNTO STOPPED DECKS, and have not had a crash since. That's many crash-free events during the past month.

    Im also NOT using my S4MK3 for the moment, just a third party soundcard/mixer and an X1, cause I have had no crashes with that setup either and want to keep it that way. All of my crashes had happened while connected to the S4 so far, but I am in no way stating that the S4 was the culprit. Just kind of superstitiously stayed away from it cause my other setup has been like a lucky charm thing. Also, no crashes while doing many hours of prep work with just the X1 connected and using the Mac's built in soundcard. The problem I now have, is my fault: During events, I have mistakenly loaded tracks into the deck that's currently playing, New Years Eve party included. Thing is that I have not gotten used to X1MK3 layout yet and those browsing/loop encoders are pretty easy to get mixed up in a dark booth. I am trying to enter a loop and instead I load the next song. Involuntary quick mixing ;)

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