Do you want BATTERY 5?

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Are you tired of the outdated, tiny, pixelated UI? Do you want to be able to use the product that you paid for? Let's show NI what the majority of us expect from them in the upcoming 2024.

BATTERY 5? Who wants BATTERY 5? A like is your vote. Press the like.



  • chk071
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    "Do you want to be able to use the product that you paid for?"

    You ARE able to use the product that you paid for.

  • Kymeia
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    Just a question but isn't Battery a mostly redundant product given NI have Maschine for drums? I know there are some things that Battery can do that Maschine can't but they also overlap a lot so would it not make more sense for NI to add whatever functionality is in Battery that isn't in Maschine into Maschine and just have one system for drums?

  • Rico010
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    No. I have Maschine+. I like to use it standalone and have battery loaded in Ableton Live accessing almost same expansions from Push. So I have two systems working with my NI sample library. For users who want a drum-rack and not the full Maschine, Battery does magic.

  • Maciej Repetowski
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    I don't want Battery 5, I want free Maschine Expansion Player. A light version of Machine software with no sequencer, no third party VSTi hosting (except NI VSTi synths as they are used in some Expansion presets - like Massive, etc.), full HiDPI, audio kit previews, resizable interface and full mapping of drum pads to various midi notes - so I can continue to purchase and use expansions. Just like Kontakt Player.

    But that's just me ;)

  • Calagan
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    I'd like a better Battery, with better sample management, better ergonomy (too much issues to tell in only one sentance) and many other candies, but given the mess it is each time NI is updating their product, and usually the low level of actual progress, I must say I'm not that excited about the idea...

    (by the way, I explored recently the whole sample library in Battery, and it's truly huge and very nice, but it's a pain in the bottom to use because of the sample management window that looks like an arcade video game from the 80s)

  • LostInFoundation
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    Well…what you are describing is quite close to…Battery 😂

  • Kymeia
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    Which is why I was wondering if NI will end up merging them rather than having 2 overlapping drum apps

  • nightjar
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    Makes sense to merge them under a more flexible paradigm of music-construction apps...a more consistent & distinct separation of "Play Assist" from "Sound Generation"

    Maschine's function is fundamentally a specialized type of "Play Assist" - arranging triggered events against a timeline in a musical context.

  • Maciej Repetowski
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    Yes, but that’s what I have my DAW for.

    Maschine as a plugin is too complex and too bloated. Battery as a plugin is ancient and clunky with tiny interface and no kit previews.

    Not talking about standalone use here, just as plugin in a DAW.

  • nightjar
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    I agree 100% with your assessments of current Maschine and Battery.

    And I also really just want a flexible, modern GUI "Drum/Percussion Sound" NI plugin for DAW use.

    I greatly prefer my DAW to be the means of capturing, generating, editing and arranging my "human level" performance data.

    However, at various places in a music creation ecosystem, we have a somewhat clumsy layer of "play assist" or "performance assist" that helps a person create a performance by automatically triggering note/chord events, manipulating parameters, switching articulations, improving timing.. something more integral than the "human level" of performance editing historically handled by the DAW.

    Cleaning up this whole jumbled layer of "play assist" in a smart, unified way.... unlocking expressiveness and bringing more creative INTENTION to this mess is the key to improving music making over the next few years.

  • Torque Quaz
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    Yes I want battery 5

  • BezowinZ
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    As someone who doesn't have a Maschine, not at all redundant. Battery is my main electronic drum VI. I'm considering an MK3 or + (less after finding out it won't support my current folder structure) so I'd like to see a way to port my kits over to Maschine.

    I'd love to see Battery 5; improved GUI, tagging, kit previews, modernized workflow...

  • mickeyl
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    Probably an unpopular opinion in this thread, but… rather than Battery 5, I'd like a way to use the Battery and MASCHINE drum sounds in Logic Pro. Although not Battery nor MACHINE, its drum sampler is pretty capable and together with the new step mode, it's way more convenient for users of that DAW.

  • Bossquez
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    If Battery 5 adds a sequencer (a GOOD sequencer with swing groove patterns from some of the best drum machines, where I can save, import, and export patterns) to what Battery 4 already is, I'll buy it as soon as it goes on sale. Otherwise I'm good with what I've got.

  • RobertDorn
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    I'd be more than ok with just a working version of Battery 4 again. First Battery4 did loose search history every time you close the plugin window and with the silicon native update from last January the search window doesn't follow along when scrolling samples/kits with the keyboard up and down arrows. Really a workflow killer and no one at NI seems to want to prioritize such a simple fix. Don't know what's going on at NI lately, the new KK3.0 is causing headaches at a lot of users as well, while the overall response tends to be 'well we don't see it on our end so we're not in a hurry' . The latest universal audio LUNA release had a gui glitch which was fixed in 2 days by the UA team, that seems to be something exceptional these days.

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