Previous versions of recently updated Kontakt libraries / compatibility with K6 older libraries



  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Calagan I just checked and could download the file without any issue.

  • Calagan
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    I think my download speed is too low (1MB/s) and after some time downloading the files, the server just interrupts the process.

    It always stops at the same moment : after more or less 1h downloading, when I downloaded around 3Go of data....

  • benmuetsch
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    This is soo unbelievable, I also updated my libraries and now nothing works anymore in the latest Kontakt 7 for macOS Catalina.. and now I shall click, download and manually downgrade many libraries in my worktime? Like ******?

    You see: Kontakt 7.6 does not work on Catalina, so WHY offer all the upgrades to people who can't run them?


  • benmuetsch
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    Glaze had a version 1.0.1 for Mac as it seems..

  • MarkinLA
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    Honestly, the solution to this is simple. Your installers should do a license check for users before installing versions of your software that are incompatible with what they own of your software. At the very least, issue a warning dialog that the version requires a version of Kontakt not currently installed. Not hard at all.

    Furthermore, allow people to launch third party Kontakt instruments within KK with ANY version of Kontakt they want to use.

  • benmuetsch
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    Back in the studio, yesterday I tried to manually install everything back in place which was horrible, as I don't have the fastest internet... usually let updates download overnight in the studio.

    1) you please must fix this update mess, there will be people who re-setup an older mac with Catalina or maybe even High Sierra and those people need to be able to get the correct versions for their operating system and not have to collect and install everything manually - if even possible. Many pro audio guys use older hardware and/or systems.

    2) it seems that the initial list was more or less complete, but:

    Glaze: posted version is 1.0.0, latest for K6/K7.4.2 is 1.0.1

    LoFi Glow: same, installed now is 1.0.0, available was 1.0.1

    Soul Sessions: same!

    Modular Icons: 1.2.1 installed now, available was 1.2.2

    please offer the latest compatible versions, preferrably via Native Access.

    This is such a mess now.. really disappointed, something like that simply shouldn't happen. This would have been extremely embarrassing if a client had been there yesterday, please imagine. Native Access should NEVER offer any App / Instrument / Version / Update which is incompatible with the current OS. A simple OS query would be everthing needed, not very hard to implement.

  • Banga
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    This helped me now play some unplayable Vst’s Thank you!!! But I still can’t get the 2.02 version of Hybrid Keys to play but the 1.0 version now works… I’m skeptical of upgrading my Kontakt Player 7.4.2 because I fear the newly bought instruments will need a downgrade to work… like the ones you provided…. No cyber sale for me unless I upgrade to 7.7 player

    Note I made the mistake and downloaded 7.4.2 player which works along with the Maschine 2.17.4 that is unsupported on Catalina go figure…Maybe I need to downgrade my Maschine program because I had none of these problems before.

  • MrFresh
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    Catalina is old. Sometimes it appears too many just upgrade without checking if the upgrade will work in their current environment.

  • Tom Auger
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    If Native Access actually had information about what the update contained, then many more users would read those notes and find out. Yes Catalina is "old" but it works, and with the many issues that we have seen over the past few years upgrading hardware and losing compatibility, may industry professionals run older hardware that is proven to work flawlessly.

    I agree with most of the other posters here - this is a horrible blunder on Native Instruments' part, showing that there are library updates in NA and allowing you to upgrade to a version that is incompatible with your OS.

    I'd go further and say that having libraries that are supposed to work with a specific release of software (e.g.: Kontakt Version 7.x) need to continue to work FOR THAT ENTIRE RELEASE. A dot update to a release should NOT invalidate all those libraries!!! This is ridiculous.

    Now, for starters, please update your list of previous versions to THE MOST RECENT that are still compatible with older Kontakt 7. Not 1.0.0 please!

  • Tom Auger
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    Where's 40's Own Keys in this list?! Just bought it and can't use it. Please update the list and fix so we can use our purchases.

  • Calagan
    Calagan Member Posts: 143 Advisor

    Catalina was released in june 2019. It's not old.

    Many users have computers that can't use newer OS. And by the way I don't have any plugin (in the 400 and so plugins I use) that is not compatible with Catalina. Not one plugin (but NI ones)!

    Many pro don't jump on the last OS update, because it's meaningless and dangerous. Why would NI spend so much energy in spoiling pro setups ???

  • reffahcs
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    edited November 2023

    I have to disagree with you there.

    There's really no reason for users to not expect that NA will do a simple dependency tree check. Every Linux distro, Windows, Mac has been doing this for decades.

    If Play Series instrument A version B requires version of X of Kontakt Player, but that version of Kontakt Player can't be install on the current operating system, then NA should realize that it should not install Play Series Instrument A version B. This is basic dependency testing.

    I get that NI has their hands full right now, but IMO this is a pretty big turn off for new people to NI.

    The product portal is advertising a Play Series instrument that is compatible with KP 7.1.5 so you buy it thinking you're good, having done "your homework" only to find out that NA is trying to install a newer version than what's being advertised.

    It's not a matter of people simply not updating their NI software. If I buy software from NI today, I have absolutely ZERO choice in NA to decide which version I want to install.

    @Jeremy_NI this really does need to be addressed. At the very least, can NI advise customers that NA will install the latest XYZ instrument version and provide the customer with instructions on how to download prior versions? Seems like that would be a simple stop-gap to at least make people aware? But really this needs to be fixed in NA with dependency resolution.

  • darkogav
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    I can confirm, I stumbled upon this and am dealing with it within Maschine context. I have a running post on here no it.

    I will try to downgrade based on the posted links of this thread.

  • Banga
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    MAJORITY OF THE PLAY SERIES ITEMS HAVE BEEN UPGRADED TO ONLY FUNCTION IN KP 7.6 and up. Unfortunately you will get an Error message saying your version of Kontakt Player 7 is too old. I recently found out the hard way even with Duets play series which said that it could work in Kontakt Player I purchased it and boom the error message. NOTE the EXPANSION PACKS are cool so download away because they don't need KP7 to work. Unfortunatley I can't Update my Mac OS past Catalina because of non Apple ssd and firmware error message lol anycase Buyers Beware of the Play series because it will NOT work unless NI Decides to make a downgrade link specifically for your product here >>>>>>

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  • Tom Auger
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    Arg, because I'm forced to use these "legacy" stand-alone installers, and not NA, the installers are not respecting my Application and Content custom folder locations, which are all configured correctly to my external SSD in Native Access. I'm pretty sure this issue is resolvable but waiting for NI support to tell me the manual procedure to install and then move everything manually. Very frustrating that this isn't better integrated into Native Access.

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