Kontakt Play Series Issues in Maschine - How To Revert patches

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Hi, I patched and updated Maschine and whatever patches were available in NA last week.

Today when I tried some of the expansion and instrument plugins I use most frequently, its complaining I have the wrong version of Kontakt installed.

I have K6 full and I have K7 player.

I use Lo-Fi Glow, and Modular icons (i haven't had a chance to check other play series instruments yet)

When I check within Maschine, I can see its loading them into K6 full.

I am guessing I need to revert those recent patches.

Where can I get the previous version of this expansions or previous version of Maschine?

Or is there some sort of setting or registry entry I need to add to make K7 player load those expansions into maschine?

Right now, it seems those instruments are hosed within Maschine. They load fine in standalone K7 player.

Any help or suggestions appreciated.


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    darkogav Member Posts: 69 Member
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    So after a little more troubleshooting, I think I figured out what is happening. There are updates to the play series which only work in K7 and VST3. But K7 does not launch in Maschine s/w. However, if you are used to using a Jam and MK3 and browsing and skimming through the instruments, there is no way for you to tell there are two sets of presents in play series, unless you go one level further down and check whether its version 1.0 or 2.0. So you need to filter by 1.0, then go back up, and then check to make sure you are seeing settings that will launch within Maschine software. This kind of hoses the workflow for long time users.

    This is kind of concerning for me as a long time Maschine user. This means NI are prioritizing Kontakt development and sampled instrument sales over functionality and backward comparability with previous products sold in the marketplace. I can accept Jam is EOL, but I thought Maschine s/w is still continued development and is not legacy yet, or is it? Is there plans to allow K7 to launch within Maschine s/w seamlessly?

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